Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #98 – The Way To God’s Goodness

with Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow

In close relationship with Him, God can dispel the Great Lie and solve it day by day.
God promises to divorce us from our covenant with the death (disease) of the Great Lie about God’s goodness.

(M) Ok, what about… See, I often shock people close to me with how honest I am with God. And I don’t blaspheme Him or call Him horrible names, but I do tell Him the truth about how I feel. And sometimes I am really angry with Him and so… but I don’t… to me, why not be utterly honest from your heart because He knows it anyway?
(J) Umhum.
(M) And I feel like I have such a kinship with David, because David could be in this anguish, and he would go… And I often say David knew and David ‘got it.’  No, David went to God with his anguish; spelled it out in words.
(J) Umhum.
(M) And the Lord came to him and gave him the faith, the hope, comfort, the solace, the promise, the complete solution. To me that’s evident in David’s Psalms. He was not dishonest.  He didn’t hide anything from God. His heart, well his heart… he was a man after Gods own heart. He was a man who took his heart wide open to God. If you believe the lie, do you lie to yourself then? And do you lie to God from your heart?
(J) I’ve never seen that.
(M) Do you think it’s true? Because it’s the only explanation I can come up with, is that when you’re steeped in the lie you become a liar, to yourself. And so you can’t commune with God. If I were to dig in to several people’s lives, if I were to enter their communion with God, I doubt if it’d be very good.
(J) No, that’s, that’s one thing I saw recently. Remember, I told you that, that I realized, I said, who am I going to? It was like God said, ‘look at who you’re coming to, look.’
(M) Umhum.
(J) And I said ok. So I went to Him, early morning quiet-time, and I said, who on earth am I going to? Well there it is, on earth, I mean, it was an earthly… I was going to a wrong god. I was interacting with ‘something’.
(M) John, I really believe it was Satan.
(J) Yeah, it has to be.
(M) Because he, he loves that lie. He perpetuates that lie to us. I write it in the booklet.
(J) Umhum.
(M) Satan comes to us, bombarding us constantly with this lie. And I believe that God dispels it, issue-by-issue, moment-by-moment, day-by-day. He helps you know Who He is by communication. To me this problem has got to be a communication with the wrong entity that ever leaves you deeper in this disease, as you call it. If that utter blank honesty with God, He will always answer, but He cannot answer a liar. And He can’t answer you if you’re trying to clean up your heart. If you think He’s bad, then you’re going to bring… you can’t bring Him your ‘bad stuff’. You can’t bring Him your wrong attitudes and your vengeance and your anger and your hatred, you can’t bring that to Him in blank honesty. Is that right?
(J) I don’t know, ah, because I go to Him with my ‘yuk’. I go to Him with my ‘yuk’, but…
(M) But do you hear Him solve it? See I think the effect of ‘the great lie’ is to remove the personal relationship with a Father.
(J) Ok, well the big word the other day when we were having a night watch was ‘annul’.
(M) Umhum.
(J) And for me that was a huge word because I think you, I think you ‘marry’ ‘the lie’. You marry, it’s a covenant.
(M) It’s that intimate and that much a covenant.
(J) It’s a covenant.
(M) Wow. Oh wow.
(J) It’s a covenant with ‘the lie’, you have made a covenant with ‘the lie’. And…
(M) What we got into was, I think it was in Isaiah 28. “You have made a covenant with death.” And then a couple verses later he says, “I have annulled your covenant with death.”
(J) And it specifically speaks about ‘the lie’ in that scripture.
(M) Yeah, ok. “We have made falsehood our refuge, and we have concealed ourselves with deception.” Oh my goodness, that’s what I’m seeing.
(J) Yeah, I see, I think the other version, I don’t know what version this one is.
(M) Its New American.
(J) New American. Ok, well I think the other version says that we have…
(M) “We have made a covenant with death, and with Sheol”, hell, “we have made a pact. The overwhelming scourge will not reach us when we pass it by. This is the confidence you have”, not you but “the confidence we have, for we have made falsehood our refuge.”
(J) I think it says we have made lies, no, a lie, it says ‘a lie’.
(M) Does it?
(J) Umhum. I think it does. “We have made a lie our refuge”. It’s huge.
(M) Ah! Here’s the… It’s the NIV that we were in. We have entered… Ok, “Hear the word of the Lord you scoffers who rule this people”, and it’s in Jerusalem. “You boast, we have entered into a covenant with death, with the grave we have made an agreement. When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by it cannot touch us, for we have made a lie our refuge, and falsehood our hiding place. So this is what the Lord, Sovereign Lord says: See, I lay a stone in Zion, a precious cornerstone”, which is Christ, for “the one who trusts will never be dismayed. I will make justice the measuring line”. And down in verse 18, “Your covenant with death will be annulled, your agreement with the grave will not stand.”
(J) Ok. I believe it’s a marriage. There is a union and a covenant with ‘the lie’. And when you’ve made a covenant with ‘the lie’ you’ve made a covenant with Satan.
(M) Yes.
(J) And you, you’re married.
(M) Wow.
(J) And I believe that this booklet, “The Great Lie”, is…
(M) Now I get it, it’s the annulment you’ve been trying to get me to understand.
(J) It’s an annulment. It’ says…
(M) I wish I’d put that verse in the booklet.
(J) It says you are not married to ‘the lie’ any longer. I have annulled your covenant with death and agreement with ‘the lie’, I have annulled it.
