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The Chosen, a Sovereign Touch – Episode #849

The Chosen, a Sovereign Touch

The Chosen, a Sovereign Touch
Episode #849

Walk and talk with John Enslow
I was watching The Chosen and there is a interaction with little James and Jesus in that, that just rang my bell.

Hey guys, I just wanted to tell you about that I saw the other day. I was watching The Chosen and I was watching episode two of season three. And there is a interaction with little James and Jesus in that, that just rang my bell. Because it is so completely connected with the message I have in the Sovereign Touch. In essence the creators of The Chosen made a little James have a physical ailment. And Jesus has a discussion with him that absolutely beautiful. Where they were talking about, how can Little James go out with this ailment with this slow walking issue that he’s got, the necessity cane in order to walk. How in the world can he go and be an element, and a vessel of Christ’s healing while he himself is not completely whole.

I think that is a dynamic, dynamic reality, because of the fact that each of us are called to be a healing vessel, to listen to the Holy Spirit, and to move in the Holy Spirit, and allow His life to flow through us. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re going to experience total wholeness. Sometimes our sufferings are the area that God makes us a superhero. I had a coach that spoke that over me the other day and I thought, wow my suffering has become my superhero strength.

And so, as I kind of reflect on the Sovereign Touch, and I reflect on with this episode of The Chosen brought forth. It was really very fascinating, because I believe that I show in the Sovereign Touch how it is out of the greatest crises of man that the most glorious life of Christ comes forth. And that is a super trust in a sovereign God. That is a dealing that is not easy. But I know that the greatest pains of man does have the potential to produce the greatest amount of glory and the greatest amount of experience of Christ. And at the same time, it is out of my woundedness and my difficulties that He is able to show Himself. I gain a tremendous amount of empathy because of being in that situation. I gave an empathy for others in that situation. My brokenness gives me empathy for those that are broken, compassion for those that are broken. And out of my wounded little boy, there emerges great healing.

I don’t wanna ruin the episode for you, but the conversation between them is so beautiful to have a discussion and there’s tears and there’s heart and there’s interaction that I believe relates to us all. That’s what I found with The Chosen. The Chosen may not be exact. I’ve never read anywhere that little James was handicapped in anyway. But what I have found is that The Chosen episodes ties my humanity with the biblical accounts of Christ’s life and the disciple’s lives.  Dallas brings me into the Gospel story, because I am who they are representing, I am who they’re displaying. And they bring it into such a human level, where you see the struggles. OK no, we don’t know specifically that Peter and his wife had those struggles. But we do know humanity and we do know that, that’s the probability is high on that one.

So anyway, I’m excited that this is a demonstration of the very thing that I wrote about and I love that book (The Sovereign Touch). I absolutely love that book because not only did He write it through me, but I was able to grow and learn and experience His sovereignty over and over and over, as He was writing this in my life. I will never be the same for that. It’s absolutely beautiful to me because I need a Sovereign God. I need a God who is over everything, including the pains, the struggles in my life, as well as things I will go through in the future. So I love you I appreciate you thanks for listening and I’ll talk to you next week.

The Chosen, a Sovereign Touch – Episode #849 – DivineDesigned.Life

A scene in The Chosen completely connected with my book Sovereign Touch. Little James was called to bring healing with a physical ailment.

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