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Episode #172 – The Experience Of The Blood of Jesus

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The Experience Of The Blood of Jesus
Episode #172

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests Julie, Jennifer & Carole

(M) We’re here at our prayer meeting right before Easter, on Good Friday. And I think it would be wonderful to just talk about the Blood again, and of Christ’s Body, and His Blood. Because we’ve gotten, you know, some wonderful insights and responses to what we’re talking about, the Blood. It seems that it has made the Blood come alive. And I read a statement by Austin Sparks, and he said, “In the end-times, the Blood of Christ is going to be crucial.” And that is so true, because the accuser… Really, the world is going mad before our eyes. And the crucial thing is that we be virgins, of the five wise virgins. And that means fully washed by the Blood to the point that we’re absolutely pure. And that is what’s possible. But I want to answer someone who’s written a very poignant question. She said, “I do not understand how one can be born of the Spirit and not partake of the Blood of Christ. It is the Blood that bought us, saved us, heals us, sets captives free. How is it possible to be Blood bought and not have a personal relationship or connection to Him.?  So, this is the answer. I don’t know that it will be fully satisfying, but the answer is very simple. Christ has given everything. Do we see all that He gave?  Absolutely not. But what He gave, and what He provided is like a deposit in a bank. We can know it’s a trillion dollars in our head, but until we draw that out of the bank into our possession, it’s not real. And what Christ gave must become living. And what people are experiencing from these podcasts, and I’m so grateful, is sort of the same thing we were experiencing, a living experience of the Blood. Let me read a letter that, I won’t tell who, just someone precious to us. She, in speaking about the Blood, she said, “How subtly deceptive, we repent for falling short of the mark, plead the Blood and just go on, believing everything’s fine now. Where’s the Person in this so-called repentance? The Blood, not even His Blood, is over here.” She’s responding to where I said the Blood cannot be separated from the Person. “How insulting to God and His Son. How is this topic affecting my life?” She goes through expressing it, and then she’s taking communion in her home. And she says, “It’s thoroughly liberating. The Life is in the Blood.” And she goes on to say, “Having the Blood connected to the Person of Christ, Who shed His Holy Blood, to the Person of Christ to Whom it pleased God the Father to crush Him, Who every drop of the cup filled with the wrath of God destined for me, all I can say is who am I? This is Love, His Name is Jesus.” And what the Blood is doing for her is the cleansing is causing her to fall in love with the Person. That’s what I think she, she’s saying. And that is it. When you’re forgiven, and you experience it, it has the effect of causing you to love Him. Not just to be pure, but to fall in love with Him. I’m going to ask Jennifer just to read a paragraph from another person, who wrote about the Blood.
(Jennifer) “This message on the Blood just grows and enlarges and touches every part of our being. It has come ‘in motion’, obviously ‘in the moment’ sometimes, and we were in awe of Him right along with all of you. One time in particular I heard in Martha’s voice the most joyful amazement over God’s provision in the Blood, like she could hardly take it in or spill it out. And just her expression, expressed my heart also. It wasn’t only the revelation, but the impartation of more than we can comprehend, and yet is ours because He is God.”
(Julie) I don’t know if I’ll be able to say this as wonderful as it was when it happened. But I had an experience recently with the Blood, about the word “washed,” about what it really means to be washed. And I had watched a movie, and in this movie there was a stoning scene, and it really shook me. And the Lord began to open up some circumstances in my life and show me where I had experienced ‘being stoned’, in a certain measure. But what was so incredible to me was that for the first time in my life, literally, and I do believe it’s because we’ve been living so close to the Blood, and communion has become such a rich intimate experience of the Lord, that for the first time in my whole life I could see beyond my own sin. Before I was so… I’m so accustomed to feeling guilty and condemned and assuming responsibility for everything, even what isn’t my fault. I just grew up that way; I grew up just assuming responsibility for everybody’s sin. That’s just what I was accustomed to. And for the first time I felt, and I knew in my being that I was washed. It wasn’t that I was innocent in the situation at all, but it’s that my sins truly were under the Blood. And so it’s almost like