Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #96 – The First Booklet (Part 2)

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) You’re making me think of the scripture God put me in this morning, it was psalm 57. It’s when David was fleeing from the beast, Saul, and he was going into the cave. And what he dwelt on in that psalm, he hid in God, he took refuge, the word refuge is used, in God. And he offered, he said, “Be exalted over the heavens oh God, may your glory be over all the earth.” And he spoke of God’s steadfast love. David knew that God was good, even when he was being pursued to be murdered. That’s phenomenal. It was written at the time he was hounded. And though he ran into a cave for a physical refuge, his real refuge was God, from the terrible world that’s out there, that’s going to become more and more lawless. So your, your use of the ‘refuge’ is vivid to me because that’s….
(J) It’s a walled city, Martha, it’s a walled city that is safe. There’s a safety in it, and there’s a community in it, and there’s a transcendent believing that doesn’t… It’s not relegated to a current age. It’s relegated to a time-line that God has started at the beginning of creation and through to His reign and rule. There’s a time-line, there’s people that are in this time-line that are in a community. It’s transcendent. It’s a part of the great cloud of witnesses and those saints that are living now. There is a community in this refuge. There is a community in this refuge. Those that have fought “The Great Lie”, those that have not allowed the circumstances of their lives to tear them down, take them down and kill them, make them murderers, and infect other people with the murderous rage. They have stood, and will stand forever in eternity.
(M) Oh, the scriptures are just flowing to me, such as “See that no root of bitterness rises up among you, and defiles the many.”
(J) There’s provision, and there is beauty, and there is family and community and love, in this core of people who have been inoculated against the great lie, and who are immune. Now, it is not like we don’t have to on a regular basis deal with it, because it’s continually coming at us because of the fall; but there’s a place that you go that you say ‘no more’, and then you are really truly immune.
(M) “Blessed is he who’s not offended in Me.” That’s what it is, and I’ve gone back to that many times. John the Baptist in prison about to be beheaded, bewildered at the circumstances, and Jesus says, not that I’m going to set you free, but “Blessed is he who’s not offended in Me.” There is a blessing if you don’t take offense at God. And in many circumstances I have said, I will not be offended with You, because that is to say You are not good.
(J) Well, in the first two years of my being here, and a part of the Shulamite ministries, was about disbanding that lie. Ah, and I’m still in the process of disbanding that lie, and I can fall on my face and repent of being in that lie. But really, I had become offended with God because of my life’s circumstances. And He said…
(M) And you were sick. And you were sick.
(J) And I was sick. And the Lord said, ‘let’s go. And He took me through a process of  disbanding a lot of the lie. And I’m still in the process of getting rid of the lie. And this is why this booklet… I mean, I read it the other day; I’m going to read it again and again, because I need it.  I need it; we all need it. And it’s, it’s just amazing. It’s an amazing booklet; and because it’s a message that the Father birthed through you. And it’s not that it’s about you, but your style helps me. But it’s not that it’s about you writing, it’s about the Father wanted to birth something through you. And it’s awesome. I would… On the last E-zine we mentioned it. It just went out the end of September. And we actually gave sample excerpts from “The Great Lie”. I wouldn’t mind you like maybe reading the introduction excerpt. There’s three excerpts, but I wouldn’t mind you reading “The Great Lie”  intro excerpt. Ah…
(M) Well it begins with Romans 1:18, “ For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities are…” two things listed, “His eternal power and divine nature”. And His divine nature is His goodness. “And they’ve been clearly seen, being understood by what has been made, so that men are without excuse.” And I write, “God has made clear who He is. From His perspective who He is, is obvious… if you just look at what He has made. We have a thousand excuses, but God says we are without excuse for not knowing who He is – both His power and His divine nature.” And I say, “Your life is an expression of your idea of God. Notice I didn’t say, “Your life is an expression of God.” I said, “Your life is an expression – of your idea – of God.” You become who you think God is.
(J) I just, I actually, I read that to someone just this morning, saying oh my-gosh, this statement is so piercing. Because I, I, you know, we all display our God. Because of our concept of Him, we are exactly who we, our concept of our God. It’s an amazing statement. Go on anyway.
(M) “You are like who you think He is. You are just exactly like who you think He is. So it is crucial that who you think He is, be the right perception. God has a mysterious dark side, and if we have a romantic illusion about God, we will take out what we don’t like” and make Him, we create Him. “And then some of us have unworthy ideas of God.”  Tozer said something like this, “Idolatry is having ideas about God that are not worthy of Him.”
(J) Well I want you to go and read the E-zine.  Go to e-zine.  It’s volume number eight… number two. And it’s… We haven’t been doing the E-zine’s as readily because of the fact that we have trying to get the new book out, we’ve been trying to get these booklet’s out, we’ve been doing the pod-casts…
(M) And we’re changing the website.
(J) And we’re changing the website. There’ve been a number of things that have been going on and we just haven’t had the grace to do the E-zine’s. But we did release this one. It’s got three excerpts in there. The one is the introduction, which you just read. The other one is “The Lie”, and then the other one beyond that is “Blasphemy in our Genes”. The blurbs below them: “The Lie” is, “Satan inferred that God had lied, and Eve’s conclusion was God is a liar.” And then “The Blasphemy in our Genes”, “We secretly believe God has made many mistakes and failed to show-up many times, and that is a lie.” So, I’m excited because this booklet’s going out. I’m excited because the first week of November the next one’s going to go out, the first week of December the next one’s going to go out. And I’d like to, I’d actually like to ramp that up faster to get these booklets out. There are eighteen in these three series that need to go out, I believe immediately. And I don’t want to prolong it over a year, you know. I’d like to be popping these things off. Plus we have “The Better Blood”, that talks about the murder, and the murderous rage in Cain and Able. And so,  I’d like you to just keep visiting the website and see how you can… We’ll put them up as we have dates available. We will put them up for pre-order, and they’re going for $2.99 a piece, but if you order a set of ten… Which actually a number of people are doing right now, you can order them for $20.00 for ten.
