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Episode #233 – Receiving The Greatness Of God

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Receiving The Greatness Of God
Episode #233

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

Special guest: Carole Nelson

(M) I remember speaking in Ireland, and, to a group of ladies, and I said what God says in His Word is so fantastic.  What He has, His plan, what He has given, is so utterly like some fantasy that we go sliding right over it when we read it. And it’s so difficult.  Well, the adult cannot conceive of it. Even though we’re searching for it, we cannot conceive of it. Ok, and I told these ladies only a child can take it in, because only a child have the imagination to believe such fantastic things. Children believe in what’s too fantastic to be real. Now, I’m going to give you a verse that proves that. Colossians 2:9-10, “For in Him the whole fullness of deity, the Godhead, continues to dwell in bodily form, giving complete expression of the divine nature. And you are in Him, made full and having come to fullness of life in Christ.  You too,” here’s the fantastic, “You too are filled with the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and reach full spiritual stature.” Imagine!  When I finally saw that after forty years of reading it, (Martha chuckles). Ooooou, you are full of God and you’re coming into the fullness of the Godhead; that’s how much we are to believe we have already received. Actually, it’s always finding out what you’ve already got.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) And receiving it as real, and not theory, and not doctrine, and not something in the scriptures that you can’t even mentally access, much less spiritually, because it’s too far above us. And when you’re adult especially, you just read the scripture with delete buttons, not really thinking that you could possibly have that, or either presuming you do when you don’t.
(J) Or deleting the expanse of what it’s really saying, because you know we can lock it in our own box of understanding, but to have it blown out of our box, and to have the expanse of God in that scripture or any scripture.
(M) Hmhmm. Imagine.  You are filled, present tense, on going, with the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and reach full spiritual stature. Hmm. What would a people be who could receive what we’ve received? So. Chairs creaking.
(J) Well, let’s turn our face to the Son, and receive Him in the day.
(M) Well, we turned off the recorder; we thought we were finished, and then John started telling us something, and so I said turn the recorder back on. So I’m going to ask him to give the same anointing of enthusiasm.
(J) Well, I was just on Hannah this morning, Samuel’s mother, and how she was mocked because of her barrenness. The priest, Eli, comes up to her and thinks she’s drunk because of her crying and weeping in the temple, in petition of the Lord to basically open her womb and give her a son. And she’s just grieving.  And I just see that we so often are so focused on our little, small vision, and the tube seeing of our life, that we don’t see the expanse. And she was just seeing the fact that, you know, she had a hope for, you know, a desire for something beyond her reality. But her tube reality, her tunnel vision, so to speak, was just her moment. And God wanted to say I want to go beyond that.  I see something so much further beyond. But I just know that we all are so involved with our tunnel vision, and our small reality, and the moment, that we often lose the fact that God is so much bigger than our moment, and has plans so exceeding our understanding and our vision and our momentary tunnel vision. And the paralytic, he was in the situation for what, thirty something years?  That was his focus and that was his reality, and God said I have something beyond your reality and your focus. And I’m just amazed at all of us, we all can become so near-sighted to God’s far-sightedness. (John laughs) You know?  It’s not that He doesn’t see our momentary situation in life, but He so exceeds it with His vision. And if we’ll allow Him to bring His light, and His vision into our moment, and realize that our moment is simply that. Our momentary affliction is light in comparison to the expanse of the glory of God that will be revealed in our life. And I hate it that I so often am so focused on a pain or a situation or a hardship. I’m so just drilled and committed to it.  It’s really… what it is, it’s a committed to it, because I believe it so much that it stands in the face through unbelief of God having any ability to going beyond my circumstance in the moment.