they were moved out of the way so I could see what else happened, and I could come closer to God’s truth about the whole situation. And that even in itself was an experience of intimacy with Him, because I could see how He saw it, I could see where He was in it. I could see so much in the situation because my sin wasn’t blotting everything else out of view. And I never really understood how precious it is that my sins are washed, and my garments are white. Not because I was innocent, but because I was, I was covered, and I was cleansed. And it just made all those scriptures mean so much more to me, about what an incredible gift it is that the Blood washes our sins and gets them out of the way so that we can actually see, and know the truth in God.
(M) Thank you Julie. That’s exactly what I’m trying to convey, the living Reality. The Blood is, is a doctrine, a gift, but when we access it, it becomes living in us, inside. Jesus wanted us to eat and drink His flesh and His Blood. And to eat is to take it into you, and what you eat becomes your life. It’s a visible picture that He wants the Blood to be in us personal, experientially, in a living way. And I was thinking this morning on the passage that says we’re being into living stones. We’re being built as a temple to God, as the Body we’re being built. And those stones are living because of the Blood; only because of the Blood and the Life of Jesus. So as we approach Easter, the Blood becomes especially precious to me, as I’ve tried to think about what He would have us remember about His resurrection. And of course Friday was His trial, the beginning of His suffering. But, another thing that I am seeing, that you are conveying, Julie, is you come to ‘rest’, through the Blood. When you take it, believing in it, believing it as God says it is, the complete propitiation for our sins. The Blood is what covers our sin. I’m going to talk about the flesh in a moment. But I think what I find in the Blood is, as I read one person;  liberty. The liberty is from me, and my sin. She conveyed it in one word, and you conveyed it in another. And I’m going to give it another word, assigned to it, and that is ‘rest’. God is satisfied with the Blood. And when He is satisfied, somehow, I am free to be at rest. That it doesn’t matter what any of us has done, or not done. The Blood is the answer. Does anybody else?
(Carole) Jacquelyn reminded me when she just gave her testimony about praying for somebody and taking communion for them. I was with somebody recently, and I was… they were frantic about some things, just really frantic. And I got, started to get frantic over it too. And I was just praying in the Spirit and saying, “God, I don’t what to do, I don’t know how to pray.” And it came to me, and I know… I feel certain it was the Holy Spirit; that it was the Blood that they needed. And so, I began to pray.  I said, “ God, You have got to give the revelation of the Blood, we can’t get it any other way. Unless You touch us, unless You enlighten us with that revelation, we can’t have it. You have got to do it, You’ve just got to do it.” And ah, and I took communion. I didn’t do it, do it like you did, and that just inspires me to go to Him about that. But I did take it for myself. And the next day what I saw was peace, and rest in this person that didn’t have it before. And I said, “Wow, Lord.”  I don’t understand. It’s not something you can, you can even explain. It’s uhmm, it’s just that powerful.
(M) I was kind of on the sidelines with Carole in what she just shared. And I know that the person’s struggle is to believe in the Blood. And what Jacquelyn shared was that she took communion for someone who needed the Blood. And she really feels that God moved in their heart. So it’s… And forgiveness, I’ve seen also in the last twenty-four hours, that forgiveness, huge forgiveness of really grievous offenses is extending the Blood of Christ to other people. And that sometimes, sometimes the load of sin for people is so huge that… And their sin so affects you, as we all…We don’t live to ourselves. God orchestrates it so you give them forgiveness, because only the forgiveness by the Blood of Christ has any chance to free them enough to receive the forgiveness of God. I want to go ahead, because it’s Easter, and talk about the broken Body of the Lord. There are three accounts of the communion in the New Testament. And Paul had visual or real encounter with the Jesus, in which Jesus taught Him first hand the communion. And I think the Lord has to teach us first hand. It’s as Carole said, we have to have the revelation. But Paul gave a different… a bit of a different… he added something to what the gospels said. And He quoted Jesus in a different way. But I want to go to the Luke account first, because the Luke account, it gives one verse that is wonderful. I want to say that all three accounts in the gospels, Jesus says, “This is the New Covenant in My Blood”. The Blood is connected to the New