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Episode #208 – The Problem Of Fear

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The Problem Of Fear
Episode #208

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guest: Carole Nelson

(M) Well, I’ve called another early morning meeting today with John and Carole, because I’m really seeing something about the days we live in. Everything that’s going on in the world today is frightening. Everything that’s going on undermines any security we thought we had. I just happened across some information about gold, and it said, you know, buy gold. And I went, that is so laughable, because I can’t. I can’t buy gold. So I’m, dear Lord, I am thrust upon You. But I want to deal this morning… I want to talk about the huge problem of fear. And I’ve often said, the opposite of faith is not unbelief, it’s fear. And I see this morning, I see it new, clearer, and more universal than ever, because faith is from who you worship. Faith is from who you focus on. So the opposite of faith… Faith is in a person, so the opposite of that is faith in another being, Satan, so it’s fear. And I see how if Satan can evoke fear, he has us. And so our battle with ourselves, and with the truth, for the truth and against the lies, is a battle of our own fear. John and I were on a Marta train on Saturday night, recently, coming in from a trip, and it was late, and it was very menacing. There were obvious thugs on there. There was one woman being horribly harassed. And I did understand the evil that was present. I didn’t really catch on to some of it. But I came away… The next day I had an encounter with the Lord where He showed me that we believers are to be ruling and reigning. In the conference I kept quoting that scripture in Romans 5:17, I think it is. “Those who receive the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness, shall reign in life as kings by one Christ Jesus.” Now the ‘as kings’ I believe is in the amplified, but if you’re reigning, you’re reigning as a king.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And that is our mandate of these end times. But the obstacle is going to be fear. And so, where we walk, I believe we are supposed to bring in the reign, not of me, of you, or, or anything, but to bring in the reign of Christ against the attempts of Satan to rule. Ok, but that’s, that’s today. But what’s been happening since then is there’ve been a number of things going on personally in our midst. And there’s one person that I work with, and she’s been mentally tormented. She’s come through on a lot of ground, but mentally tormented. And I have sought the Lord for what, what is it that needs to be dealt with?  And this morning He showed me the root is fear. That in her childhood her mother instilled in her the fear of failure, the fear of her mother’s disapproval, the fear of not being good, the fear of being rejected, the fear of not pleasing God. And I know that, how easy it is for parents to instill fear in children, to control them, to get them corralled. (Martha laughs) So I think that, I really think that religious people are people who are in a stark raving fear, and are compensating for it by being religious, and hiding it from themselves.
(J) Hmm.
(M) So fear is; fear cannot be the motivator of what we do, and it is. If we have a deep root of fear… And so I could say to this person, going to use her as an illustration; I could say to her ok, the root of all this confusion, all of this mental gyrations, all of this ah, effort, striving, and this endless… oh I don’t know, it’s complication.
(J) Hmhmm, hmhmm.
(M) Her mind goes into complication…
(J) Confusion.
(M) Confusion, and complication, and she comes up with a solution that is not the solution. And it’s just tragic what she goes through. And I have really brought, the Lord has brought her to a certain level of freedom. But this in her mind is still there. So I realized the root of it is her childhood fear. And that it, that that fear… I saw that fear is the worship of Satan, because it’s believing him. And so I wrote to her and said ok, the root of it is fear. Renounce the fear, tare down the stronghold of fear which you built to protect yourself and to live, and confess it as sin. Confess your whole life fear as sin, and put it under the blood. And I think she was very ecstatic that it’s that simple. But it is. This complex, convoluted series of ideas that we have when we’re afraid, that Satan gives us, you’re afraid of everything, the shadow, the fly, the…You’re afraid of everything, because the one root is fear.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And, and really, if you’re in that kind of fear, you do not fear God. And this is what I wrote to her, “This morning I’m seeing the root of your problem.” She’s trying to forgive her Mother, but the root of forgiving her Mother is to see how her Mother deliberately made her afraid. And she’s trying to see her Mothers sin; well that’s her Mother’s sin. Her Mother gave her this torment, and then she took it on as her faith. So fear is the worship of Satan. When you live in conscious and unconscious fear, your mind is taken by the enemy. Renounce the sin of fear and the sin of the worship of Satan. The blood… She had said, “The blood alone gives me access to God”, and I said, “You’re right.” But the, the blood is to cover fear.
(J) Hmm, hmm.
