Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #16 – The King’s Reign

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(J) And now for our special presentation a look back and wrapping up of our tour from Israel

(J) Well, Martha, I’d like to do a kind of debriefing this morning.  We’re now just fresh back.  We’ve both just been able to come off the plane and eat and have a good night’s sleep from our trip from Israel.  There’s so much that is in the taping and it’s really kind of done a different way.  It’s really kind of unusual.  You read my message, what the Lord was giving me when I came in and was telling you what He was saying.  But I felt I needed to say it, but you know something?  There was never a time when what I was feeling needed to be said, was given.  And so we thought at one point it was going to be at the Garden Tomb and then we were rained out of the Garden Tomb.  So, I was saying, “ok, God.  There’s something You know You’re trying to do.”  And I was saying I’m willing just to let it go.  But I’m feeling this morning.  I woke up and I’m really feeling this morning that it’s real important.  And the message is kind of just still bubbling up in me.  This message is so far beyond me, and this message is so beyond my life that I’m seeing it and I’m… you’ll hear the message that it is in place, and is active currently.  It always has been.  It’s just my, so to speak, scene of this revelation.  So I wanted to kind of go through with you how it was developed and bring it out.  When we first got here to this hotel preparing for our trip, we met Julie, our precious friend, who’s now from Mexico.  And I looked over at her, and she’s just freshly gone off to Mexico, and I asked her the question, “How do you feel about bringing the government of God into that situation?”  I see that because Julie has come underneath the authority that God has put in her life, that the dealings in Julie’s own personal heart mean absolutely, really nothing.  Her own struggles back and forth with the different situations under that government to repent for this or stand for this or surrender to this, that that really doesn’t matter because once you’re submitted underneath the government of God, the government of God literally, so to speak, radiates from you and establishes that government everywhere around you.  And I don’t understand that.  But I know that it’s true.  I’m not talking about those that are in rebellion.  I’m not talking about those who are resistant, though I don’t think the government of God is affected by those that are.
(M) Ok, John, when you say the government of God, what do you mean as opposed to the government of Mexico or the government….  What do you mean by the government of God?
(J) I’m saying…  What I’m saying is His Lordship.  It’s the Lordship, the transcendent Lordship that goes above every Mussolini, every Hitler, every Clinton, every Bush, every, all of them…Ahmadinejad.  It goes over them.  The government of God that I’m talking about is the Lordship of God, His ownership over this earth.  And He allows certain things… Ahmadinejad, blah, blah, blah…  He says specifically He places men in governments.  And so I have to believe that He does, because that’s what He says.
(M) But what government aside from that has Julie come under?
(J) I believe that she’s come underneath the government and the ownership of God in her own personal life.
(M) Her walk.  Yeah.
(J) So she has made a surrender, a big work.  It’s a huge work that she’s gone underneath the government, the umbrella of God.  In there is provision, protection…
(M) It reminds me of Psalm 91, that when you come into the shelter and under the wings–you’re calling it an umbrella, the same thing–the wings.  Then you are promised the safety that you’re talking about.  It reminds me of that.  The government over the nations goes down to the individual, doesn’t it?
(J) Yeah.  I believe so.  And I believe that the individual who is under that government, under the government of God…  Your life will prove it out if you’re under that government.  A lot of people would say, “I’m under the government of God.  I’m submitted.  I’m surrendered.”  They could say that of themselves, but I believe that your life proves it out.  But this is what I’m seeing.  I’m seeing that even those… Ok, I don’t know why this morning this is the way it came up but…  Joseph’s brothers, who had wrong attitude, hearts toward Joseph.  They still were under the government of God.  They were the government of God to Joseph because they pushed Joseph into the situation where Joseph was under the government of God.  It doesn’t mean that everything’s good.  It means that God is God.  He is I AM.  So,  even if you’re resistant to and not surrendering to, you may still be establishing the government of God in your rebellion. He’s that sovereign.  And that’s a hard one.  It’s a hard one to swallow, but what I’m seeing is that Julie going into Mexico into this situation to this, they’ve got a medical mission down there.  The situation down there that because we know that she is submitted and surrendered underneath that government, there’s fruits all over her life right now.  And there’s evidence of the surrendering to His Lordship and His ownership and His supremacy over her life.  She is now…  Yeah, but it’s greater than an instrument.  She is the true ambassador of the Kingdom.  She literally carries the government.  I don’t know.  There’s an electrical term and I don’t understand.  It’s like a conduit.  Yeah.  You can see it as a  spring under the water and where the water pops up and fills up the land at that place.  Ok.  Like an aquifer…  There’s an aquifer and it’s completely underneath the ground, but where it springs up and it fills up that place with that… I just see that Julie has because she’s come up under the government.  She literally carries the government of God and she affects those around her with the government of God.
(M) Ok.  The government of God is hidden.  Are you saying that Julie makes it visible?
