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Episode #308 – The Storehouse (ReadMK.com)

Read MK

The Storehouse (ReadMK.com)
Episode #308

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guest: Julie

(J) We announced at the conference something that we’re real excited about, and this is the first time we’re really going to mention it on the podcast. And so, we as a ministry are real excited to see something that has been being birthed over the last couple of months. Julie has really taken a lot of the brunt of the work of this. And it’s been such an awesome thing. What we have developed is an on-line library for Martha Kilpatrick. And the website is called ReadMK. So you can go to ReadMK.com and it is a full comprehensive on-line library of Martha Kilpatrick. We don’t have everything currently there, but there is so much there currently that you couldn’t get to the bottom of it by the time we get the rest of it there. As we’ve expanded the ministry and as we’ve grown as a ministry and as we’ve put your materials on Shulamite.com, we’ve really outgrown the structure of it. And so we knew there was an issue, basically what it was is the funnel was too small, so then it became so deep, because there was so much. Every web-master and every web developer that I’ve ever talked with said the content of this is enormous. And we’ve got thousands and thousands of pages of content that you really can’t access at Shulamite.com unless you know what you’re looking for. And we weren’t satisfied with that, so we really wanted something that would bring the depths to the surface, so that you could go into the depths of your revelation rather simply. And I think that the ReadMK site has accomplished that task and that goal. When you go to it the simplicity of the site is incredible. And our ultimate goal is to alleviate the weight of the content off of Shulamite.com and to roll it over into ReadMK, so that the Shulamite.com website will be the function of the ministry. And it’ll have the podcast, and it’ll have the app, and it’ll have what’s going on in the ministry, and being able to purchase items, your tapes, your teachings, your booklets, your books.  You’ll be able to do all that from Shulamite.com and function as a ministry site. But that the ReadMK site will really be just, like I said, just an on-line library of all the wealth of content that you have. And it’s so huge, the weight of the revelation of God that He has just poured out in your life these seventy-two year’s.  You just have an amazing wealth and a rich library. I’ve had, you know, you look at several people, you look at Murray and the weight of the work that came out of that man in the very tail end of his life. And you look at Oswald Chambers, and just in those forty-two years, or forty-four years, you have just this huge weight of content. And you look at Watchman Nee, and there’s volumes and volumes of just rich content. And the Lord has really put on our heart to bring forth the weight and the revelation that He’s poured forth through you. He has put on our heart, a passion for us to display His value of what He’s laid in your life. And I’m very grateful for that, because I don’t want the riches to be buried.  I want it available, that if you want it, it’s there. If you want to access the content, it’s there. Basically there’s four different sections on every page. You have the booklet section, you have the book section, you have the article series, and you have the devotions. And the article series is basically all the article series we’ve gone through and harvested from all the E-zines; we’ve harvested, made into article series on topic and subject matter. So basically you can go and you can say, I’m looking for something regarding this, and boom, it’ll be right there. Or you can say I remember Martha writing something, and this was a term and the subject, or this was a term in the content. You use very unique phraseologies that you could say what about this phrase that I know is nowhere else, and boom, there it would come right in the search terms. And you can look at all the topics; we’ve broken down the topics so they’re very simple and very user friendly, and then you can do the same thing with the books and the booklets. And there’s gonna be excerpts from the books and the booklets so that you can read the content. And we’ve chosen to really make it stand alone, so that it’s a teaser, yes, for buying the booklet and getting the rest of the content, but you could literally stand alone in that and go away and have an incredible amount of wisdom just right in that little excerpt. And we’ve done that for all the books, and all the booklets. And eventually we’re anticipating doing a study guide for each of them. And that basically everything will have a study guide.  We’ve been asked over and over and over to develop a study guide for, like, “Adoration”, or “Chariot Of Fire”, or “All And Only”, and people have done bible studies that really wanted… do you have a study guide for this? Well, we’re gonna develop that, and we’re gonna have a PDF version of it. And we’re gonna try to do a podcast version of it where basically it’ll be us sitting around with the questions.  It’ll look like the podcast where iat has the images going through. We’re not gonna do a video one, but there you’ll basically have the interaction of us going through the questions. And a lot of people have also said, I would like to be discipled. I am in need, I am out in the middle of nowhere and I need to be discipled. And our hope is that through these study guides we’ll basically be able to lead a discipleship group through the content of the different books and the booklets, and through the questions. And so, yeah, we’ll be answering the questions ourself, but we’re hoping it’ll be a springboard for your own relationship with the Father, and developing of your own answers and thoughts and relationship with the Father. And then the last thing that we’ve done is we’ve made devotions. We’re basically doing thirty-one day devotionals that you can get in your inbox, or you can come to the site. We’re gonna, basically it’ll be thirty-one day devotionals on different topics that we’ve gone through and we’ve harvested these thirty-one day devotionals. I know one of them is “The Call To Obedience”. And that one is actually, by the time this is played that one will be up. And so you’ll basically be able to go through a thirty-one day devotional with Martha Kilpatrick about obedience, about “The Call To Obedience”. And I’m so grateful that Julie has gone through and harvested these things and packaged them so they’re not only usable, but they’re