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Episode #55 – Website Make Over

Website Make Over
with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guests the Shulamite Family

(J)  Well, Martha, we’re out here on Jean Mixon’s porch and we’re enjoying the sun because we’ve had our eyes completely, almost burned out from computer screens.  We’ve been working on the new website, entering all the articles, Manna, E-zines, products, books, tapes, CD series.  We’re entering everything in.  It’s a mass, mass, mass undertaking.
(M)  Well, it’s a massive website.  I don’t think I realized.  You did.  I has 1,600 pages doesn’t it?
(J)  Well, actually it was 1600 pages before we added each individual Manna for the last…since 2003 you’ve done a  Manna every week day pretty much, except when we’ve been traveling.  Occasionally it will be delayed, but that was…I mean, you know, you think about it’s hundred…
(M)  …hundreds…
(J)  … and hundreds and hundreds more, plus all the products, plus…  It’s a massive, massive undertaking.
(M)  And we have eight volunteers, who’ve spent two days and a half now, and we have ten computers here at Jean’s house doing the work of transporting it over.  But the website has been designed between John and a professional company.  It’s going to be very beautiful, a different look.  It’s going to be real interesting, very easy to navigate, but it is taking hours and lots of people.
(J)  Yeah.  And it is going to quite a bit change.  The whole entire format is changing.  As we go through this podcast I’ll tell you different things that are going to change to give you a little heads up so you can advise other people.  But we’re real excited about it.  It’s been real overwhelming the last hour.   I’ve just kind of sank underneath it.   But the Lord is doing it and I’m very excited.  What I thought was going to have to be really my input completely…  I knew that the topics and everything were going to be able to be done, but I had no idea that anyone else was going to be able to enter it but me.  And there is so much to enter.  I mean it took me hours, a couple of hours to enter and make it look right for your book “All and Only” alone.
(M)  Well, the thing that has startled us, those of us in this little group, had not gone back into some of the older material and we have been astonished what’s there and what the Lord gave.  And we just have to sit and read to each other things that we’re discovering.  It’s interesting how much.  Even the Holy Spirit is in this practical work, because everybody seems to feel that the portion assigned to them to edit and so forth was exactly what they needed to hear.  And it was true for me too.
(J)  Yeah…
(M)   I found in the basement of this website, which I didn’t quite understand was so obscurely hidden, your stuff, John.  And it is your writings that have really impacted me, so I’d like to read.  We’re looking for what you’re calling zingers that will be all over the website.  You’ll get one liners from everywhere you turn in this website.  You’ll get these one liners that are just “wing…zingers.  And I was zinged a number of times by my own words and by yours.  But we’re very grateful for those who volunteered to do this.  We’ve had a lot of fun and some good food.  We’ve had snow and ice up here.  In fact Sue fell on the driveway in the ice.  She’s going to be fine, but it was real scary.  And now we’ve got a wonderful sunny winter day.  It’s just beautiful, so we sent everybody out on the porch for a much needed break.  Jean’s views of our mountains are just wonderful, very refreshing to computer’s site.  So let’s go see what some of the other people have experienced in doing this project.
(J)  Ok.  What we’ll do is we’ll close it out with your zingers and I’ll explain the website.  That would be the very last things.  So let’s go find somebody to be able to get a zinger from.  It’s amazing how when you come walking into a room with a mike everybody runs as fast as they can.  There’s someone here that was locked in a chair and couldn’t move, so…Sue!  Here, Martha would like to hear your zinger.
(Sue)  This is from the “Silent Power.”  It’s about Jericho.  “Jericho stands for mind of flesh.  The mind cannot bow.  It can only beg for salvation from within its own prison.”  I had to write another zinger for her because…  “The wilderness of Moses lasted because the people feared to assault the Jericho fortress of the right to think as they pleased.”
(M)  Woaa!  And that’s from what?
(Sue)  “The Silent Power,”  in the volume one, e-zine three.  And this is from a writing that John did.  “If you don’t live by voice, you will fashion a god into your own image.”
(J)  I remember that one.  I do remember that one.
(M)  Thanks, Sue.
(S)  Sure!
(M)  Well, this will give you an idea of the work that’s going on, and all the computers we’ve got here, and had to bring in every single one we could find in the mountains.
(J)  Yeah, I’ve gone throughout the entire two and half days and basically taken pictures of computers, computers with people working and computers after people have worked on them.  So…
(M)  Well I hope people are as interested in this as we think they are.  They may not be.  Joan do you have…  This is Joan Trimble.  Do you have some zingers?