(M) Through the cornerstone, the precious cornerstone. What God calls, the precious cornerstone.
(J) Why would He use the word annul?
(M) If it were not a marriage.
(J) And why would He use the word annul if He wasn’t bringing you to a Bridegroom- Beloved, relationship; it’s about intimacy. This scripture, Isaiah 28, is speaking and saying: I see your covenant of death, I see your, your agreement with death, but I love you and I’m going to annul, I’m going to divorce you from your covenant with death, and I’m going to bring you in. This is a redemptive, it’s not, it is a horrible thing that we made a covenant with death. But the covenant of death was made back in Eden.
(M) And we merely inherited it.
(J) That’s right. And so… But He’s saying you…
(M) You can’t come out of that.
(J) You harlot, you, you, you, you have married My enemy. You have made covenant with My enemy. And that annulment has to happen for us to come out, and into.
(M) It’s that John Dunn poem. “Divorce me for I have married your enemy, and except you divorce me I will not be free.”
(J) And this is what this scripture’s saying, I’m going to annul that false covenant and bring you into awesome intimacy.
(M) Ok, so it’s the intimacy I’m saying I have, but because my covenant with death was broken years ago. So I have the intimacy of a marriage with God, and He calls us married to Him. And He even calls our land married. So I get it now; I didn’t get it the other day.
(J) It’s, it’s huge, it’s really huge. That’s what I’m saying, and when I saw it was an annulment, this booklet is literally a certificate of annulment. Because, not that it’s just this booklet, it’s what this booklet is standing for. This booklet is standing for the very thing that the scripture is saying. It’s just written out, it’s just on a piece of paper, but the covenant is being broken by the Father for the Son to bring you into intimacy; and we are prevented from intimacy. And that’s exactly what I’m prevented from when I’m believing ‘the great lie’, when I’m going to that ‘Liar’ when I go to my quiet-times and I deal with and I have to work myself out of believing all the crap. I am, I am communing with Satan because I am involved with a lie that is not about God. But God says I am annulling that covenant that you’ve made, that pact.
(M) Umhum.
(J) And I’m being rescued from, and I’ve been being rescued from for years. For years I’ve been being rescued from ‘the lie’. And that’s why this booklet, and this is why this message has just radically arrested my whole, my whole thinking. Because… And God is reinforcing it.  He’s bringing other avenue’s and other teaching’s in and saying look, look, look, look, look, and I’m going, wait a minute, who am I going to, who is my quiet time with? That dry dead thing. And ah, I know that some people could have glorious, wonderful, you know, emotional, quiet-times, great quiet-times, but… It… Who is it with? Who is it really with?
(M) What’s the fruit that comes out of it?
(J) Right.
(M) Is it peace and joy and, and resolution, or is it more dryness and death and frustration and despair?
(J) And I hear from a lot of people, and most people it’s dryness and death. They’re continually going day after day after day after day after day, looking to this ah, looking to this God, our God, through wrong viewfinder. I mean it’s wrong. 
(M) So it’s not that you aren’t just operating in intimacy and honesty with Him.  I don’t mean you, I mean people who are caught in this covenant with death. It’s that you have to come out of the covenant. You have, you have to have a revelation that you’ve been set free from this covenant.
(J) I can go to Him and tell Him all the ‘yuk’ all day long, but if I’m not going to Someone who wants to solve it, Who loves me and wants to solve it, to my Husband. If I’m not going to my Husband, and I’m in a covenant with someone else, how can I hear?
(M) Ok.
(J) The covenant is being broken. It’s being annulled.
(M) The relationship, the legal relationship.
(J) He has a legal right, does he not? If you made a covenant with death, does death not have a legal ‘right’?
(M) Wow. Yikes.
(J) But God’s saying, “I’m the great Judge, and I am annulling that marriage, that covenant with death, that pact.”
(M) Well you know, John, I’ve said for a long time, I learned it early on in working with people in inner healing, this verse 15 says, “We’ve entered a covenant with death, with the grave we have made an agreement. When an overwhelming scourge sweeps by it cannot touch us, “for”, because,  “we have made a lie our refuge and falsehood our hiding place.” And I know that with a lot of people who’ve suffered in childhood or been even abused, the coping system becomes ‘a lie’, and they believe that they need ‘the lie’ and the fear in order to be safe. And that itself is a lie. The sweeping scourge will get you. The lie…
(J) What is, what is ‘the sweeping scourge’?
(M) I think it’s the sovereign moves of God; some of which are chastening, some of which are catastrophe. And it says… The lie is, I can escape a sovereign, ruling God.
(J) Oooh!
(M) That’s the lie. And by lying I can save myself from God Who is over all.
(J) So it’s just a saving of your life really.
(M) It is. It’s a coping system to cope with life. And I know someone that this was given to me for that person, to understand that they were using lies.  They were hiding behind lies. And when the truth would save them, they would go to ‘the lie’ and perish.
(J) Was Eve not trying, when she was speaking with Satan, was she not trying to save her life and save herself from God, and the sweeping movement of God?
(M) John I believe that underneath that is, ‘I don’t want to have to depend on God’. I think that’s underneath it all.  I want to take care of myself.

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