(M) I’m terribly grateful John. I would have never had tape series but for God’s call on your life. I would never have had this ministry or this website but for God’s call on your life and the people in Shulamite ministries who have stood for years and supported this. And Julie has come in, from God, who is a very skilled editor. And more than that, she grasps the message, and she grasps my life. And she understands the style.
(J) Amazingly that she does the style.
(M) It’s incredible. You look at the page, and it’s so interesting how it’s laid out. But all I can say is I’m grateful to God, because I would have never been able to do all the aspects of this. Nor would I have… I just, I wouldn’t have done it. I’m on the current message that God has given me now, and I can never ever go back and deal much with the old stuff.
(J) Hmhum.
(M) We had a funny round with it when it first came out, that I wanted to change the whole thing. And I wanted to say, oh I’ve got to spend months on this because this… I’ve gone so beyond this message, and John and Julie had to say, ‘Martha, just leave it be, and let us… let it be what it is’.
(J) Well I was really very adamant about that it doesn’t need to change at all. I mean this is one of the very first messages that captured my heart.
(M) Really.
(J) Ah, towards God. I was looking for God in multiple conferences. I was running around here and there, trying to find God, trying to look… where are You? And all of a sudden I heard this, just small little voice, just this small little,  ‘beautiful little peach voice’ from Georgia. (Laughter) And ah, ah, I said, wow. I said this woman is different, this woman knows a God that I don’t know, and this woman is speaking about a God that I honestly can honor. I can’t honor this God that ran me from conference to conference trying to find Him. That was tragic, it was just tragic; and it literally would have burnt me out, it would have burnt me out. If God didn’t come and rescue me from all that, the ‘charismania’, I would have burned out and probably fizzled. Either that or I would have had to die to every bit of passion and just become a blank face in a sea of people, without a heart, because I would have to kill that heart. If I had that heart there’d be no way I could do it. But this, “The Great Lie”, I don’t remember if this is the one that I threw down and said oh, it’s so heavy. I don’t remember if this was it or not. But the God you’re speaking about is a God I can give my life to, I can go after, I can desire this God, because this God is a God. The ‘god’ that I was going after was not a god, he was a man-made farce. And ah, this God is capital ‘G’ God, and I can’t believe the lie about Him, adhere human attributes onto Him. This, really, this book is complete. Just sentence after sentence after sentence, it disbands the lie in the heart. And if you will grapple with it… You’ll have to grapple with the message because it is a part of… we are infected with this lie, you will have to grapple with ‘the lie’. “To the degree that you let God’s character be questioned in your thoughts, to the degree there will be misery, torment, insanity and death.” That’s just one line. I mean that’s…
(M) Goodness, that got me.
(J) You know something? It’s the funniest thing because when we picked up the booklets and we went to dinner and celebrated and had some fish, and celebrated, and I opened the book just a couple of times, and just different pages and just read whatever I looked at first. And every single one I was like ‘ooow’. “What you pray out is what you have chosen. What you ask of God is what you have chosen. And God will work in your life according to your choices.” You’ll never know how grateful I am for this book and for this message. And I appreciate you being willing to shut down and shut off your thoughts and allow God to speak to you and bring this message through you. I’m ever grateful because I had fully embraced ‘the lie’, and  I was fully infected with ‘the lie’, and my infection was what kept me going from conference to conference. I believed He wasn’t good, and it kept me running. It was weird because I was looking for a remedy to ‘the lie’, but I was believing ‘the lie’, in how I was going at it. And ah, it left me on a treadmill, and one of your first words to me is “get off the merry-go-round”; well that was the merry-go-round. The merry-go-round was ‘the great lie’. It was killing me. (Martha and John are both very moved as they speak here.) And ah, I never ever, ever want to believe that lie, and when it rises up out of me, because I have been infected by it, we all have been infected by it, but whenever that lie rises up I have to hit it quick; because if I ever stew on it for even a second, I’m in big trouble. I thank the Father, I praise God, for writing this booklet and for bringing it out at this time and in this season in this world so that we all can go about disbanding this ‘great lie’. And I ask that the Father have a special anointing on this podcast to let people become aware of its presence. And I bless this booklet, and I bless all of the ones that are going to go out, to effect change in the hearts of men; every book that’s gone out yesterday, and all the books that are sitting in the storage room, and all the books that will go out in the weeks and months and years to come…. I just bless them all to do certainly that, effect the change, to expose the lie, and to give people the desire to go to the Father and to the Spirit and to the Son, to eradicate that ‘lie’ out of our hearts and minds, bodies and families. And I just thank you, Martha, for writing it, for speaking it and allowing it to be brought up in this booklet.
(M) I’m sitting here, I’m going to say it, steeped and soaked in His goodness, that He would give me the message. Not the only one certainly, but just that He would give me. I am drowning in His goodness to me. That’s all I can say.

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