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Vague versus Specific – Episode #835

Vague versus Specific

Vague versus Specific
Episode #835

Walk and talk with John Enslow
When the Lord brings something to me to deal with, it’s very, very specific not vague.

Hey there, so I just had an amazing conversation with a brother mine and he is just a great guy. And the things I was saying, he said, “Oh my gosh, that’s amazing!” And I just thought I’d share it with y’all, because it’s just a key. It’s a key and it’s vital about this life and about the enemy, and how he likes to work and how he likes to throw us off. So the differences between being vague and specific. You know when you wake up there in the morning and you have that vague sense of somethings wrong. I’m in trouble or I’ve done something wrong or there’s just something vague that’s happening. There’s just nothing that you can pinpoint on that’s an issue. It’s just literally this sense of something bad.

I’m a very intuitive person so I’ve I’ve utilized that, I’ve utilize my intuition and when I feel some stuff I usually really believe it.  But what I realize is the enemy has turn that against me and he will bring a vague sense of somethings wrong, or I’m in trouble Then he throws me off so that I’m not walking in faith, I’m walking in fear.

So whenever I am being chastised, or whenever the Lord is bringing something to me to deal with, it’s very, very specific. So I can always know that if I have something vague, something that’s intangible, something that I can’t put my finger on, something that just is that vague cloud over there, I know that that’s the enemy messing with me. If there’s conviction and the Lord is bringing something to me, it’s very, very specific. It’s very, very key and it’s directed right at it. Also once you deal with that situation, you repent, you pray…it’s over. With the vagueness you can be saying I’m sorry, sorry, sorry, all day long but you’re not not talking about anything specific. So you have this floating problem with fear, doubt, condemnation and that’s just never how God works.

So I just I just wanted to encourage you that the Lord, your Father, your Dad is very, very, very specific in how He wants to deal with you. Very, very specific in what He wants to bring to you. If He has some kind of correction of you, if He has some thing that He’s looking to bring changing you or bring repentance through you, He’s going to be very specific. He’s going to tell you it exactly.  That to me is beautiful because that’s caring, that’s loving, that’s nurturing, that shepherding, that’s coming in and being intentional. This vague sensitive of somethings wrong, it just leaves you empty. It leaves you fearful, it leaves you guessing, it leaves your brain running on trying to figure it out and we already know that knowledge, our head knowledge, is not what is gonna do this life. It’s our spirit.

And so when the Lord bring something specific it’s heart to heart. It’s very specific and it’s intentional. It’s intentionally directed to guide you, to shepherd you, to lead you relationally.

I hope this encourages you that the enemy in his schemes, and his plans, and his plots are so destructive to our faith, to our relationship with Christ and he’s always trying to get us to go into the mind and try to figure things out and try to work things out. But I don’t have to do that because the Holy Spirit is very, very, very specific. So I hope that encourages you and I love y’all.

Vague versus Specific – Episode #835 – Shulamite Podcast

I can always know that if I have something vague, that it’s the enemy messing with me. God is very specific in what He brings me.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    Outside attack, or inner seeing? Often, when it’s the Lord that asks a question, the Answer is right there before us. Yet, I’m too familiar with the vague sense of ‘something is wrong’ & fear crowding in. The Liar-accuser taunts to send us scurrying away, hopeless. The Lord can speak..A..word, & we see in His Light from the ROOT up. He makes it personal, between me & Him. He’s involved, that’s why we see to the root. The Accuser tries to set me off by myself where his lies can make of me anything I’m willing to take in. When things are brought to Light, the Light SHINES, it always SHINES! It’s not the ‘heap’ that remains, it’s the Light that remains. How we relate to the Lord is how we will relate to one another. My heart is full of this explosive truth: In Christ, we live the most relational life that could ever be lived! All of His ways are included in that. To see the truth of our heart to heart belonging to Christ, the less we will fall prey to the enemy. God doesn’t point His finger like a bully at the end of an alley. He is near, till we can’t bear anything apart…& He makes clear the ‘apart’ discord, because He wants us near. HE leads us relationally. Free in Christ to live the deepest REAL relationships in love.

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