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Episode #525 – You Shall Not Pass! – Standing in the Spirit

“ You Shall Not Pass !”: Standing in the Spirit

You Shall Not Pass ! – Standing in the Spirit
Episode #525
December 25, 2016

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #523.

(Martha) Now, John, I know when the Holy Spirit is on you, and you get fierce against the enemy, I’ve never seen anybody more aggressive than you. You will simply draw the line in the sand and tell him, “No,” and he can’t cross it when you do that
(John) Well, the visual I see it as is always when I get that faith, it’s that, “You shall not pass,” you know? It’s the Gandalf and The Lord of the Rings. “You shall not pass.” And it wasn’t like Gandalf had to, you know, be slugging at that evil demon or Satan or whatever it was. He wasn’t hitting him. He just said, “No, you shall not pass.” And that’s what I get when I have that faith that you’re talking about. I get, all of a sudden this, “You shall not pass.” That’s how He manifests that faith in me. And then there’s, you know, nothing that can come… Anything circumstantially or “yah, yah, yah” of the enemy that comes against it, I say, I’m like, I can easily say, “NO!” There’s absolutely, “No, no.” And I know that there’s a lot more in faith of standing, but that… When I stand, that’s what I look like.
(Martha) Well, it’s very real because you don’t presume on it, but when you get it… I remember, I don’t remember the circumstances, but I was about to be sick. You may remember what the occasion…
(John) You had the flu and you were about to speak somewhere, and all of sudden you got these flu-like symptoms, and it’s not when… I can’t decide.
(Martha) Umhmm.
(John) I can’t choose and say, “Oh, no, that’s going to inconvenience me, so, you shall not pass.” No. It’s literally an unction and an impartation and an infilling of the Holy Spirit that says, Boom! “You shall not pass.” And then I can stand on His mind and His will and His thoughts about it. And then I can say, “No.” This is what God says, so I cannot… You know, if I was standing on my own thing and my own desires, they would falter very fast. I’d say, “Well, is that Your will, God?” But when I have it, nothing can tell me.
(Martha) And we’re supposed to be the vessel of His warring Spirit.
(John) And see, there’s no way, there’s absolutely no way that you can have that without being in relationship. You have to have your ear against His chest to be able to hear that close of what He’s wanting to do in any individual situation. If you’re off on your own beaten path, and you’re off on, you know, determining what’s going to be happening and how it’s going to happen, and where. If you’re in your opinion, you’re done for. You’re done for. It literally will, well, you’ll be against Him. You’re either for Him or against Him. And if you’re going on your own path and your own way by your own will, you will be against Him, and then a force for the enemy.
(Martha) Well, I’ve seen so clearly during this time of teaching on prayer, John, you can’t separate from relationship. You can’t separate warfare from relationship. You can’t go out and be a warrior. You’ve got to go when He goes, where He goes, how He goes. And in those times, it’s more than once that you’ve done that for me, where you have put that staff down and said, “No, absolutely no!” And even if I felt worse, you would say, “No, absolutely not.” And every time, it has passed away, it’s gone. I’m not sick, and we go on.
(John) It’s, the problem is I can easily do it for you. I can easily stand for you, but when it’s my own life and my own self I have a harder time standing for things like that, “No, you shall not pass.” I can’t do it as well.
(Martha) I guess that’s why Body life takes it up.
(John) Yeah, there you go. And we need it to. Among ourselves, we have to defeat him, then we can go beyond our church circle, so to speak. Well, maybe it’s literally relationship with Him and relationship with His, the members of His Body.
(Martha) With Him in the Body.
(John) In the Body, you know? And then you can stand for things. You can, you know, defeat things. Oh God, have mercy, I don’t want to not be in the place where He can do that. It limits Him, and it limits His expression in my life. And I’m here to know Him, increasingly know Him.
(Martha) I think sometimes we accept situations and circumstances and problems as if they just happen.
(John) They have to happen. “Ohhhh…” Little Eeyore.
