Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #99 – The Secret Communion

with Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow

The one whose ideas you take into your soul is the one with whom you form a covenant.
But we are bought with a price, out of the bondage of believing that God is not good.


(J) Was Eve not trying, when she was speaking with Satan, was she not trying to save her life, and save herself from God, and the sweeping movement of God?
(M) John I believe that underneath that is ‘I don’t want to have to depend on God’; I think that’s underneath it all, I want to take care of myself. I don’t know whether she, whether she… I think with Eve in that state of innocence, that did not know the discipline of God.  I think it was more ‘I want to be independent’. And the lie is another statement.  You named it at the beginning as rebellion.  The lie is another statement of rebellion. I don’t want God, I want my lies, because I believe not just the lie about God, but I believe the lie that I can keep myself with lies. It’s so diabolical. It’s just bigger than…
(J) But it happened when she went in and was communing with Satan. She was talking with Satan, and at that point she believed the lie and ascribed to the lie.
(M) Umhum. And I believe it was fear that he evoked in her, instilled in her. It was fear that God was not good, that’s what I’ve written, and that He was going to withhold something from her, so she had to take care of herself.
(J) And that was the covenant.
(M) Yeah, yeah, that was the covenant.
(J) The great ‘lawyer’ who knew how to entrap her made a covenant with her by her communion, just communication with him.
(M) Exactly. It’s communication that I’m on.
(J) Martha! Umm!
(M) What are you seeing?
(J) Communication. So if I’m going to, not God, in my belief about God, I’m reinforcing the covenant every day. Do you… I’m reinforcing it, by not going to the God who is God.
(M) And if you go to the ‘god’ who’s not God, you are hearing him. And I know someone in Christian ministry, who is so caught on this, and I have not been able to break this thing in him. I’ve not been able to get him out of it. I’m not… And it’s just a grief and a frustration to me, because the goodness of God to him is overwhelming. He’s umm… You’re making tremendous progress and revelation in that because you’re finding… There’s something so caught in his covenant. Maybe, maybe can we break… Can we declare that his covenant with death has been revoked and annulled? Can we do that?
(J) Well God has done it, so we can come in agreement with him…
(M) It’s past. All right.
(J) It’s done, your covenant with death is broken.
(M) Ok. Ok, great.
(J) I’m amazed though. This is huge for me. If I go to God and it’s not god, if it’s my image of God… Here’s a quote from actually the introduction: “Your life is an expression of your idea of God. Notice I didn’t say your life is an expression of God. I said your life is an expression of your idea of God.” If I am going to my ‘idea’ of God, which has tenants of my parental issues, my experiences and judgments, my bitterness’s, ah, my judgments and my opinions, ok, all those lovely tenants coming straight from my heart.  If I’m going to my idea of God rather than the actual God, I’m making literal covenant with Satan.
(M) That’s shocking, but I know it’s true.
(J) Eve did! Eve by communing…
(M) By simply communing.
(J) All she…
(M) Thinking with him. Thinking with him, John. Thinking with him, it’s the thinking.
(J) She made covenant. He took it and God took it, as covenant. Is that not right?
(M) Wow.
(J) Is that not what happened that day? Eve discussed with him, dialoged with him, and took within herself his attributes, and then believed his attributes about God. And that was a covenant that has ravaged every one of her children ever since. Adam and Eve’s children have been ravaged by that one communication with him, because she took within herself the attributes of Satan and adhered them to God; and that, God considered a covenant. And Satan considered it a covenant because he’s held humanity ever since. Is that not right?
(M) So who you deeply listen to, and take their ideas into you, is the one you’re married to.
(J) Yes. So when I’m going to God and it’s not who He says He is, I’m literally communing with Satan. So my quiet times that I go to Him and it’s ah… I’m not seeing an Abba, who He said He is, my Beloved, who He says I am, and He is, if I’m not going to that One, I’m literally adhering onto God attributes of Satan, saying its God.
(M) Well, I remember years ago someone that I had worked with deeply, said, “One appears to me who says he is God, and it is not, it is Satan”. It shocked me at the time. It’s become very acceptable because I know it’s true. One comes to me who says he is God, and it is Satan.
