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Why Does Satan Bombard Us with Hatred? – Episode #626

Why Does Satan Bombard Us with Hatred?

Why Does Satan Bombard Us with Hatred?
Episode #626

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #625.
We know that Satan bombards us with hatred but do we know why? Do we understand the enemy has a purpose in this attack? A purpose with eternal consequences!

I want to read just a little excerpt from Overcoming Self-hatred. And this one’s from a chapter called “Bombarded with Hatred.” As Martha says, you know, it comes from, from Satan. So I’m not gonna read the whole chapter, but I am, I’m gonna dip in and out here because it’s marvelous. Okay, so Martha opens up saying:

“Satan bombards us with hatred and if we don’t understand that we are being bombarded with hatred, we will end up in the destruction of self-hatred. As the Lord shown a light on my bombardment, I began to understand that the devil had assigned to me the most intense hatred. That hatred has come from people I loved. It has come out in people close to me. It even came from people I helped.”

And, see, that is something that I think we understand but don’t understand, maybe. That in the same way we can be a vessel for hatred or love depending on who we are listening to, where we’re surrendered – following the Spirit or not – so can everyone around us: family, friends, bosses, co-workers. And, you know, I see with a lot of self-help, they talk about not being afraid to, to cut people out of your life if they’re people who are destructive to you, who… And they don’t care if it’s family or not. And, you know, that is a godly principal. We follow the Spirit, so there’re times He will tie us to people for the purpose of saving their soul, because we are not our own anymore, you know. We serve God. That’s the difference between us and secular self-help.

But there are times when the Lord brings us to separation, and if we hold on simply because we don’t want to be mean or any of the rest of it, we’re standing under a fire hose of hate and we’re wondering why everything in the world is just, BOOM, falling down around us. So I, I think about that. And Martha’s examples in here are just so powerful and cause me to take another look at my life and make sure that I’m following the Spirit with everyone who’s in it. It’s pretty, it’s pretty important.

Okay, now here’s a part that’s amazing, because then it takes it off the, off, again, off the personal.

“It is devastating to find out that someone hates you when you have loved them and wanted the best for them. That feels so personal. But though the person is a willing vessel, that irrational hated comes from Satan whose mad fury is hate for God’s love.”

I mean, I… That just kills me, because again, it takes me off myself. It takes me off the self-consciousness, off the introspection: “What have I done to call this hate up?” It’s totally understandable again. And there’s a place for asking those questions, because you might be a magnet for hate because, you know, you are in hate yourself, you know? But that, that’s a reminder of what’s at stake here, right? It’s, it’s eternal! This is, this is about God and, and His love and this is about the war against that love. And, and Satan is, is, that is his whole reason for being, you know? Mad fury! I love that. I love that. Martha and I went through a little editing thing the other day and she changed that and she put that in there and I’ve loved that, because that is evocative of exactly of what it is. I just see this flurry of things flying around a room. And that’s, that’s about it.

So it’s not personal. That, that hatred is pointing at the One we love, the One who called us, who saved us, who keeps us, who holds us. That hatred is pointed at Him. And, you know… And I don’t know, that makes it almost an honor to take it, you know? I mean, it’s not purposeless. You know, that, that bullet was intended for my first love. I don’t know. There’s something about that that just, it makes it eternal to me. That’s a bullet I’m, I’m honored to take somehow. And that helps take the sting out of it.

Well, pain with purpose is easier to endure and to go through. I mean, if you’re just pain for pain’s sake, that’s relentless and it’s awful. But if you know that there’s an eternal value, if you know that there’s a, there’s fruit behind this, then somehow it gives it, it gives it power to do it, to go through it, to experience it.


To overcome! (Laughs)

(Laughing) Yeah, that’s it. So, perfectly in line with that too, here’s another quote:

“Satan has sent one bombardment after another against me personally and also against Shulamite’s purpose of love. He has attacked and attacked but why? What is Satan after when he bombards me with hate? What the enemy wanted was for me to abandon love.”

And that is it exactly. That is the profoundness of it. When the bullets are flying and we’re taking bullets, the goal of those bullets is to kill us…but to kill us in a specific way. It’s to kill us by making us leave the only safety there is on this earth. That’s what’s so shocking to me. And we’ll do it! I have done it many times in my life because I am a dumb sheep and there was a place where I, it seemed like that was the stronger stand. “You want to hate me? Fine! I’m going to hate you, too, and I’m going to hate you better! (Laughs) I’m so sorry. That’s so terrible but that, that was what I felt. That was what I did, you know?

It’s human. Jennifer, if we’re honest we all experience that.

Yeah. It was very powerful. And love… And again, part of that is the presentation of what we see of love. It doesn’t have too much in the way of muscle mass. But that’s not real love. And the more I learn of real love – which is to say “God,” right? – hate seems so petty and weak compared to that, you know? It’s, it’s a house of cards. It is a house of cards. And I learned that from watching Martha, from watching John, from walking through my own life and from following the Spirit even when I was saying, “Well, I’m going to do it but I’ll be honest, I don’t see it working.” You know? And He doesn’t care if I see it working or not (laughing). That’s what’s so great. I sometimes wonder – it’s embarrassing – people talk about a cloud of witnesses. They also talk about it so joyously, like it’s this glorious thing. For me I, I am constantly joking that it just seems like an eternal audience of great humiliation, you know? Like I sometimes wonder if they get together for “Look! She just said something else. Wait, rewind that! That was hilarious!” You know? Which I don’t mind, you know? If my only contribution to the eternal tapestry is in the blooper tape, I’ll take it.

But it’s, it’s never hate that comes out and is the, the winner in every respect. Whenever the Lord asks me to go another way, it’s amazing to me all the doors that open, all the things that suddenly come into play that I didn’t even see. That’s what love does. Love is multiplication. It’s not just a saying. You literally suddenly have all these paths opened up. And I think that they’re not just opened up for us. They are opened up for the people we’re loving, you know? People that were trapped and had no way out and suddenly there’s an open door where there wasn’t before, that’s what love does.

And this booklet, you know, it is just a tour de force against the satanic agenda of not only hating – that’s, that’s its basic – but getting us to abandon love and join it in the hate and becoming eternally useless. And that’s, that’s what it is. Purposeless! If we join hate on hate’s ground, we’ve left the only purpose there is. We’ve left the only safety there is. We’re left the only meaning there is in the universe. And that makes me mad. And it should. It should make me mad. That is a point where I, I can get hot and be happy to get hot. Not in hatred, but in absolute determination to do the opposite and, and to hold fast to what I know to be true and to ask Him to, to close each one of the doors that I’ve opened in my life to that hate, which is also discipleship, isn’t it? That’s very practical. That’s also kind of in here, too, ladies and gentlemen. Overcoming Self-hatred on sale soon (NOW)!

Or open the door? What did you say?

How to open the door.

How to open the door, yes. In here it’s, it’s, there’s a lot of clarity on how we open the door, how we do that. And how we close the door!

Why Does Satan Bombard Us with Hatred? – Episode #626 – Shulamite Podcast
We know that Satan bombards us with hatred but do we know why? Do we understand the enemy has a purpose in this attack? A purpose with eternal consequences! Overcoming Self-hatred reveals the plan behind attacking us with hatred, and the place of safety, too.

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    Thank You, Lord, for this message through Your Body! Bless you, Martha, Jenn, and John!

    1. Bless you right back Rachel! Thank you for your love and encouragement. So pleased this ministered to you!

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