(Martha) Instead of saying, “God, what is this?” And I was questioning Carole the other day. “Carole, you have had fear, but you do not keep it. What do you do? I want to know. Give me an example of what you do that you don’t live in fear? You have a lot of things that you could be afraid about, and you live in such a way that there’s no fear evidence. What do you do?” She said, “Oh, I have fears.” I said, “I know you do, but what do you do?” She said, “I go to Him, and He answers it.” So simple, so simple. And I’ll tell this on her, because I think it’s so wonderful. I have not had… I had an unction to know how the election was going to turn out, so all I did was mostly during the brouhaha I was just very, pretty much simply standing for God’s will. But Carole was in it in a way that was great, anointed intercession. She stayed up all night of the returns coming in, and she, during the weeks before that, she was constantly on the election, praying, standing, proclaiming whatever God gave her. She was at war. I mean she was on the front line. And I’ve told her, “You were significant to this, to this. You were placed there by the Holy Spirit and by the Father to go to war, and you’ve been at war for weeks. I have been back on the background simply being and standing for God, but you were chosen.”
(John) You can’t tell Him how He’ll manifest…
(Martha.) Right.
(John) …the warfare.
(Martha) Right, right.
(John) Because, see for you, that wasn’t your position. That wasn’t where you were supposed to be. But for her, if she had been in the, “You shall not pass,” position of just standing, it wouldn’t have been right for her.
(Martha) Right. And it bothered her because, you know, some of us were not as involved in intercession as she was, but I knew that she was anointed, because when the Holy Spirit comes on you, it can seem like it takes you over, the issue, the prayer, the war takes you over. And that’s what happens to soldiers on the field. That’s all they, their whole life is war. They go to bed and not go to bed, wake up and go to sleep with a war on their soul and heart and body. So, I thought it was wonderful how this Body functioned during this time, because it was war in different places.
(John) This is an interesting thought that I would love to know the correlation of love and warfare. Because, you know, warfare doesn’t ever seem to be love. It’s never based on love. It’s based on, you know, lots of things: power, refusal, anger, indignation. But I don’t ever… You know, I heard the whole thing about the warring Bride, where the Bride with her combat boots on, and I’m like…ick. But there’s something to love. If everything is love in God’s Kingdom, everything is love, and He is love, then love and warfare have got to be together somehow. And I don’t understand. I’m just posing this as a question, and as a, “Hey, God, I know this is true, and I know that there’s a revelation here, and I’d like to understand it.” But there’s no way that love and warfare cannot be co-joined.
(Martha) I believe warfare is love.
(John) Well, there you go.
(Martha) I am willing to be at war with what He gives me to love. And you war for me, because you love me. And I war for you and get answers and things, because I love you with Christ’s love. And to me love is the energy, the motive to go to war. Men who go to war go to war because they love their country. They will tell you that every time. Men who don’t love their country, don’t make good soldiers. They don’t love their brother and sisters at war. And they don’t love the cause enough. The cause is Christ’s gaining. It’s John the Baptist, the friend of the Bridegroom that loved Him so much that he wanted Him to have the Bride. And His love for the Bride is our motivation. And you have it. You just haven’t connected it. That’s how you operate. When you go to stand for somebody in this Body or not in this Body, you are very much at war, because you love that person.
(John) Yeah, that’s true.
(Martha) It is true.
(John) Yeah. And I love Him too…
(Martha) Right…
(John) …you know, to throw off anything that’s not Him. And I love, you know. Yeah, that’s right, that’s right.
(Martha) And you love Him and the loves He gives you that are from Him, you are willing to love and go to bat for.
(John) Yeah, that’s true.
(Martha) Our passivity I think is, not that we don’t war ever, we do. But to take it on in a different dimension, I think is what He’s calling us to.

“You Shall Not Pass!”: Standing in the Spirit – Episode #525 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. tammy says:

    “…there’s absolutely no way that you can have that without being in relationship. You have to have your ear against His chest to be able to hear that close of what He’s wanting to do…”

    That this would be my constant place of residence…to even imagine my “ear [never leaving] His chest” makes me tremble. To hear nothing if not of Him…a desire of overwhelming proportion…takes my breath away.

    John, when you said “correlation of love and warfare” this is what I saw…

    “…the correlation of love and warfare.”
    Battlefield: Calvary/Golgotha
    War: Sin versus Souls
    Weapon: Just ONE! Love.
    Vessel of that One Weapon…One Soldier: Christ
    God the Father wielded the Only Weapon necessary to conquer and defeat the enemy once and for all.
    His sole purpose – Love.

    You are the vessel of His Love as you draw the line in the sand against the enemy. His victory – for His glory – through those who love Him.

    Thank you All for the uncountable ways you share His heart with us who hunger for more of Him.
    I love you.

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