Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #101 – The Secret Of Needing

with Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow

(M) I really believe John that the, there is, the time has come for the remnant. Because to learn to live in need of everything, has been our preparation for this for years. In this ministry we’ve looked to God for everything. And I thought of Paul’s secret this morning. He said I have learned the secret of being in poverty, being in plenty, having sufficiency, being in want, I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. And ah… I don’t think we are given… We are given to know the season. We are called to know the season, the time. We are called to watch for His return, no matter what era you live in, were called to watch for His return. But I don’t think we’re released from dealing with today. “Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof, give no thought for the morrow, the morrow will take care of itself.” And I’m sort of in that about this. I’m not… I’m on today. Today has its’ own wonders and challenges. And today the leaves are gorgeous on the trees behind your deck. They’re yellow and gold and brown. Tomorrow the Lord will manifest Himself in another way. You could say, not only are there two governments that operate simultaneously, one is a hidden government. You often wonder if it’s there, operating.
(J) Umhum.
(M) But it’s also the world and the heavens.
(J) Right.
(M) And what Daniel said, that he understood so clearly, was that heaven rules. And heaven does rule. We have got to become people who dwell in, see into, live by, the heavens. And the English Standard translates this accurately. Some translations say the kingdom of Satan and the Kingdom of God. But actually it’s called the domain of Satan, not a kingdom.
(J) Umhum.
(M) So there is the domain of the enemy, and there is the Kingdom, and we have to be so involved in the Kingdom and in the heavens. That’s Daniel’s secret, he lived in another consciousness; he lived in another literal and very real realm. And when Jesus prayed His prayer that’s called The Lord’s Prayer, is the model. And it begins with ‘our Father who’s in heaven, you begin to pray from the heavens. That’s not ethereal, that’s not some illusion. It’s a very real place and realm for the believer. It’s where we live and belong. Our lives are hidden with Christ in God. We’re seated in heavenly places. The awareness of that is what God wants to build, because Jesus prayer was ‘Your Kingdom come Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. And the bringing in of the Kingdom, even in the realm of the world, the domain of the enemy, is our responsibility as vessels. Not to do it, but as vessels.
(J) You recently… You just did a “Manna”, actually the day after election, you did a “Manna” that really brought a lot of hope to a lot of people. Do you want to read it?
(M) Umhum. Well that came in the wee hours of the morning John, when, when the Lord called me to… It’s called “Heaven’s Rule”. “Daniel lived in a different government than the one he served. His government ruled utterly the government under which he was imprisoned. For Daniel heaven rules.” And that’s a quote from Daniel 4:26. “This he believed without waver or doubt, that rule of heaven never changed no matter who was on the earthly throne. Nebuchadnezzar or Darius. Daniel endured always above the fray, so he held and wielded enormous power on the earth. He lived in the view of God as Ruler, absolute, unchallenged. And because Daniel believed it he brought heaven’s rule into the earthly government that thought it could unseat heaven.”
(J) Mmmm.
(M) And I’ve got more about Daniel that I want to put in the “Manna”. I didn’t have access to inter-net this morning. But I think that’s, that for us to become people who dwell in the heavens, so that we can know the government. But you know the… How do you do that? Well you have to surrender to the government of God in your heart, mind, soul, spirit, life, destiny; that’s how you live in the government of God; you do that first.
(J) Umhum.
(M) And then you are under the protection and the government of God as under the wings of the Most High, in Psalm 91.
(J) You’re completely safe.
(M) You’re completely provided for, completely surrounded. The angels of the Lord surround those, encamp around those who fear Him. And they shall lack nothing. So the government is the crisis, and the government is the answer. Which government are we going to live under? And we can be instruments, ambassadors so to speak, of that government of God, as Daniel was. He had no fight against what God had set up. And that’s what you’ve come to. He had no opposition to the sovereign set-up of God. And see if you don’t, if you don’t believe that God is absolute Ruler, and that heaven rules, you cannot do this.
(J) Umhum.
(M) The crisis will be, is God in charge of this? Or has some other force, human ambition or satanic power or a scheme of man, or whatever, whatever you want to name it. Has this won against God? The issue of His sovereignty we’ve been very leisurely about, we haven’t needed to know it. I wrote a book about it (“All And Only”). And I’ve often wanted to write a second book following that same theme, of how the scripture presents God as absolute… He’s God. I mean it’s very simple; He is God. And everything serves Him; ‘the wrath of man’ shall praise Him, everything is going to serve God. And…
(J) Are you saying that ah, we don’t have to have a godly representation in the White House to have a godly nation?