(J)  I do.  I’ve got two, one from Manna of September 27th  of ’06.  It says, “Two things we need to believe, God’s power and God’s character.  On those two issues we stand or fall morally.  We live or die spiritually.  It’s the most basic question of faith.  Is He that most absolute power and is He perfectly good?  Mental assent and heart faith are miles apart.  I can know His power and His love, His truths, but I must have revelation of who He is.  It must be revealed from heaven to know Him.  That solves everything and He is willing to be known.”  The other one is from Manna in June 26th of ’03.  “The obedient life of Jesus dwells within us.  God’s will was His entire joy and His only pursuit.  That level of obedience is our inborn gift.”
(M)  Wow.  Thank you, Joan, for your hours.  You spend hours doing this everyday of your life, don’t you?  This is no weekend for you.  And this is Jennifer.  What you got, Jennifer?
(Jen)  Well, I have two, actually, that I just found, since I’m doing articles now.  Both are about knowledge.  The first is “The choice of knowledge above God is the rejection of integrity and the preference for lies.”…. which was pretty pointed and scary.
(M)  You got me there too!
(Jen)  The second one;  “Knowledge is an illusion of truth, a deception of the impractical that flatters blindness with the bloat of arrogance.”…which in and of itself is pretty powerful, but you also used the word bloat, which I like.
(M)  Wow.  That is a true zinger.  Ok.  Jean, we have invaded your home and taken it over and you’re still working too.  So, do you have any zingers?
(J)  Well, I’d like to give two if that’s ok.
(M)  Sure.
(Jean)  The first one is from John Enslow in an article called “Light on the Very Talent.”  It says, “We scurry like dogs to get what we must have to survive in the face of the truth that we are rich.”  And John goes on in the article to tell us specifically how we are rich in Christ, that everything has been given in Christ.  And then my second one is from Martha and it’s the “Mystery of Christ,” that article.  And it says, and this is so precious.  “Abba, God, gave away this favored Son and sent Him with joy to a destiny of perishing that we who know Him might not perish.”  It’s really precious.
(M)  Thank you, Jean.  Whew!  Give us your favorites.  This is Joan.
(Joan)   This is a quote from John’s “Communion Is To Be.”  “When we break ourselves down into roles, activities and circumstances, we shatter the picture of our life.”  How often I’ve done that.  I had John’s writings and they were just fabulous.  Here’s another one from “Life Giving Boundaries.”  “I am not imprisoned by boundaries.  I am empowered by them.”  And how our world says just the opposite.
(M)  That one impacted me too, when I was typing it in.
(Joan)  John had some very piercing writings.  One I’d encourage everybody to go to.  It’s the “Single Eye.”  This is one quote.  “The focus of light can never be darkness.  How easy it is to get caught in the darkness rather than focusing on the light and allowing God to show what’s dark.”
(M)  That one impacted me too as I’ll read later.  John, you’re emerging here.  We gotta get you in the forefront of this new format here.  You’re really speaking.  OK.  Donna Little has come up and she’s been working real hard.
(Donna)  This has been a real joy, though, a real joy of work.  I’ll do this anytime.  Well, this one sounds kind of negative, but it’s a real good way to zero in and know who it is you really worship, and it’s found in the e-zine number two in the Bible Study in January’s message.  It’s, “You worship the one whose favor you seek.”
(M)  Wow!  Oh, dear!
(Joan)  I know it too well.  And the other one is in volume three, number seven and its…let’s see…I think the other one was Martha’s writing and this is John’s, “God of the Moment.”  “In devastating helplessness faith is found, when there’s nothing else to hold you.”  And I know that one real well, too.  I have to come to that.
(M)  Over and over, huh?
(Donna)  Over and over again…
(J) Ohhh…  How ‘bout doing this website.  That alone….
(M)  Carole Nelson’s been here helping us and she’s always helping us in one form or another.  So what have you found?
(Carole)  Ohhh, my…  “The very presence of a disciple brings the life of Christ into the ordinariness and tragedy of life.  He is the unseen force of God, life in the midst of inertia and nothingness.”
(M)  Where is this from Carole?
(Carole)  That’s from Manna in the Morning, “Salt, the Unseen Spark,” January 19, 2007.
(M)  Anything else strike you?
(Carole)  Oh yes, oh yes…  Oh, I’ve got reams that strike me.  Do you hours?  Days?  Ok.  In limiting it to two or three… Ok.  “What is worship?  It is simply this, that I recognize that He is God and that I am but a man.”
(M)  Simple.
(J)  Umhum…
(M)  Right.  We haven’t had the manna entered on the website before, have we, except in the…?
(J)  No, it’s going to be totally accessible.  You’ll be able to access it and not only access it but you’ll also be able to search it.  So this is really cool.  That’s what I like about it, is that it’s finally searchable, that you don’t have to, you know, go through every single one, or just kind of remember, “Oh, what was that?”  You could actually search what you were looking for.
(M)  And that’s hundreds of pages in addition.
(J)  Yeah.
(M) Yeah.  Ok.
(Carole)  Ok, one more is…  This is a zinger because I’ve… this year has been a year of dealing with a lot of fear and unbelief in my life.  Just simply in the Manna called “Faith’s Opposite,”  March 17th, 2006.  It says simply, “Fear is doubt believed.”
(J)  Whoa.  There’s a zinger.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Oh, my goodness.
(M)  We need a picture of that faith.
(J)  Yeah, we do…we need a picture of that one.

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