Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #95 – The First Booklet

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(J) Well, Martha, today we have the announcement of a special new bouncing baby. I actually sent one to someone who’s been with us for a long time, and I said it exactly like that; “I’d like to announce the arrival of a bouncing baby booklet.” And so, we are right now in the process of taking the transcriptions of the older messages that you did, and we are turning them into booklets. And I’m just… I’m blown away.  I’m sitting and staring at one right now, and they are outstanding. The inside looks awesome, the content is phenomenal, the covers are great, and we just released… This week we started shipping the first of the “Knowing God” series of booklets, the first being “The Great Lie”. And I wanted to talk about this booklet, and I wanted to just introduce people to it and introduce people to the entire concept of what we’re about to do with all of these. The “Knowing God” series of CD messages is six messages. And on the website I say, “The essentials of living booklets. Over the next months we will be releasing individual booklets from the essential teachings of Martha Kilpatrick. These booklets together actually comprise a number of series which follow a theme. The first of these sets, compiled of six booklets will be entitled “Knowing God”. Subsequently “The Loving God” and “Hearing God” series will follow.  As we receive specific ship dates for each of the individual booklets we will allow for preordering. We pray that they impact your life as much as they have ours.” Ok so, “The Great Lie” is the very first one. So let’s…  First of all let me say how all these messages came together in the series. There’s three particular series, “Loving God”, “Knowing God”, and “Hearing God” series. Those were when I came…. And I went through a literal basket of unmarked tapes and started listening to them. And I really just prayed that the Spirit would lead me in putting together series of messages that would have the same theme but that would reveal the essence of your teachings. The booklet at one point had this in the intro; we’ve changed the intro a little bit, but the intro used to have a little blurb about this process. So why don’t you read the original intro, we’ve edited it out, but why don’t you read the original intro.
(M) Well I think we should put it in at some point because it’s interesting. It reads this way, “When John Enslow first came on as director of Shulamite Ministries in 1995, he found a basket full of assorted cassette’s, some with dates and titles, often not, and
few with any significant indication of their origins or relationship to one another. Through the years, he undertook the arduous task of piecing together what constitutes some of Martha’s most foundational revelations. Initially these teachings, some dating back to the eighties, appeared on audio CD recordings bearing the same titles. And now after what seems a long held dream, and I might add much prayer, we are pleased to present these teachings transcribed and edited for your enjoyment and personal enrichment.” “The Great Lie”, I do remember where this one was done, I don’t remember the date, something like ’86. But I remember I did this for the staff only at Bruce Wilkerson’s Walk Through The Bible Institute in Atlanta. And I did about six or eight messages there for his staff at their lunchtime. And we had a wonderful time. Wonderful people worked for him at that time. So this is… this just takes my breath away, John, because it’s phenomenal. I love booklets of this size because you can tuck them in your bag and you can take them out on an airplane. You can give them away, they’re not expensive. And I think T.Austin Sparks has booklets like that and so does Watchman Nee, and I think they’re fabulous because they give you just enough to think about as you go, and by your bedside. So I’ve long loved booklet form of giving Gods insights. And I’m just grateful, because I really had little or nothing to do with this accomplishment. Julie did the transcribing and the editing and putting it into the form that looks like my writing, which is no small achievement. And John has done an enormous work to create the cover and find the printer. And Jennifer, who is working with us now, has done a lot of work on this. So while I have looked over it and made a few changes, it has all been accomplished quite apart from me and I am grateful. But the Lord seems to be that interested in these messages from twenty years ago really, some of them.
(J) Umhum. Well the amazing thing is, is that “The Great Lie”, they are in your style and format. Julie, when listening to the messages literally could see your style coming from your teachings, your audio teachings. And so, this first one is thirty-two pages and it’s a book of its own. I mean literally, this is a complete message. It could stand on its own quite easily. It’s just the size of its not as big, but it is a book in content wise. And I got a visual picture of the message and what God is doing this morning and last night about this booklet. I really see that in the fall Adam and Eve infected humanity with something that has plagued humanity. And what it made all of us was murderers; All of us, we all have become murderers because of an infection that is not only contagious but deadly. And it will kill without an antidote. Well, the Lord brought an antidote, we have the antidote; and the infection was from pride. It was an incredible pride to think that we could live independent of God and that we could choose to judge Him in a way that is so deadly and so awful. But there are people that have been in history that have been inoculated to this infection, and to this disease. And only the Lord can inoculate them. And I just see that this book is an infusion of the remedy, and infusion of the vaccine. And it’s a visual picture I have of this. I have a visual picture of many people infected by a disease, and that they kill; they kill many, many, many people with this disease. And they become raging with this disease. And it is about ‘the great lie’.