(M) So I said your little tiny faith is because of great big fear. (John laughs) Fear destroys faith. The thing I began to see, and this is true for John and Carole and all of us, all of us little children. (Martha laughs) There have been a stream of people in my life, up until recently, who wanted to make me afraid. I even got an e-mail from a stranger recently that was meant to evoke in me the fear that I was wrong. And God took it to great victory. But the intent of that e-mail was to make me afraid. And you have to learn this system of fear so that you can spot it, renounce it, and let God solve it. I took that e-mail to the Lord, as I think it was Hezekiah took a letter from the enemy to the Lord. I took that e-mail to the Lord and said You answer it. And He did by increasing my faith in Him. It was a wonderful experience. So that little illustration, which I didn’t intend to go into, shows that this stream of people to intimidate us, and make us afraid, is meant to drive us to the Lord so that He can give us faith in that.
(J) And that redeems the whole thing.
(M) It redeems all of it as being sovereignly orchestrated to solve ‘me’. And I feel like in my life the Lord has deliberately evoked fear in me, that I was willing to live with, willing to cope with, and manage. He was not willing for me to have any fear, anymore than He did the disciples in the boat in the storm.
(J) Well, I’m just seeing the fact that, isn’t that a trap of Satan to trap you in a corner? You have fear that God would not be pleased with you, so you’re in fear. And then you stay in the fear, and then because you’re afraid you’re prevented from seeing the Lord, and you’re resisting the Lord in your fear. So fear’s got you there, and fear keeps you there, and fear about the fear is keeping you even further there. And it just keeps on going round and round and round, and you’re backed into this corner.
(M) Well, Carole’s nodding her head very vigorously. (Martha laughs)
(Carole) Well, I don’t want to jump ahead because… I just remember when the Lord exposed huge fear in me. And the call was to get rid of the fear, but I couldn’t get rid of the fear because….
(J) Of fear.
(Carole) Of fear. (John laughs) It was absolutely tormenting. And I lay… And I remember laying on the floor and saying, well, I can’t help it. I am here, I am seeing, I am feeling, I am experiencing the horrible fear that You, God, will reject me because I can’t get rid of this.
(J) Hmhmm. There you go, yeah.
(Carole) And so here I am, stuck in this place, and I said I can’t, I can’t do anything about it. But somehow the Holy Spirit spoke to me, somehow He got through to say, “Praise Me for where you are.”
(J) Hmmm.
(M) Really..?
(Carole) And when I began to say ok Lord, I praise You, I praise You, the torment began to be alleviated.
(M) No. Wow. I don’t remember that story. Wow, come on.
(Carole) I didn’t sing. I mean I wasn’t singing, I was writhing on the floor. But out of just sheer… I didn’t have, I didn’t know anything else to do, and so I responded to that. Lord, I pray I’m telling the truth. (Carole laughs) But that is, that is my memory of that. It was, it was out of my control. There was nothing I could do about what I was experiencing; it was tormenting fear.
(J) And that reminds me of when you, basically, you got on your knees and said, thank You. He said thank Me for where you’re at. And you said, ok, well I thank you. And I don’t remember where you were, but it wasn’t a pleasant place, and you were like ‘thank You for being in this awful place.’
(M) Yeah I do. I was…I t was when He healed me of my Mother’s death, and all the suffering, I said yeah right, ok, I thank You for being in this awful place, and being so ah, broken and, and wounded, yes I thank You. I was a little defiant, and yet, pow, He moved.
(Carole) That’s it.
(J) Is it because that, that is the connection between faith?
(Carole) That’s because He promised in Heb.2:12 that He would inhabit the praises of His people. Well in Heb. 2:12 it says, He says, “For He says I will declare Your, the Father’s Name to my brethren in the midst of the worshipping congregation I will sing hymns of praise to You.”
(M) And the praise says, You’re God over my fear. So when you’re afraid you don’t praise, because really you turn against God, when you’re afraid.
(J) Hmhmm, hmhmm.
(M) And so when you praise, you break in, break forth into… and then He comes in, in that  praise. Whoa!
(J) Because it’s enacting faith, which He is pleased with. I mean that’s the only thing, I mean, what’s it say? What’s that one scripture? Heb. 11, what?
(Carole) Six.
(J) Can you read that?
(Carole) Hmhmm.
(M) Ummm, wow.  Well, it starts with Enoch in Heb.11:5; your mentor is Enoch. He was taken; He was commended as having pleased God.
(J) And it is impossible to please God without faith. And when you praise, you enter a realm of faith. You’ve just gone into the heavens.
(M) I just saw something so powerful, that here’s the secret to the rapture. That’s what He’s working in His Bride, now, in us, and in people beyond us, He is working to evoke the fear so that He will resolve it with faith. And He’s going to do it, the way into it, we’ve stumbled on it right here. The way into it is to praise Him then. Oh my goodness. So if you don’t have faith and you have fear, you can will to praise Him. That’s what I did. I willed to obey Him.
(Carole) You chose.
(M)  I chose, and it was enough, and He came in powerfully in that room.
(Carole) It wasn’t performance.  I could not perform. I could not perform not being afraid. I was in torment. That was my performance, blah blah blah, I was performing fear. But somehow the praise invited Christ in, and He, it says…
(J) His pleasure over your praise, you said I will praise You, and without faith, ok, that was faith. You said ok, I’m choosing faith. Faith is what’s not seen. Ok, so there’s where you were, in something that wasn’t seen. And because you were willing to go there in that place, your fear of being displeasing to the Lord was eradicated because when you’re in faith, you are pleasing to the Lord.
(M) (Martha laughs) It’s so clear.

The Problem Of Fear – Episode #208 – Shulamite Podcast

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