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Episode #205 – The Healing Touch

Healing touch

The Healing Touch
Episode #205

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) Well this has been an early morning wake up call, John; I’m ready to do the podcast. So as ‘Johnny-on-the-spot’, here you are with your mic. It’s time for me to talk about something.  I talked about my illness in the last three conferences, and in this one too.  Then afterwards I’d always say, “Oh, why’d you have to talk about that?” I’m glad I did now, because just as God promised; He promised me that if I would do this last conference that He would heal me, and He has.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) So completely that I am just astonished. And I want to tell you when it took place, if there’s a way to figure out the moment. Sunday morning I was to speak on “The Living Word”; and God had so shown me the power of the word of God through seed in creation. And I remember that when I first told you about it we were driving to dinner, and you couldn’t get out of the car, you were so stunned by the power of it. You just sat there, you wouldn’t move. (John laughs in acknowledgement.) And that morning when I spoke about it, I experienced an enormous power and energy. I didn’t hear it on the tape when I went to edit it.  I didn’t hear that, I didn’t hear what I felt. Maybe it will come forth. But Sunday morning it was like I was shot out of a cannon. And I didn’t say much about it, but went for some medical tests that were completely clear, had nothing to do with how I felt really. But I’ve waited for several weeks to see, and it was an over-night transformation. So we were traveling with Don and Carole and their family, and in the car I’d say, “Can I talk about my healing one more time?” (Martha and John laugh) Finally Don said, “You can talk about it as many times as you need to.”
(J) Absolutely.
(M) And I would say, you took care of me, all of you were there. You saw me at different stages, but you have no idea, only God can know how sick I was, and how much I suffered; not so much from pain, at times I did, but how completely debilitated I was. It’s not like He did it slowly, He did it radically, and I had energy for life and travel and a number of things. And you know, John, I can see that I know how to be rigid in this walk. And there are places where the Spirit is rigid. But I would take something like a command, and be very rigid with myself about it. Like pray, oh I’ve got to pray, do I pray, I want to pray, I must pray, that kind of obligation on me as a law. And I think what He’s showing me in all of this is, in this healing, in this whole experience, that the Lord is like a river, the river’s of living water are supposed to be coming out of us. And a river is something you get in and float, and let it carry you.
(J) Umhmm.
(M) You go where the river takes you, you relax. And the Spirit is like the wind, you give yourself to the wind, you yield, you don’t grab and do it.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) Even surrender I have made rigid and a work. But the word ‘let’ that He brought to me a couple of years ago, has just been a word that has produced seed upon seed, and continues to be so alive. And it’s part of the whole process of my illness was being forced to ‘let’ God take care of me, to ‘let’ God have my body and my spirit and to ‘let’ Him sustain me, ‘let’ Him keep me. And even during this last conference in September, I was still very sick, and I didn’t feel I was well prepared, I didn’t feel… at one point my voice was so awful, I don’t know how you doctored it on the tape, but it doesn’t sound that bad. But it would have been hard to listen to, so painful to hear.
(J) Well if you listen to the first message and you hear the progression, there’s a definite turning point where your voice changes. Yeah, I did doctor it and took out a lot of that, which I’m able to do with the sound equipment that we use, and with the editing equipment. But if you’re aware of you, and you listen, there’s a marked difference, and it makes a turn, and it actually started turning Saturday night.
(M) Really?
(J) Umhmm. And then Sunday morning you came and it was totally different.
(M) Is that right, you could see it?
(J) Uhuh.
(M) You could hear it, wow. So I would tell Don and Carole, ok, I’m so overwhelmed and so amazed, and so exuberant, and that’s when I got the revelation about resurrection life that I did on the tape of the month for November, because I realized that I had been resurrected, not just healed. And I think every healing is a form of resurrection life coming in. And I feel like that I’ve got an energy that I didn’t even have when I was well. I have a zeal and vitality for this life in the Lord that I didn’t even have before I was ill. So it’s really amazing. But, I want to…. I’ve often thought about, you know, we’re fond of saying we are healed by His stripes, He doesn’t want you sick, that’s rigid.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) I’ve always thought about the man who was crippled for 38 years, or, and had to wait all that time. The man who was blind from birth, and he was a grown man when he was healed. The woman bent with the issue of blood 18 years, and had spent everything on doctors, and then she was healed.
(J) But they didn’t have the faith, right? Isn’t that what it was? (Martha and John laugh)
(M) Ohhhhhh (Martha says that in a ‘sing-song” voice.) And it’s kind of like Job’s friends. I’m thankful you all were not Job’s friends to me, but you flowed in the river with the Spirit and let it come. We believed in my healing. And I’ve had two major illnesses, the first one was six years ago of a tumor, and it was healed overnight. And so I know healing, and I have seen healing. But this experience lasted probably fourteen, sixteen months. And the first part of it was a medical problem. And I remember believing what Nee says about sickness, that the body is the Lords, and He decides how it is treated in illness, He decides what’s done. He decides whether you go to the physician. One of the disciples was a physician. And He decides, He makes that call. So when I became ill in August, it was following a real revelation of the evil that’s coming, and that I went into a state of shock. I was in Daniel at the time, and I came to the place where Daniel sat bewildered and sick at the visions by the river. And I felt the Spirit tell me that was where I stood, and it was seven days. Well seven is the number of completion and perfection. It doesn’t mean seven days. We don’t know how long he was sick. And so, I lost that along the way, and when I finally went to the doctor in the beginning it was diagnosed as gallbladder, and they said take it out. So we were all set to stand for healing. And one morning in the prayer time, I went in the spirit to the cross in a very powerful experience. I’ve never told about it outside our group. But as I was coming back I totally lost the sense that you all were there. I was at the cross witnessing something, and as I came out of it the Lord said, “You will have surgery.” And so that settled it for me.  I had peace.  I had a wonderful Christian doctor and nurse and everything; wonderful easy, easy surgery and recovery, easy. My daughter took care of me.  My son, the doctor, was on the phone. So that went just great. But then I began to experience something that… a weakness that the Lord has now, even now diagnosed, doesn’t matter what it was, but He diagnosed it clearly now. And, but He’s also taken this whole experience and wrapped it in the most amazing purpose of God. And part of it is knowing the resurrection life is going to be our life in the days to come; a life that transcends, and has an energy that’s not normal.

The Healing Touch – Episode #205 – Shulamite Podcast

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