(M) Well, as you’re talking the thing I see is, what is the one maddening characteristic of a child?
(J) (John is laughing.) Well, it’s kind of…. (John laughs again.)
(M) Come on. You do know.
(J) I do know. (Martha is laughing.) Well, I like it. (Martha laughs.) But I don’t have a child screaming and yelling at me; but it’s their determinedness to, they are unrelenting.
(M) That’s it, you’re right.
(J) Yes, I know.
(M) (Martha laughs.) See Hannah, the adult just gives up in despair and is bitter with God.
(J) Well all the adults around her, Eli was an adult, with his ‘ickkiness’; and all those women who would scorn a woman who is barren; adults. But you know, she did have the desire to plead her case, which is wonderful.
(M) In agony.
(J) In agony, uhuh.
(M) And so, that characteristic…A child wants what he wants, when he wants, what he wants, what he wants, and will drive you crazy until you give in. And, (Martha laughs), and that’s the booklet I’m writing about right now, “The Secret To Answered Prayer”. Is that, that Jesus gave, to not give up, I’m telling you this to not give up in prayer, but to keep on. And we sometimes get adult and say, oh well, He’s not going to do it.
(J) Exactly.
(M) We give up on God, uhuh.
(J) And committed.
(M) But Hannah would not give up, so God gave her far more than she asked for. And the… oh well, it’s… so I see her as the example of what we’ve just been talking about.  She received her desire, and it was put there by God. And I believe, John, that God put those women there, and that Eli there, to push her, and to keep her going in her agony and desire.
(J) See, and that again is a broader spectrum of God’s vision, that He can use these negative things that we go, well God, You’re, You’re hurting us, and You’re, you know, You’re allowing these bad things, but He’s like going, but I have a grander plan.
(M) But He sends them.
(J) Right, exact, no I’m, no I’m, I get it, I get it, He does send them. But I mean He, He’s…
(M) He provokes us through, to want, He provokes us as a child, and keeps us going.
(J) Yeah. It’s wonderful though.
(Carole) Well, you know what I thought of was that you said,  you said this morning about, unless we’re healed for the purpose of God, we’re healed to serve the purpose, we live to serve the purpose of God. And Hannah wanted that child so much, and yet she turned him back for the purpose of God. And he became the judge.
(J) Prophet.
(Carole) Prophet, the prophet, was he a judge?
(M) Prophet of David.
(Carole) Prophet of David, yes, the prophet of David, and served the purpose of God, that was his life is that he served the purposes of God.
(M) Well, I think God allowed her to be provoked until she promised, if You’ll give me a son I’ll give him to You.
(J) Maybe that was the fire.
(M) That was the fire. He wanted to provoke her for the right motive.
(J) And, ok, then that goes to what you just said, and we all just said really, that I have no reason to heal you, I have no reason to give you a child, unless it is Mine, and bringing My glory, and bringing forth My purpose. So I have no reason to heal you of back injury, until the healing brings forth My Son, and brings forth My glory and My kingdom. What else, what else, you’re but a blade of grass, poof-poof gone, you’re out of here, nothing. But if you’ll bring in the kingdom, then you’ll have a purpose.
(Carole) And then He gave her more children.
(J) Did He really?
(Martha and Carole) Yes!
(J) Oh. She had more kids?
(Carole) Yes.
(M) So your own fulfillment comes, this is a whole another podcast. Actually this is going to be the Tape of the Month. If you will let Him have His purpose, He will see to it that you have everything of yours. He will, He will fulfill you on the other side of you fulfilling Him.
(J) But we, like the one talent servant, believe He’s greedy and hoarding and reaping where He didn’t sow. And we believe the worst of Him. And because we believe that, ah…
(M) Actually, what he didn’t do was receive the talent, and receive the mandate.
(J) He took it, but he didn’t receive it.
(M) Exactly. Thank you. Exactly. And so it was taken from him. We’ve seen that haven’t we.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) You will not multiply by receiving His gift. Simply receiving, multiplication is simply receiving.
(J) Because it is life, and life does beget life.
(M) Hmhmm. Naturally, it’s impelled, compelled to. The nature of life must beget life.

Receiving The Greatness Of God – Episode #233 – Shulamite Podcast

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