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Episode #326 – The Oil And The Light

Oil lamps

The Oil And The Light
Episode #326

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Don and Carole Nelson

(M) The Lord said to me, “You give a crumb, and you don’t wait for people to be hungry for the loaf.”
(J) Hm, hmm.
(M) And He did.  He did that over and over again.  He made people hungry. You’re not hungry enough for the riches I want to give you.  You’ve got to be hungrier. And in chapter four of Zechariah, someone gave me this scripture for the conference, and I really believed it.  It quickened to my spirit.  There are seven lamps, a bowl in the middle, and two olive trees on either side. And the vision was of the olive trees pouring oil into the bowl, and the bowl feeding the lamps so that there could be light, continuous light. Carole’s song is; say it Carole.
(Carole) “I have a light, and it always shines; it shines in the day and it shines in the night. When the dark days come and things are not right, I will be shinning because I have a light.”
(M) And so I just, I saw so clearly that our job is to be a light. He calls us to be a light. He does never call us to give oil.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) To give our relationship away, never will you find that. He says, “You’re the light of the world. Let your light so shine. You’re a city set on a hill. Don’t put your light under a bushel.” He’s always asking us to be the light. And that’s only if you have a relationship where the Holy Sprit is pouring. And I felt like in the conference that more than maybe any other conference I had a ceaseless flow of the oil of the Holy Spirit.
(Don) Amen. Yeah.
(Carole) The light is the invitation to Him. The light is the invitation to the relationship and to the oil. The light that he wants to shine through us is “Come unto me all ye that labor and are heavy laden and I will give you rest.”
(J) But if you give away your oil, then you have no light and you cannot shine a way, and you get lost yourself.
(M) And you lose your own place.  That’s what’s so dangerous. And, and see, I think somewhere where I’ve taught about the ten virgins, it’s a matter of how much… It’s not whether they… who wasn’t pure. All of them were equally pure.  All of them were products of grace.  All of them were completely called. All of them were the same.  There was only one difference.  Five had plenty of oil, extra, and the other five didn’t even have enough for the wait. So there are so many things, especially the return of the Lord, that require you to wait, and if you can wait in fullness, then you’re still operating in relationship, no matter what the circumstances. So basically it’s all about responsibility. I laugh with one of my sons.  I’m talking with him at length these days, and every other sentence is; I said,  “Here I go again, it’s responsibility.” And the whole of life is personal responsibility. And you have to do it for yourself, but we want somebody else to do it. And I think I’ve said this recently, but when I first started discipeling, I realized that people thought discipling was I would solve their life and do all the work for them. And to some degree I still do that. I can do that very easily. I’m learning on the other hand when the Holy Spirit has control He will not let you give your oil away. He will not allow you to, even when there’s a demand, when there’s a voracious need, when there’s a crisis, when there is every seeming need to give it away. When He has control, as He is supposed to have, it’s not possible to give it.  You are restrained and you can’t do it.
(J) You were talking about the addictive personality, because you say the addict can’t wait.  That’s the problem with the addict. And then also the addict wants to throw the responsibility and the work onto someone else. And so you’re basically just talking about addicts.
(M) Well, John, who’s an addict?
(J) All of us.
(M) Yeah ok, there you go. (Martha laughs.) We have to learn how wonderful responsibility is. It’s your, your adventure is your responsibility. And I’m, I’ll probably be learning it all my life, but to call a person to responsibility…  In discipling I would say, you think my job is to do it for you, no, I’m your coach, but I’m not your babysitter. And I’m your coach to tell you, ok, you can do it, and this is how. But that’s giving light. And that’s really the only purpose of any teaching is to convey light, to create a revelation from your own revelation, from your own oil. But we are entitled to a ceaseless supply, unending flow of the Holy Spirit into our lives, and then we are the rushing river that gives the water. And so we’re to give water and light. And Jesus said if you drink of Me, you will be a source of living water. And that flows ceaselessly too. So… And so Don’s got terrific insight, because he’s been there.  He’s been in the army and he’s been in the rigors of the training program and he knows what that means. And so we’re, we’ve been discussing this and we wanted Don to share some of the things he’s, he understands about the rigors of training and refusing to train. And so, he’s gonna teach me how to, how not to interfere with a person’s training.