(J) But by doing that you’re in covenant with that one.
(M) Umhum. You see it, you see it clearer. To me it’s such a … Ok, I’m on the communication.
(J) But the communication is…
(M) The communication is a covenant.
(J) Umhum.
(M) Who you take into your being, you’re married to.
(J) Ok. This is awesome for me, this is huge, this is ah…
(M) This was why David was a man after God’s own heart, because he took in the thinking of God, against his own anguish, suspicions, and suffering.
(J) And if anyone had a right.
(M) Oh, gosh.
(J) He had right to… His circumstances were horrible. He was being pursued to be murdered on a regular basis, he was being cursed by people all around him, and he still said, well regardless, God You are still good. God you are still Who You say You are, and I will believe it.
(M) Yes, yes. I’m coming to the God I believe is God. And so He could hear him and be solved. And that’s what we can have.
(J) And that marriage he made was with God. And now David’s throne is forever.
(M) Ohhh. So the precedent is communion in private. And it was all in private. It’s just between me and God, and you and God.
(J) It’s a secret moment.
(M) It’s a secret communication. It’s that secret relationship that you have that is foundational to everything you are and live.
(J) Do you see how huge this is?
(M) I probably don’t; tell me.
(J) This is really big. This is really, really, really big.
(M) By that do you mean it is the solution? To relationship and knowing God?
(J) Yes.
(M) Well this is the “Knowing God” series.
(J) Isn’t that amazing.
(M) (Laughter)
(J) And we’re going to the next one that’s going to be released November, the first week of November, it’s called “Eternal Power." And it’s another aspect of God. But if you don’t first of all know that He’s good, and that He is Who He says He is, what do you have?
(M) So John, I want a solution for those who keep returning to fear, despair, inertia, nothingness.  What is the solution?
(J) They have to know that the Lord on High has said, “Your covenant with death is annulled”. Not will be, not will You please do it, no, it is annulled now. You can still live out your covenant with something. If you believe…Ok, say, you believe that this property is yours, and you’re… you’ve… it’s already been sold underneath you. And you still live like it’s yours. You can live like it’s yours for a long time, but someday someone’s going to come to you and say, ‘I have the deed to this property, it’s mine, you have to get off’.
(M) So you’re bought with a price.
(J) I am bought with a price. And then we’re all bought with a price.
(M) Like Gomer.
(J) Yes.
(M) Purchased with thirty pieces of silver…the blood.
(J) But she had to know that she was bought. And see this is the belief. We have to go against the lie in believing the covenant.
(M) Wow.
(J) I had to go and I had to say, who am I going to? Who is it that I’m going to? And then when I looked at who I was going to, I said why am I going to this? This isn’t God. Groveling, and I’m sorry. My quiet times started always, I’m sorry.
(M) (Laughter) I know it’s not funny.
(J) It was kind of comical, because ah, how long, I mean ‘hello’… Ah, but, I’m sorry God, I, I, ughh, here I am. And God’s going ‘please’, forty years, please. Oh God, please, oh me, please. My covenant with death has been annulled. I have been divorced from the covenant of death.
(M) Which is ‘the lie’.
(J) The lie is that it’s still in effect. The lie is that the covenant is still real; it’s not. But I’ve been living like the covenant is real.
(M) Wow.
(J) It’s huge.
(M) What broke it for you? That you began to say who am I going to? Was it your illness?
(J) Yeah, I believe that He ah, He’s kind of struck my body right now, and ah, I’m incrementally coming out of that. But ah, He struck my body and I went to Him and said, what is wrong?
(M) What is wrong with me?
(J) Right. What is wrong with me that You’re hitting me? It was catastrophe. It was something that was ah…
(M) A sweeping scourge.
(J) It was a sweeping scourge and I had to look at it. You know, Martha, if no one had ever, if He hadn’t arrested me ‘on the way’, I would have continued in my way. He says, I am the Way!
(M) Well because of this temporary affliction, you have a revelation about this booklet at the time it comes out that is way beyond what I comprehend. Because this is, I’ve just come a different way.
(J) And that’s ok. You don’t have, you don’t have to know, that’s fine. For me, it is the statement of my annulment.