(M) Are you asking me? Absolutely.
(J) Maybe the whole, not looking to a man to be your representation, and being the representation yourself, is ah, it’s more work, its more responsibility. Maybe that’s God’s agenda.
(M) Well we’ve also been on that promise in 2 Chronicles John, “If My people who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked ways, I will heal their land.” And that’s where we’ve been, and others we know. It’s we who carry a responsibility. And one of the commentators that I read after the election said ‘It is not congress or the president who ruins a country. It’s we the people. We don’t… The Federal Reserve doesn’t ruin the economy, the Congress doesn’t ruin the economy, we do it by such spending, such greed, such foolish and reckless management of our goods; and such greed. We are responsible, and that’s what Daniel knew about Israel. That’s what he repented of with his fathers and forefathers.
(J) That’s something that was always amazing to me, he didn’t even have ‘to do’, but he said ‘I did’, because I come from this. This is my lineage.
(M) Umhum.
(J) And I repent, you know, of my lineage, of the, of my ancestry and of the wickedness that has, you know, basically brought, brought…
(M) Captivity.
(J) Yeah, brought captivity.
(M) And suffering and death. So, our, my focus is on the return of the Lord. There is… My husband always said you can’t change the end of the Book.
(J) Hmhum.
(M) And I’ve been going over those scriptures for some months now, where Jesus spoke of the end times. And I want to begin to do some studying and teaching and listening to the Lord about that subject of His return. That’s where my passion is.
(J) You’re looking to the King.
(M) Yeah, I think that’s the only hope.
(J) I think it, it’s, it’s been the only hope always. (Martha laughs) But because we have had a season of blessing and a season of ease we didn’t notice and didn’t have the ‘need’ to focus on. And that’s not everybody, because certainly there’s been people who’ve not been in that. But you know, ah, when there’s need, the One you need is made evident.
(M) Well I think that recent times and, have shown that darkness now is greater than light in this country. Darkness has increased drastically. And the church has been infiltrated by the world, and so much of what is ah, Christian organization, does not have Christ as the hope or the source or the center. And so the decline of this nation is huge in my lifetime. So we have to shine like stars in the firmament and the darkness. And um… You know John it’s not possible to have faith in that government and to have your roots in the world. The great list of the hero’s of faith in Hebrews eleven, toward the end it says they were looking for another city. They were not looking to return to a country, they were not, ah, they were pilgrims.
(J) Rootless.
(M) Rootless pilgrims, tent dwellers. And the word that keeps coming to me in the last week is flexible. We have to remain so flexible. And in our independence and our self-indulgence, we’re used to just doing what we want to, and nothing stops us. But we’re going to have to become instruments so attuned to the Spirit that we can move when He says move, go when He says go. That will be our only safety, is the guidance of the Spirit. It’s really that way now. In the normal days, in the days of ease, there’s danger apart from the Spirit.
(J) Well, happy centennial birthday. And I appreciate actually this will be on the, this will probably be on the 101st one, but I just really am grateful to have been able to do these interviews with you for the last two years and the last hundred episodes. And may we go to ah, another hundred and see what the Lord reveals, and how He reveals Himself, and the journey that He takes us on.
(J) And John I appreciate your knowing this was God’s will. I would have never caught on to it. And I appreciate your… What people write is how much they appreciate your transparency and your honesty. It’s fresh and rare in this day. And this is really your fruit. This is your ministry and your vision, and I just ask God to bless you with much fruit for eternity from it.
(J) Well I’m having a good time.
(M) (Laughter) Can it be this much joy? So thank you. And I appreciate everyone who’s willing to listen, I really do. It’s amazing to me.
(J) I listen to it. Every weekend when it comes out I listen to it. I mean I’ve edited it, I’ve spoken it, ah, I’ve listened to it a number of times before it ever comes out. But when it comes out on Sunday morning I always go in and listen to it fresh, like I’m not me. And I just enjoy listening to it.
(M) Really.
(J) Umhum. Well I bless you (listener) for listening, and I thank you for your support and ah, for your following of the podcast. And ah, I pray that it really blesses you more this coming up hundred episodes than it did the last. But I hope that the last blessed you and revealed the Son, and that you can see evidence and fruit of just the dealings amongst us and with us, and that He’s put fruit in your life for that.
(M) I really pray John that the Holy Spirit will keep us relevant to the times.
(J) And relevant to His heartbeat.
(M) There you go.
(J) And what His focus is and what He really is ‘on’.
(M) One of the biggest things we’re considering is that when He returns He wants to find us occupied and giving ‘food’ in season. So that’s,  I pray that He will give us the food to give, in this season.
(J) Amen. Bless you.

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