(Don) I’m not gonna teach you anything Martha.
(M) Oh yes you are, yes you did.
(Carole) And he would never say this, and you don’t have to put this on there at all. But he won an award for the, for he was the top, he was the top ah…
(Don) Don’t put that on there.
(M) I want…
(Carole) I want, I want, ok you don’t have to put it on there, but it was a big, it was a big deal. He was the top recruit.  I don’t know whether it’s recruit, the top one that went through the basic training.
(Don) Of all the people.
(Carole) Of all the people.
(M) Tell us.
(Don) They select one guy out of everybody who goes through the training, but you have to have done all the physical, the mental, the, everything that they take you through, and they pick one guy out.
(M) He’s the outstanding?
(Carole)  He was the outstanding.
(Don) He’s the outstanding trainee. And some general gave me a medal, and they gave me, yeah. So…
(M) You’ve never told me that. You’ve never told me that in all these years, but that makes you an expert on being trained.
(Carole) That’s right.
(M) That’s valid, that is an achievement that made you understand the principles of being trained. So… I’m glad to…
(Don) And how important it is.  That’s why I cherish you so.
(M) Hmmm. You make me feel better about my training. (Martha laughs.)
(Don) Well, it did, because I’m an expert. (Martha laughs.)
(M) I have to take it then, don’t I?
(Don) You have to take it. You have blessed me with all you have shown me over these many years. You’re the best trainer I know. And those that can’t embrace you, they miss the best. Why’d you do that, Carole?
(M) Because she was supposed to.
(Carole) Because you know what you’re talking about.  I mean, our light comes out of our… our light comes from our life training. And you have that life. You have achieved in life training, and there are many parallels between your life and Martha’s life that God uses. God has set it up, and He’s called it to be that way. And where you have to walk out into the world, and, and deal with, get into the conflict, the spiritual conflict of dealing with this world and not being of it, which is a training. Martha has given you the tools, and has from the very beginning, to deal with that, to deal with the conflict that every one of us has, to not be of this world, but to be of the Kingdom and from the Kingdom and to the Kingdom. So yeah, I think that’s legitimate.
(Don) Thanks “Shug.” I love you.
(Carole) I wonder if we all don’t go through, I know I have, a separation anxiety when we are sent out from our training into the world, to whatever post, wherever it is. Ah, there is a sense of more safety I would think; you know better than I do, to be in your, with your, your fellow trainee’s and your sergeant and all, you know to be trained, but then you’re sent out to stand on that training, stand on that platform of that training. There is a sense of separation anxiety is there not? It’s part of the training.
(M) Yes. To be alone in what you know. And Don spends more time in that being alone than any of us.  We kind of have each other. But I’ve always felt and believed, and I’m sure the Lord gave it to me, that to disciple someone is not to disciple them to depend on you, but to disciple them to be able to stand alone by training.
(Don) Amen.
(M) And ah…
(Carole) And so that we will have the oil that will keep us when we’re alone.
(M) Hmhmm. Training you how to get the oil, how to surrender to the Sprit and let the Spirit be your source and your guide and your ‘everything’. So, you two are exceptional recruits for the Lord because you will be trained. And I can tell you over the years many people have passed through my life. And there’s only one factor in all of them, the factor between washing out, or going on, and growing and developing and becoming magnificent in the Lord, the one factor is whether you will take responsibility for yourself, and for who you are. And ah, it’s a painful thing to do that.
(Don) Very.
(J) You’ve discipled me to fall in love with the responsibility, because I have seen that responsibility is Him.  He is responsibility. And He has led me through life and called me to pick up things, but what I’m picking up, and being picked up, is Him. I don’t understand how it is.  I can just say, it is. But I’ve fallen in love with the responsibility because He’s revealed in it.  But I just think it’s Him. I think some; you may be able to….
(M) Well it’s another way, responsibility is another way to say the will of God. And in the will of God, there is God, and apart from the will of God, there’s no God.
(J) There you go.
(M) So…

The Oil And The Light – Episode #326 – Shulamite Podcast

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