(M) So you’re saying that to think you can live independently of God if to become a monster, a murderer.
(J) Absolutely. That whole thought, that whole…
(M) Actually what you’re getting into John is the next book, “Cain and Able”.
(J) I’m a visual person and if I see something I can get it better than if I even hear or read something. If I see it it’s just for me, I’m visual that way. And so I see that man chose ‘the lie’. And throughout all history we have all been raging, we have all been murderers, we have all been insane with this infection that we’ve been infected with. And I believe the immunity is found within this booklet. Now this booklet just talks about the immunity that is there. Ok, it’s not about this booklet. This booklet just tells people what God has done, and what God has provided as an immunity and as a vaccine from this murderous rage; this murderous awful hatred, and this murderous awful thing that kills. And so we have an inoculation that the Father has provided, and there are those throughout history, and there are those through our time that will gain an immunity against this heinous disease. And it’s a lie about God. What this booklet does, it exposes the very core of our murderous rage. And it inoculates people against a contagious disease that will kill them and kill those around them; their families, their friends, their enemies, everyone around them. Let me read the back cover of this. “There is a lie out there in the universe, and in your heart, and mine. A lie… about God. It is an enormous lie, an on-going lie. And this lie is the basis of sin, this lie is about God. Healing comes when we refuse the lie and accept the life God has given us. Only then will we truly discover the life God has given us. God is not a man that He should lie. In this teaching Martha explores how the enemy works through life’s events to cause us to draw a conclusion about God: that He lies, that He is not good, and that He withholds what we need.” The great lie is in all of us, but there are those that have fought that lie and who believe God is good. And so I’m amazed at this booklet because of what it speaks. And I’m amazed at the message behind it. But more than that, I’m amazed that the Father has revealed in His Son what this message is talking about. It’s a defense of God. This message defends God. Not that He needs to be defended by us, but He chooses to use us to speak to one another. And this is what this does. And I don’t want the murderous rage. I don’t want the thing in my life that is a disease that will kill all around me, and really prevent me from entering into my destiny. And so, this booklet is timely, very, very timely. We have an economic crisis, that you have actually told about back in ’98,  and that many have been talking about, David Wikerson, you know. We have an economic crisis. I don’t know where it’s going. I don’t think we’re supposed to know. But we have to stand on what God says about Himself and the goodness of God. And so, I’d like to hear what you say about this, I’d like to hear you.
(M) Well John, you’ve kind of wrecked me with the magnitude that I don’t really see. Ah, this is, the message is sort of foundational for me. It’s ever new, but not a new concept to me. He is so good. And as you were talking about the monsters we are I was thinking how many monsters don’t appear that way, such as the Pharisees. And they had the disease full-blown in their elegant garb and in their position and in their worldly influence, but they got others to do the most brutal things to God, in the Name of God. And it’s such a picture. I was thinking of Pharisees as you were speaking, because they didn’t have to put their hands to the dirty deed, they got others to do it, legally, ethically. And it’s not just a crime that is the result of this.  You spoke of it as a disease that leads to death. To believe that God is not good is to live hating Him, and to hate Him is to die and to kill. But I could see the picture you were painting, and it’s quite impacting me. But I see this as a small booklet by an obscure people. And may God, if this is, if this is the remedy, if this is a fight against that hatred, then may God bless it. May He send it where He wills, and cause it to speak to hearts. There are people that have been with me thirty-five years that have been on the floor, convicted by this booklet, and they’ve known this message.  It’s just because somehow it’s fresh, even though it was revealed a long time ago, probably as much as twenty years ago.
(J) God’s messages are always very fresh. Look at Guyan, or Fenelon, or Oswald Chambers, or T. Austin Sparks, Watchman Nee, all of them have very, very fresh, current, relevant messages for today, because they didn’t write these messages, the Father wrote them. And His messages are always relevant to everyone throughout all history. And there is a refuge, there’s a place, a place of refuge. And those that live in the refuge are those that have been inoculated against this disease, and who live as those immune to this disease.

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