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Joy of Transcendence, Divine Appointment – Episode #837

The Joy of Transcendence, Divine Appointment

The Joy of Transcendence, Divine Appointment
Episode #837

Walk and talk with John Enslow
The moment is sometimes the doorway to transcendence as a divine appointment.

As I’m going through looking at the moments and trying to discover the moment and be in the moment, I have to realize that the moment, sometimes is the doorway to transcendence.

Hey guys, I just want to do a quick check in with y’all. I wanted to talk about a reality and a dynamic in the Kingdom that is so amazing and so beautiful. There is a transcendence to the Body of Christ that goes beyond time. I’ve been talking about the moment, and I’ve been talking about on the blog living in your moment, being present in your moment, and being connected in that moment. That the power in the presence of God is found in your moment, not in your past, not in your future. Though He is the Lord of both, you connect with Him and you meet with Him currently. That’s a child.  So as I’ve looked at that and I thought that through, there’s a dynamic that happens in the Body of Christ that’s transcendent and where to share what I’m seeing and what I’m experiencing.

When you meet a body member, when you meet someone in the body that the Lord is really connecting you with, there’s a transcendence in that meeting. I did that with Charles. When I met him there was something that happened transcendently that I knew him and we were connected in a union that was quite a part from what was obvious, because I just met him. So how can I have this huge connection? What I’ve learned is that God will bring people into your life, and there will be a transcendent union that you experience with them, that goes beyond logic, it goes beyond reason and you are just unified. You have a union in the Spirit and you are just connected. There’s a divine connection!

So I am constantly looking for divine appointments. I always want to go where is the Holy Spirit? And where is my divine appointment? And it could be walking on the trail and you could have a divine appointment or I could be going to the grocery store or could be a phone call. I have moments that I know that the Holy Spirit is there and that He’s orchestrating those moments. And because I’m in my moment, you have a divine eternal nature of the moment, and it feels like a divine appointment. It’s an appointment that God has set up in eternity past and present and future that you have that moment right then and you’re able to experience something eternal in that moment.

But what I see in the transcendent Body of Christ is… And I’ve had this with my brother Tony. You make a connection and there is some thing that happens. It’s just something that happens that your connection is not based on the moment, you feel like you’ve known them for all your life. And it’s because in the transcendent Body of Christ, there is no past or future, it’s the moment. But the reason why there’s no past and future is because He set something up a long time ago. Literally all you’re doing once you meet them is discovering the details of the story that they walk through. It’s not about your connection. It’s about the fact that you’re discovering their story. All I’m doing is learning who you are and what you’ve been through. But I already know you. That’s when the Holy Spirit ignites hearts in a union of Himself where He’s made a divine connection. It’s a transcendent union.

With Charles, I’ve gotten with him I can sit with him is like I’ve known him all my life. It’s like he’s been there all my life and there’s a unity and a connection and a free flow of love and life because, I’m not just getting to know him, I’ve known him forever because it’s transcendent. I’m just gonna learn the story details and he’s gonna learn my story. And with Tony same thing.

So as I’m going through looking at the moments and trying to discover the moment and be in the moment, I have to realize that the moment, sometimes is the doorway to transcendence. Where you are literally able to experience the eternal plan in your moment because your presence because you’re there in your moment, you can experience the transcendence, and be unified with other believers in the Body of Christ. I know most people probably experience this. It’s just some thing when you see it and you’ve experienced it and you see it and you see what’s actually going on in the heavenly realm it’s just lift your heart. It just lives your your spirit and it lifts your your faith in what He’s able to do in the moment. I mean how in the world can He knit like a huge quilt the past, the future and the present all in a moment where you meet someone in a divine appointment? It’s just gorgeous! I want more of those moments. I want to be unified with the Body of Christ. I want to be unified with other believers that we experience through each other Him—His life, His expression, His love, His everything. I’m just really excited about that.

This part of this experience in transcendent divine appointments has really untangled a lot of shame. A lot of self-doubt experience that I have experienced in my life. Because all if a sudden I realize there’s something far greater happening in my life and in others lives then just what I can see.

I’m in the process of right now finishing up my book on on the will of God and how to know the will of God and it’s many benefits. I believe is the books is going to be called His Will Alone. I’m finishing that up I’m working with an editor and finishing that up. But the next thing I’m going to, and the thing that I’m gonna start on in the blog GetalongwithGod.com is that I want to explore overcoming shame. There’s so many things that shame us in this life. But I know that the Holy Spirit.. shame is just deadly. It’s fear and it’s a deadly, and I want to destroy shame. I have been destroying shame and experiencing life as I have destroyed shame. And I want to go into that and then I want to release this book or booklet. I hope it’s a book of how to overcome shame, because I am witness to so much shame in believers. It’s past stuff. It’s bringing their past and having that shame control them, control their life, control their hearts, control their decisions, and I want to destroy shame. I want to join in with the Holy Spirit, who does not condemn us, and does not shame us.

We experience life with Him. We experienced love with Him. We experience joy with Him. Shame is just destructive! So I hope y’all will join me over there at GetalongwithGod.com to look at the overcoming shame topic. And I don’t know podcast wise. I don’t know where I’m gonna go and what I’m going to talk about but this today, the transcendence of the divine appointment of Union with the with believers. It’s just a glorious thing. I’ve had people that I’ve called the ministry and we’ve just made a connection and it’s been church. It’s been beautiful! People that I don’t know that I’m not going….WOW! I am realize there’s something going on here that we are experiencing church but also, there is something transcendent in this moment. I think that’s one of the gifts that God gives us. That the joy of transcendence, that joy of experiencing body life in a transcendent way. It’s the unity in the Spirit and it’s life. It’s teeming with life and it’s bubbling forth with life. That’s what I wanna experience in this life and I know most people do as well. So I love y’all. I appreciate you listen and I will be back in touch soon.

Joy of Transcendence, Divine Appointment – Episode #837 – Shulamite Podcast

He knits like a huge quilt our past, future and present all in a moment where you meet someone in  transcendence it’s a divine appointment.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    What can this mean? Sound familiar? Have you had the Lord lead you through places in graced ‘letting’…not touching it, letting it ‘be’ to do it’s secret work? …to LET HIM BE the WORD… not something, Someone! Our being is inwrought; His message alive in His vessel. We find the meaning of the moment above & beyond what surrounds it. With tender heart we approach… No boundaries made by me. Did God give the boundaries of our stories…to then burst all barriers as He does? Here He comes!! How He does it I do not know…we are taken into His very heart. The Spirit does the telling “of the mighty works of God”. Acts2 “All were beside themselves with amazement & were puzzled & bewildered, saying to one another, what can this mean?” And here the Spirit ignites…we don’t want to miss HIS divine appointment. Transcendence! “Because all of a sudden I realize there’s something far greater happening in my life & in others than just what I can see.” Yes to the unifying in the transcendent Body of Christ! His Life, His Love, His Everything. HIM! So encouraged by this message John!

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