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Why You Need a Thought Partner – Episode #867

Why You Need a Thought Partner

Discover Your Path with Coaching: Why You Need a Thought Partner

Why You Need a Thought Partner
Episode #867

Walk and talk with John Enslow

Hey there, so I just wanted to come today and talk to some about coaching and about something I’m seeing about coaching. I see that people are advice-giving maniacs. We look to give advice and not only do we look to give advice, we look to get advice. If you look at Moses when he was coming down and he had just been with God and the people basically said, ”Moses, you go up, you go up and you talk to God and you just come down and you tell us, you tell us, we don’t want to seek God for ourselves!” (He scares us!) And that’s what I found with coaching. That often, we want to come and find somebody and seek a solution. We’re not looking to necessarily discover for ourselves, we’re looking for the quick fix. We’re looking for the solution. We’re looking for the 123 steps in how to get stuff.

It just takes the responsibility really off of us and it gives the responsibility to the other person. We do this with our clergy, with our pastors, with our mentors, with our priests. We come to them, and we look for the answer. We’re like, “Give us the answer, you go to God, you go get the 123 steps and then come to us and tell us and then we’ll just do it!” That removes the responsibility but also removes the relationship that we intended to have Him.

Coaching is really pretty amazing in that, it’s not that you’re going to the coach to be fixed. You’re not going to the coach to get the 123 steps. What you’re going to a coach for is to have a thought partner, where you and he or she, that you go and you have a sounding board, you have a thought partner, you have someone who you can discover with. And as you start an unburdening your heart of different situation that you’re in. That’s how it’s worked with me. I’ve gone to coaches, I’ve literally gone with things that I’ve needed direction on and I’ve started to talk it out and all of a sudden, low and behold, the Lord just put it in my heart to deal with it. What to do. Where the solution is and that is absolutely beautiful.

So as a coach, I’m not looking to fix. I’m not looking to tell, I’m not looking to teach, I’m looking to partner with someone and really discover the answers. It’s amazing that that’s the process. That that’s actually what happens in coaching. You discover your path and you discover your journey.  So why would you need a coach? Why would you need a coach to do this process? Well what I have found is that to have someone standing with you, somebody that is willing to partner with you, someone who is able to hold you accountable, someone who is able to strategically lay out  how things will go is pretty powerful, and pretty amazing.

I have had where I have had a thought partner, I’ve had that coach, and I literally lay out…this book. My new book His Will Alone, that’s exactly how I did it. I said, “I need to know A,B,C about this book,” and then I talked it out and then I discovered exactly what needed to happen. And amazingly, I had somebody to check back with, somebody who would be held accountable with, and somebody that it just worked, it work amazingly well.

So one of the things about coaching is, it staying curious. As the coach I stay curious about the path, about what’s going on, about what’s happening, about what needs to transpire. And as you discover it I am curious. I’m asking questions. Curiosity questions to help you discover, because if God gives you the path and God gives you a call, then also with that calling comes the how to do it. Yes, it’s Christ’s Life that were connecting with, absolutely, but Christ Life functions in a plan, in a path, and God lays out our plan and we have to discover that. With coaching you get that opportunity to literally really go into your situations and find the answers.

So often when you go to someone and talk with them, they’re listening to speak not listening to hear, but a coach goes and listens for the answer—with you. What I have found is giving advice often creates resistance, and not only does it create resistance. It also diminishes the one who’s seeking the advice. That is not what happens in coaching. It’s not about diminishing the coachee. It’s about discovery, it’s about empowering and that’s the difference you’re not going to go seek advice you’re going to go seek the answering. And so you’re being empowered, the focuses on you, the focuses on your path, the focus is on your life and amazingly it’s beautiful that empowering leaves you with that buzz that I’ve talked about another podcast. That buzz in your chest, that life teaming energy that comes out in coaching that you leave the coaching scenario and you say, “I have what I need to go forward and I have someone that’s holding me accountable and someone who’s with me in it.” It beautiful, it’s absolutely beautiful.

So if you have any interest in having a thought partner, having someone who literally is helping you to seek and find and discover your path.  And get through your hurdles that have prevented you from being you can be and all you are then I’m asking you just to reach out. Let’s talk about it, let’s talk about coaching and what that actually would look like in your life and how it could help you. I love you appreciate you and I’m looking forward to talking to you.

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The magic of coaching lies in the empowerment it offers. You’re not handed advice; instead, you’re given the tools to uncover your own solutions.

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