(J) She makes it visible, but the people around her may not know what’s happening.  I mean, Martha, this is way above me.  This is way above my head.  This is way above my…this is way above me.  And I’m just saying that I’m seeing that she is like the Lord is sticking a standard in the ground and saying, “My Lordship Here.”  Chaos and mayhem could happen around her and rebellion of the saints can happen around her and people…whatever.  But that standard is there.  And all are going to have to bow to that standard.  It doesn’t matter really, because He’ll take you out or He’ll work something in your life that you do bow to that standard.  But the government of God is huge…big, big, big.  And so then I sat and I stared at that and we started the trip, and I really didn’t have a whole lot.  And then one morning in the hotel room He said, “God’s power, His supremacy nor His sovereignty is thwarted by our human weakness.  And I looked at Julie again and I said ok.  She may be wrestling and struggling with a particular situation there, but God’s government, supremacy and sovereignty is not thwarted by her own personal working out of her salvation.  When you’re in the government of God, when you have surrendered to the authorities and the government of God, His ownership in your life, at that point, day by day we each struggle with our own struggles.  We each have to work out our salvation and that takes several situations.  But at that point, ok, that’s how I saw it then.  Her individual struggles, or your individual struggles, or my individual struggles with my flesh with saying no to myself, with bowing and surrendering to life situations that God brings through…  Receiving what God brings, whether it be blessing or correction or whatever.  That’s inconsequential to the government of God.  See, this is so….  I believe with all my heart that most people believe that if their struggling with some human weakness or they’re, and I’m not saying blatancy.  I’m not saying rebellion.  If they’re struggling with their own salvation, the walking out of their own salvation and they’re moment by moment cross, daily dying, that has nothing to do with the government of God.  The government of God is something that is established in you, but then that affects the entire world around you.  But the individual struggle with that other stuff is just to maintain your relationship with the Father.  Do you see what I’m saying?
(M) It reminds me of Isaiah 9, that the government will be on His shoulders and that of the increase of that government there shall be no end.  And so one person bringing in the government increases the government, almost unconsciously.  Is that what you’re saying?
(J) That’s utterly what I’m saying.  But in our minds if I’m struggling with jealousy or I’m struggling with a wrong attitude towards a co-worker or whatever, ok.  That doesn’t affect the government of God.  It doesn’t affect His supremacy.  It doesn’t affect His sovereignty.  See, I limit God.  If I bind it in the walls of my personal own…
(M) Feelings..
(J) Emotions, any of it.  If it has to do with me, then He’s not a God.  Yeah. And then the next thing I got when I brought that to you, the government, God’s government is period.  IS.  IS!..exclamation point!  And is not affected by us.  Those who have a relationship with God and are working out our salvation.  So, that’s what I was saying.  See, I know several people with us that believe that ….  See it’s unbelief.  Now the unbelief I believe can affect somehow…the manifestation and the manifesting of the government of God.  Because, see, if you’re believing in your little brain box and believe that that’s as far as it goes.  How limiting is that to God?  That is so awfully limiting to God.  God can go so far outside of my little personal box.  If the government of God could be affected by human frailty, then Abraham would have been in trouble.  Moses would have been in trouble.  David would have been in trouble.  Paul would have been in trouble.  Joseph would have been in trouble.  And God would have been in trouble.  But He doesn’t lock it into our own framework, into our clay vessel.  And it’s a faith that we have.  Our faith is that we can affect God and His will.  And I just say what a complete farce of a God it would be if He was susceptible to that.  If the government of God could be thwarted by the frailty that we’ve been kind of locked into.
(M) John, don’t you think even our struggles and our difficulties and our failures are the government of God proceeding forth in our hearts?
(J) I do.
(M) So, even in our struggles…  Some people don’t struggle against the government of God.  I’m just trying to say even in my times of resisting Him, He has increased, because that resistance is at least life struggling against His will.  And He likes that.  If we don’t struggle like Jesus did in Gethsemane, we don’t come under the will, Lordship and government of Christ.  So, to me, the struggle is the increase of His government on my life.  It has been so with every person I know who follows Him.  Through the years I’ve known many people who’ve had no struggle, because they were not under the Lordship.  You’re speaking of people who want to follow God.
(J) We see in the land, I mean you go through, you know, countless hours of watching occupation of that land.  And you see governments on top of governments.  They’ll dig down on a hillside and they’ll show you twenty-four governments that have occupied that land and how they build up on top of one another and it’s almost funny.  All to occupy this little land.  And I just saw that the government of God is not occupation of the land.  His government is occupation of us, one by one.  That, to me, is ….  He occupies me.  He occupies me.  Now does He occupy all of America?  No, His goal is to occupy me.  His goal is to occupy you.  He wants to occupy us one by one, because I affect the world around me.  Human weakness, whatever, frailty, strugglings is not affected.  Like you said, Isaiah 9.  It’s the increase of His government.  His government is increasing and moving and affecting the world around me.  When I think of this, I think of several people that are around us that have a belief system that believes that they can affect and they can stop it.  And there’s a fear.  Do you know what I mean?  There’s a fear in them, because they have faith in their ability to stop or hold back the government of God.  And we don’t have that ability.  And because I feel good one day and don’t feel good another day doesn’t affect the government of God.  And because I’m resistant to some earthly authority and I’m having a struggle with it and I’m pitching a fit, it doesn’t mean that the government of God is still not going forth out from me.  He is establishing His government now.  And He is establishing it in me and in you and in His people one by one.  He is an occupier, but He’s not occupying a land.  He’s occupying a people.  That supercedes all boundaries, all governments, all earthly governmental lines that go into Iraq and Iran, that go into Canada and Mexico and the US and Europe.  He’s not thwarted by that.

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