(M) Well obviously in the eighties I learned this personally, somehow, long since forgotten how; but obviously when I taught it, it was because I had learned it personally, and had needed it, so. It’s just ah… 
(J) Well you say that you’re the neediest woman that I, that I know.
(M) I’ve never had anything to give Him, neither character nor effort nor performance, nothing. I’ve never had anything to give Him. But let me tell you this I believe fully. I believe it so deeply that I can just get really excited. Anytime I can help a person see the greatest weakness of their life… You see John, this, this belief of the lie, or whatever it is, inertia, ah lying, fear, that, because His power is greatest in our weakness, whatever is your greatest weakness will be the greatest work and power of God in your life. So your strength is going to be the goodness of God.
(J) Hmmm.
(M) Your eyes are going to be open to see His goodness like few. You are going to comprehend His goodness because He is going to so, I’ll say it this way, humiliate the enemy by producing in you in the very place of your ‘Achilles heel’ an enormous revelation of the goodness of God. And within five years, within two years, you will, you will write about it.
(J) Are you prophesying?
(M) We’ll see. But I so, I have so experienced that. In the greatest weakness of my life, those areas of my ‘Achilles heel’ are where God has established Himself in glory, in victory, and strength. And so your strength is going to be the goodness of God. And your defense of Him will be a powerful testimony and vision of His goodness. The one who fears will have faith. You will know the character of God, John.
(J) Hmmm.
(M) Just give Him the weakness, whatever it is. As with Paul, one of Paul’s weaknesses was his intellect. He gave it to God and what did he become, the most brilliant theologian of all time.
(J) Umhum, umhum.
(M) Able to express truths, as Peter wrote, hard to understand, difficult to know. So it’s exciting that when you can find the weakness and you can bring it to the Light. That’s, that’s why Satan attacks it. He attacked in you from generations ago, the goodness and character of God. And though it was in your genes, while I have many times doubted His goodness, I’ve never had the battle that you, that you have, because that was not in my generations. But you are ‘the Joseph’ to transform that, and to redeem the character of God. So it’s terribly exciting when I get on that ground to know that this horrendous battle of yours for forty years that you’ve just described is a battle against the attack of Satan to cause you to believe something. And it is universal, yes, but it is particular with you. It’s a particular attack with you. It’s an ongoing, relentless, cruel, mean, vicious, debilitating attack. Yes, it is a disease in all of us, but you have seen it, you have seen that disease more clearly than I have or anyone I know, or anyone I’ve ever read. You comprehend this booklet on the goodness of God far greater than I do. So you are going to bear… The torch has been passed to you, and you are going to carry a flame to this generation and the next, about the goodness of God. To a generation that, that you represent and come from. You are the proto-type of your generation, a kid in the seventies. And you are going to speak this in some form, and it’s going to be a blazing message because it has been the relentless attack of Satan. And you’re not just fighting a battle with your walk with God. You’re fighting a … you are fighting a significant stronghold of your generation.
(J) Well I, I, I, I’m ‘bu, bu, bu’…. I know that those around me that I talk with struggle with this.
(M) Yeah, so He has given you an assignment of  this, it’s not just a disease for you’re going to be the ‘doctor’ with the ‘medicine’ that you can hand out and people will take it will be cured of the disease. Your battle will be enormously fruitful John, because so many just give up and go and become Pharisees, and you won’t do that. You will not settle for anything but this glorious One you dreamed about. You have fought valiantly. I have watched you fight for fifteen years. You have fought valiantly against this tirade and this stronghold that you were born into. So it’s going to be, it’s going to be a fight for many, many other souls, because you have a message I really don’t have. I have the solution, but you have ‘the war’. And you’re going to be the champ, the champion, the warrior that kills this devil for many, many people. And I can see it. It will be worth the suffering. It will be worth the battle.
(J) (With deep emotion and tears John responds) Well I thank you for having a message that you birthed back in the eighties that would be used of the Father to help me come out of “The Great Lie”. And I thank you for giving that message and allowing it to be put in booklet form, so it can stand as an annulment to the covenant of death to the masses. And I praise the Father that He’s willing to use you, and use your voice to set people free. Thank you.

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