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Triggers Can Prepare Us for the Rapture

Triggers Can Prepare Us for the Rapture

Triggers Can Prepare Us for the Rapture
Episode #806

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest: Jacquelyn Nawrocki

This is a continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #802
Triggers basically throw us into crisis and into chaos of the past to deal with it.

John is involved in something called ‘triggers’. Could you tell us a little bit about what that means?

John is triggered today!

Could we just stop and pray for John?

Please. That would be great. I would like that.

Lord, what are you praying for John? I hear peace. Did you get that too?

Yes. Joan got shalom.

What is shalom?

We’ve been given authority over all the snakes and scorpions, all the works of the devil. We have been given authority and we take that position of authority. We take our position of authority over this ministry. It’s our ministry not one person; it’s US.

Triggers are when you experience some kind of trauma and then you have a situation or a circumstance that happens that reminds you of that trauma and it puts your mind-set and your emotions and your being right back in to that trauma. So, you are literally responding based on past, your past and your maturity at a certain level; you are responding back at that. The thing that blew my mind when I was watching The Chosen is that one episode 7, season 2 when Mary Magdalene is triggered and goes back to her old life style. What happened was she was there with Jesus and the disciples and a demoniac comes into the camp and manifest. And because she had had all those demons that triggered her own trauma because there was history behind Mary Magdalene and why she had those demons. The way the they portray it was she had been sexually abused and raped and used and mistreated and she had lost her father. We don’t’ know the particular things but the way they are portraying it I believe is to connect everyone viewing with the Gospel and whether you are doing it with stained glass, whether you’re doing it with stories or whatever, parables… if you can connect to the Kingdom that’s the important thing.

She was triggered and she immediately went back to her old life-style. She went back to the bars and she was trashed, utterly trashed because of her triggers. Then Jesus came and she said, “How can you take me back? I left!” I need to go back and listen to it again because what He says to her is “I want your heart. I’m not interested in all that. I’m interested in your heart.” I love you kind of thing.

Every contact with Jesus with Mary Magdalene is just absolutely precious because it’s total focus with intensity on her heart, on her life, and on her being…

And her redemption.

…and her redemption. And He’s just pulling her straight out of the mess.

So when we have triggers…This morning in particular I’m triggered because of circumstances that are happening and I’m powerless to deal with them and I am super frustrated and it’s harkening back to something, which I don’t even have the energy to focus on right now.

Triggers basically throw you into crisis and into chaos of the past.

The reason for it it’s a new name for we had in the sixties and seventies a new name for inner healing.

Ecclesiastes says, God requires all things past. So many things in our life are not resolved by forgiveness, by sin unconfessed. If we don’t deal with our lives and our heart, we really become sick from what memories that we don’t deal with and we try to forget as best we can. They are only healed in being brought to the light because the light is we’ve been forgiven for everything. We have to forgive all the damage done to us or we will lose our own forgiveness.

It’s very series when the Bible says if you don’t forgive, you won’t be forgiven. It means you will go to hell. I think it was T. Austin Sparks that said our relationship with God is forgiveness only. Our forgiveness, our forgiving is literally your life or death. You can be doing well in all other matter but if you fail to forgive you are in trouble.

My goal is to get y’all in the rapture, if I can do that; or lead you in that way.
The conflict and I knew it when I was thirty years old, in the Bible I could see it clearly that there would be a rapture before this terrible tribulation that’s coming. The earth is going to be shaking and it’s going to be on fire. If we are in the rapture, we escape that and we’re not in the rapture on the basis of wanting to be raptured; it’s on your relationship with Christ.

God is preparing us with many disciplines. I don’t even understand all the things He has allowed me to suffer as my preparation to be with Him forever. If you are on that train that you want like that like Paul said, Philippians 3:14
I strive toward the prize of the high calling of God.

And that’s the rapture.

There is a book. I’m going to read it and if anybody is interested, I can get you a copy. It’s the author of my favorite Bible Ryrie. He has written the book that proves from scripture that we will be raptured, the dead will rise, the dead in Christ shall rise and those who are enduring, that’s the big secret.

I spoke to a group that Sue is involved in and Kristen (Joan’s daughter) now is involved in and I talked to them about the rapture and they really responded. The verse I got was “They were running to obey.” That’s going to be out in the Message of the Month.

Ryrie proves what I saw in the scriptures. It’s very simple and very clear. There is a rapture before the tribulation for those who in Christ and he gives you the prayer to pray. I told you this before. I think it’s Luke 21:36.

There is a group of people (Group Sue is involved in) that have been with us for years with every conference and so faithful and so teachable, a group of people very strong in Christ and with each other. They are incredibly connected to each other; a true church is happening in that situation. And they are deeply connected with us.

You are saying that our triggers come up for us to deal with those triggers and you are saying that the triggers are present so that we can be become ready to meet our Lord.


It’s a positive thing.

It’s very positive. You have a personal adventure to be able to pinpoint when God is bringing up a situation that reminds you in the past that unresolved.

The prayer to be in the rapture is a prayer of Luke 21:36. I told you this before He gives you a simple prayer.

Luke 21:36 NASB
But keep on the alert at all times, praying that you may have strength to escape all these things that are about to take place, and to stand before the Son of Man.

Triggers Can Prepare Us for the Rapture – Episode #806

Triggers come up for us to deal with them so that we can be become ready to meet our Lord. The Rapture is the goal and being ready.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    If my heart is at the Throne, His Will is done. “But keep alert at all times, praying.” Alert to the positive aspects of triggers. Testing has brought out my hidden triggers, & that crisis warns me…oh, invites me…to open the door & sit across the table of my heart with Jesus. To open to Him is to receive His Bounty. His Will is my table prepared in the presence of my enemies. My enemies? The whole range of dispute & distraction against the Reality of All Christ IS & GIVES. I’ve sat across the table from me, to ‘fix’ the lack, the wait I didn’t like…my own worst enemy. To deal with these triggers brings peace. It’s with the eyes of my heart that I gaze. I’m so aware of my need to keep burning in my heart HIS Voice & vision. I tell it back to Him, in wonder & worship. I tell it to me, I tell it to see it, proclaim it! For my…heart…to will His Will, I must gaze at the eyes of His Heart.
    Your clear definition, John, has helped me so very much. Thank you!

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