Covenant. Maybe, maybe the Lord will let us talk about that later. But the Blood is connected to the Covenant because the Covenant secures for us what we cannot do. And Jesus connects it to the New Covenant. And the New Covenant rendered the Old Covenant null and void. Remember the story where they go to do the Passover, that’s where the communion was instigated by Jesus. The night of the Passover was the night He was arrested. And all of that has tremendous significance. So the disciples were sent to prepare for the Passover. They were sent to find the place. The Luke account, when they began to have the supper, the Passover meal, “When the hour had come, and He reclined at the table and the apostles with Him. Jesus said to them, I have earnestly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer, for I say to you I shall never eat it again until it is fulfilled in the Kingdom of God.” And that means the millennium. The scholars, and I saw it, I believe it and the scholars say that means He will not eat or drink of that feast until the marriage feast. So this is the end of… I’m going to say the end of Passover. “And when He had taken the cup and given thanks, He said, take this and share it among yourselves, for I say to you I will not drink of it. And when He had taken some bread and given thanks, He broke it, and said to them, ‘this is My body given for you, do this in remembrance of Me.’ And in the same way He took the cup after they had eaten saying, ‘this is the cup which is poured out for you, it is the New Covenant in My Blood.’” And then He goes on to His betrayal. And He has some things to say to them, and then they leave. And that is the end… To me that answers the issue of the Passover. There’s a lot of movement to instigate the Passover. Now I’m going to share a bit about that that is my revelation. I’m not going to argue scripture; I’m not going to argue anything. I’m just going to tell you what I believe. A friend of mine invited us to an actual Passover, Seder. And ah, something rose up in me that was indignant, that was jealous for the communion ceremony. And I said to her, “I can’t make it, sorry, but I challenge you to find Jesus and portray Jesus in that Passover.” And of course that’s what Christians do; that’s what they do.  They see Jesus in it, and it’s very meaningful. And so, she got the message. I don’t know what she managed to do. But I was astonished at my reaction, and I’m going to trust that it was my spirit that rose up to say the Passover has become the communion. The Passover as it was, the supper, has ended, and the communion has become the eternal Passover, which we are commanded to recognize. And I believe there is no specific command in the New Testament to continue the Passover. Because the disciples did it, does not mean it is now still a law. For me, and that particular situation, that last supper of Jesus’, He moved the Passover to a continuing celebration of the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus; because the disciples, obviously, because Paul addressed it in Corinthians, continued constantly to celebrate that table. Passover was once a year. And it was a wonderful, symbolic representation of Christ as the Savior of Israel out of Egypt. But the… There is no command. There is still command to honor your father and mother. There are many commands of the Old Testament that passed into the new the new law of the Spirit. But the Passover is not commanded. The celebration of the communion table is commanded, do this in remembrance of Me. I’m not setting down a law either. I’m just saying from my revelation, the New Covenant is to be celebrated; it’s the Body and Blood of Jesus. And so, that’s my answer to the controversy that’s going on about it’s a law ever and ever to celebrate the Passover; but that was once a year. Jesus didn’t set it out as a law, but He set it out as a command, “do this in remembrance of Me. As oft as you shall drink it,” not once a year, as oft as you need it, which is pretty constantly if you live in reality. If you live by the Spirit, you will live in reality. And so, let me read it in 1Cor.11:23, Paul says, “For I received of the Lord that which I also delivered unto you, that the Lord Jesus in the night in which He was betrayed, took bread, and when He had given thanks He broke it and said, ‘this is My body which is for you. Do this in remembrance of Me’ In like manner He also took the cup after supper saying, ‘this cup is the New Covenant in My Blood. This do as often as you drink it in remembrance of Me’.” And so, I have this passion, because the communion table has been a living thing for me. It has brought me to, as you’ve testified here, the Blood has brought me to the Presence of Jesus. You can’t have the Presence of Jesus without internalizing, appropriating, and drinking His Blood, and eating the same way, His Body.

The Experience Of The Blood of Jesus – Episode #172 – Shulamite Podcast

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