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Episode #329 – The False Gospel

Criminal with a façade

The False Gospel
Episode #329
March 31, 2013

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jennifer Wentzel and Carole Nelson

(J) Well, if it was that way, there would be a complete diminishing of the relationship with God; you wouldn’t need Him. There again, you would, if He gave you the key and you were able to take the key and run with it…  It’s the exact same thing as he says, ‘oh well’, and Adam and Eve… I don’t need you anymore. I’m really fine. So the fact that we’re tied to something that we have to say no and that’s dead is actually a wonderful thing because it continually calls us back to relationship. It does.  It calls us back.  It literally, you know, says, “You still need Me.  You still need Me to show you…”
(Jennifer) I will need Him until I die. I am tied to Him until I die. And I can’t tell you how comforting that is to me. That is, I’m really grateful for that. But now I get why that other gospel’s so popular.  That’s it exactly, John. (Jennifer laughs.) No wonder it spreads like wildfire. It says you’re done, you’re good, you’re good to go, anything you do from now on you can put the label of Christ on it; be free people!
(M) You know, Jennifer, I wasn’t exposed to that gospel. I was exposed to such a non-gospel.  There was nothing there, and that’s so much better.  I had a clean slate. But I remember speaking in another state in a church. And there was a meeting afterwards, just, I don’t even remember exactly. But the pastors were there, and they vio…, I had spoken on the continuing repentance, and they violently opposed it. Do you remember,
John? Can you remember what they said? They rose up with anger, that they had already repented and it was done; and there was no continuing repentance. One of them said, “ I live by grace”. And I’m not familiar with that gospel, but you’ve described it, and that was our experience with it. It was…
(J) It was precisely what Jen said.  It was the ticket that you click and then you’re done, and so you don’t, there’s no work, it’s a very, very lazy, it’s a very, very irresponsible gospel. Because basically it says, one choice, and it’s over. You don’t have to do any other work.
(M) And there’s no relationship; I didn’t see Christ in those pastors. There was no, there really was no reality of His presence, and no relationship that they could testify to. And the whole church, we later learned, was really infected by that disease, by that lie, just as you were, Jennifer.
(Jennifer) It is infectious, and it is planted, and it’s like I can’t wait for John for you to do this blog post if you do it on the wormhole analogy. Because that, I think that euphoria I feel is, that’s closed now.  It’s done in me. And I think it can be, it can be that quick that the truth comes in and cauterizes that thing and says, zzzt, done, no, no. And it’s vile and it’s evil and it obliterates Christ. It obliterates the Gospel. So I, I, I am, yes, it is a false gospel, and false gospel’s are ones that obliterate Him and obliterate the enormity of His sacrifice, and, and really, the life that He’s called us to live. And that’s, you know.  I’m free of that particular wormhole today and it doesn’t get to come back anymore, because this time the Holy Spirit was ready, and when you spoke it, it, it went in. It went in finally, after years and years of trying and trying, and reading it over and over again and saying I, (She makes a noise)… and in His time. In His time, and that was this morning. And today is, what is today? The fifteenth?
(M) Hmhmm.
(Jennifer) It should be Valentines Day, (she’s laughing) because today is the day of love; that’s today, yes.
(Carole) That other gospel is the gospel of arrogance, built on pride, because it’s built on human ability and human effort. There’s no way that it’s the Gospel, that it is ‘the’ Gospel. What Martha spoke this morning, I believe,  releases us to the Sabbath and to the Rest, and to the place where you said, we don’t have to fear the chastening, we don’t have to fear or resist what the Holy Spirit is coming to expose because all of that exposure is to bring us into the reality of Christ in me the hope of glory. So that is, that feeling of wanting to dance is that feeling of I believe, of entering a rest to my own, a rest from my own effort and my own hope that I will ever be anything but dead. Or I should say, well yeah, it is dead. Because it goes back to that God created humanity ‘died’, and cannot be fixed.
(M) And He spent the entire Old Testament to prove it over and over again. And then when He had proven it to His satisfaction to humanity, that the best could not do it.  Even Moses was not ‘fixable’. While there were stars that shown, like David, he was pointing to another King, and so he proved it, that it couldn’t be done. But what this, this revelation of the enormity of what the cross accomplished and is still accomplishing, the enormity of what Christ did on that cross, just does make you fall in love with Him, and fall at His feet. It’s such a solution that is total and perfect. And I would be unable to bear it if I stood before Him and discovered this and I had missed it in this life. I had missed seeing his glory manifested, and His victory obliterate the areas that the enemy has taken hold of. I would, I would not be able to bear it if I had missed this so great a salvation. How can we neglect so great a salvation?  Because we don’t even see that salvation, and we need to. May God help us to see the greatness, not only of what we’re called to do and be, but the greatness of Who He is, and what He did, and how perfect is God’s absolute solution to say that to live on such a low level, how terrible that would be, in that false gospel?  To see I missed ‘that’ and I, I didn’t live this and I could have easily? Just to die? Oh, that would just be eternally unsolvable, unfixable. And I said to someone recently, “You’re perishing on your own foolish pride. And his pride is foolish.  Pride is insane, and anybody that goes into that, lives in that old nature that is satanic and tries to function as a Christian; literally it’s an insane world, because it’s a world of hell. “If the light in you is darkness, how great is that darkness.” Well, Jennifer, you and Carole and all of you are encouraging me that this big message that’s bigger than me, bigger than I could deliver, bigger than I could express, there’s no words to express the enormity of this, of His perfection, and the Holy Spirit apparently was able to make it clear. So it’s a huge revelation. It’s taken me years. You’re getting it young; it’s taken me years to get. (Martha laughs.) Ohhhh, Hallelujah. But it’s been a piece here and a piece there and a piece there that He’s given me, and now today it’s come together in the whole. And it meant so much to me to get it spoken, such passion for it to be fed to the sheep, and you assured me that you got it, that He made it, He gave you the revelation and the light of it. So, may He do so for many others.
(Jennifer) I just had a picture in my head, and it was very Tim Burtony, so I think John would really like it if I could draw. It was me, and I’m half suspended like I’m not on the ground, like I’m like a hot air balloon, but I have hundreds of these like dead, tethering zombie lines that are, are literally barbed hooked into my skin, and they go straight down into a grave that I’m hovering over. And His Life is buoyant, and so if I wasn’t tethered I would rise, I would be in Zion with Him. That, that, that is all there. The only thing keeping that from becoming the reality of me is all of these barbed tethers that go straight into the grave. And each time the cross comes, ‘snip’, another one, another one is broken and I get a little bit higher, or I have a little more movement. There’s, it’s, it’s like being, does that make any sense? Oh my gosh I can just see it, it’s so…. And of course I, I allowed each one of these. I gave permission for each one of these barbed hooks into the grave to be looped into my skin and down there. So I’m responsible, but I am totally unable to cut them myself. I can’t, I can’t be free of them, and the cross comes and ‘snip’, ohhh.
(J) I didn’t give permission, ah, I tied them.  I literally shoved the hooks into myself.
(Jennifer) Ok that, yeah.
(J) Well, I mean, I’m not saying for you. I’m saying my, my ah, my barbed hooks are ones that I literally shoved into my body and said, ‘I like that’.
(M) Ok, but the thing I want to reiterate, the thing I want to so emphasize is that it all takes place, like John says, ‘I will’, ‘I will’. And we have the choice. The whole, the whole… God’s creation of this thing called Christianity and humanity, the whole thing at it’s core and root is choice.

The False Gospel – Episode #329 – Shulamite Podcast

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