engaging and they’re intriguing, and they’re accessible. Because a lot of, even the Manna’s, you know, people have been following the Mannas for.. hundreds and hundreds of people for years. And then we’ve really been involved in a lot of things and we haven’t done the Manna. This is gonna be, this is how, how Manna’s gonna start to function, with these daily devotionals. And so, without the, just the sheer labor that has gone through, to go through and harvest this stuff and package it so that it is accessible and obtainable. It’s just an amazing, an amazing amount of work that has gone on. And we’ve done it as a thanks to the Lord for the revelations that He has revealed. We’ve done it as a glory unto the Lord. And we’re hoping that you can enjoy it. But it ultimately wasn’t for the people, it was for Him, that we wanted His revelation to have the cherishing that it deserves, and His outpouring of His own heart have the due respect and the due honor. Because when the Lord speaks something, it doesn’t matter what vessel speaks it, but when the Lord speaks something it’s got a weight and it’s got a value to it, and you don’t want to lose it. I don’t want to lose it. I don’t want to lose these precious treasures. These are treasure. And so we’re basically opening up the storehouse. We’re opening up the treasure box for everybody to be able to come and partake. And we’re real excited about it.
(M) Well, this has been done, really, without me. (Martha laughs.) And it’s not even been real to me until recently. You all have worked so hard, and I’ve been not in it.  I’ve been on other things. But it pleases me so because the professionals have done such a beautiful job, and you have guided them and Julie has guided, and you all have had endless meetings with the web developers. And it’s a beautiful website, it’s pleasant to look at, it’s living, it’s fresh, and just the visual of it is a joy. And so I’m… I can only say I’m overwhelmed that the Lord has initiated this, accomplished it and given you all the heart for it. It’s just more than I can, can understand or even imagine, and very, very exciting.
(Julie) I’m so excited about it, I feel like one time I babysat this little girl and when she would tell her story she would get so excited and she would go, (speaking like little girl that takes a big deep breath first to speak emphatically) “A-N-D, A-N-D”, and you would think she was never even gonna breathe because her ‘A-N-D’s’ would be so long, and that’s how I feel about this website, because it’s spacious, and it is beautiful, and I think, I’m so excited because as I’ve had a little bit of inter-action now with people on face-book, and I realize that we are connected with precious people all over the world who have been ministered to just like we have through Jesus in Martha, and in her writings, but I don’t think a lot of people realize how much you’ve written. I mean, I know I didn’t. And it wasn’t that easy to access before, and there are some incredible article series that will be on ReadMK, very accessible.  You’re writing on “Faith Is”; you’re writing on “The Power Of The Cross”, you’re writing on “The Citizens Of The Kingdom”; there’s just such amazing riches. And, here I’m doing the little girl thing, A-N-D, A-N-D. It’s really easy to get to.  John had the idea to have the quotes activated, so most people who are familiar with our ministry know that your one-liners are really powerful and impacting, and on the app you can access them, and they’re on the website. But on ReadMK, they have been linked so that if you see a quote at the top of the page that strikes you where you are, or… And I just believe that Holy Spirit’s gonna do that a lot. It will be what you needed to hear that day. You’ll be able to click right on that quote.  It will take you exactly to where it is, and to where it’s written, in whatever article or… so you’ll actually be able to find out what the context of where those quotes came from. And I’m just grateful because I know what… It has been such a joyous labor of gratitude, because I know what the Lord has done for me. I know what salvation He’s brought to me, and that’s a huge word, through these writings. And to have the opportunity to make them accessible to people now who’ve become dear to me…  They’re not just names and faces now, they’re real brothers and sisters in Christ that are in different places. And sometimes, I know when I was serving in Mexico that year, sometimes you can be out in pretty remote places and desperate for fellowship and desperate for the feeding of the Lord. And I’m hopeful for even people that are serving as missionaries, or people that for whatever reason are confined in situations that can’t travel or don’t have a fellowship where they’re being fed, that this will be a resource for them. I just have great hope. I know what the Spirit has told me about it, that He’s told me that it will be a garden where He will meet the people that come, and minister to them. And so we’re trusting Him to continue to be, to continue to carry it out. He was the Author of these writings, and He will be the Finisher of how they play out in our lives. So I can hardly contain my excitement about it. It’s gonna give us a base for a lot of other things. It’ll give us a place of reference for people who aren’t familiar with her writings. It’s a place now that people can refer friends to.  It’s a place where if we mention things on face-book, or whatever, we can take them somewhere that they can access a considerable amount of content. I’ll tell you, one of the reason, another, A-N-D, another A-N-D!  I’m excited about it for the people who, like I was at one point, who as a young Mom and living in another state, and not necessarily having the financial freedom to purchase a lot, I remember when I first found out about, first found out that Martha actually lived in this century and not like the fifth century like I thought she did cuz she wrote like the people from the fifth century. I ah, you know, and I was a bit overwhelmed, because she does have so many materials. She has so many audio series, and so many things that you can purchase, and I didn’t have the freedom at that time. So this will also be a way where people who may have not felt like they had the resources, now this is a way that the Lord has opened up in His generosity to, like you said, He’s opened the storehouses.  There is so much on that site to nurture anyone who wanted to be a disciple and follow the Lord.

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The Storehouse (ReadMK.com) – Episode #308 – Shulamite Podcast

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