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Episode #171 – The Blood Is Jesus

Bloody Jesus

The Blood is Jesus
Episode #171

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) You see, and I’ve done this many times, repented and asked forgiveness of God, and you can cry, but if you do not go to the Blood, you are not cleansed and forgiven. God has no other way of accepting you into His presence, or dealing with your sin, than the Blood.
(J) You’re just sorry.
(M) Yeah, you’re sorry, hmhmm. And you’ll go around it again. But the Blood is the final answer. And it’s… I really can see in experience with Christianity I’ll say, that we are like the Pharisee’s of this day. We are too sophisticated, as Laodicean’s, to accept something so shocking and so surreal, kind of, as the Blood and Bread of Christ. Or else we go to it cavalier, and don’t think anything about it other than it’s just a ceremony, but it is Him. And I don’t want to get into the controversy of whether it becomes the literal Blood of Christ. I personally don’t believe it does, it doesn’t matter. I’m appropriating the Blood of Christ, and it is really by faith it is taken anyway. But I have no axe to grind about that issue, just that the Blood is Him. And the wafer we take is His life.  It’s His flesh, it’s His nature in existence. We take that in place of our sinful nature that it has to require the Blood for forgiveness. But the power of the Blood, the mystery of the Blood, cannot be fathomed. I finally came to the place, a long time ago; I wasn’t trying to understand it.  I accepted it as the scriptures provided. You look like you’re back on John 6:27.
(J) I am. I just, I see that we’ll sell our soul for the food that will perish. Without getting political, people are selling their soul for provision, the promise of,  not even real provision. It’s only the promise of possibility of provision, and they’ll sell their soul for it, and they’ll lose their freedom, they’ll lose their liberty, and they’ll sell their security for a promise of a security that isn’t a security. And so that’s what I’m seeing is, is that that is a food that will perish, ok? But people will sell their soul, their liberty, our country, their freedom; they will sell it in order to have a possibility of provision. And Christ says to us, please, those things are perishing; that kingdom is perishing.  It’s here today, gone tomorrow; it’s like grass. But I’m going to give you something that’s deeper, and it’s Me. It’s not your wand, it’s not your magic wand to wave and say, “Oh, go away problem,” because if anything the Blood will bring forth and up issues and problems that you have to deal with. The Blood is not a, a… though it solves the issues, and solves the problems, we have seen in our prayer time, that as we have appropriated the Blood, and as we have taken communion, further, there’s further repentance; there’s further dealing, there’s further insight on weakness, sin. And it’s not like, you know, you wave it, and it goes away. You appropriate the Blood and then God says, now let’s go deeper, and He goes down further, further, further. The Blood reveals, the Blood is like a magnifying glass to reveal further, and to bring forth further what separates you from Him, and what needs to be covered. And it’s His kindness to say let Me show you more of what separates you and what needs to be covered. And I’ve already paid for it, I’ve already dealt with it, I’ve already given you the resolve for all that I’m going to show you, but here, here’s more. And so, if you are looking to escape dealings or problems or issues, the Blood’s not where to go.
(M) Yes, I’ve heard people say they’re amazed at the change in their peace, and believing in the Blood as the answer, and then the amazing ease of going right on with more repentance under the Blood. I wish I had some of the statements in front of me that people have made about the Blood opens the door. The Blood opens the door to your sin. But you know, John, I’ve always envisioned the Blood as being at the cross, and in the stripes. I’ve always envisioned, especially through the film “The Passion Of Christ”, because the Blood is a very vivid element there. But I’ve always envisioned that’s where the Blood was poured. But no, it wasn’t. That, that is… Yes it was, but the value of the Blood is that He took His own Blood to… before the Father, and poured it out. I can’t imagine that scene, for the Father to welcome the Son in ascension, and resurrection, but then the pouring on the altar of which the Tabernacle is a, just a picture. Presenting His Blood to God the Father, for our sakes, that’s where the Blood was… That’s where the Blood has its, its greatest power, is before God. It satisfied God legally so that justice is no longer something we have to live under. We live under grace because of the presentation of that Blood. He offered the Blood before the Father.
(J) But just as when you cut your foot, and your blood was pouring forth, and you were fearful and panicked about it, ahmm, that blood is life, that blood is Him. That blood that was coming out of you was you.  That was you.
(M) Yes.
(J) That was you.
(M) And I was well aware of it. It felt different than maybe a break of a… When I broke my ankle it didn’t feel the same way as when I saw the blood spurting out of my ankle. That was life, and I knew it.
(J) And so like the blood of bulls and goats, that’s an impersonal thing; it’s an animal. Ah yeah, ok, we may take care of our beast and care for our animals.  But the fact is, is it’s an animal. There’s a total difference when you see a human blood, and then if you see the Son of Man’s Blood poured out, that’s totally different. But it is Him. He’s not separate from His Blood.
(M) Right. His very Life is in His Blood. But its’ offering to God opened heaven for us, and opened access. The rent veil was a picture; it says, “through His flesh we have entrance into the Holy of Holies.” I don’t know, it’s just… It’s just becoming more and more precious to me, the Blood of Christ. I think I still don’t understand the huge mystery of the Blood, but it’s like I see it, and I experience it, and that’s far better than logically or intellectually, or even by revelation understanding it. So the whole… for me the whole problem of this age, John, is Laodicea.  This era that we’re living in, in Christianity, is by the wealth of money, and the wealth of knowledge;  it’s possible to live in Christianity and believe that you don’t need the Blood. You don’t need anything from God. When He comes to you and says what you need is repentance, and it doesn’t say that, but repentance would take you to the Blood, and to the personal experience of Christ. That’s, that’s my passion. I remember speaking about it in Israel, how the enemy’s one agenda is to remove the Person of Christ, and make ‘things’ out of the gifts of the Spirit, make something for humanity and of humanity in the offices of the Church, but to very subtly erase Him, and that applies to the Blood as well.
(J) A major satanic attack. Just make sure that the Blood is not connected with the Person, and then you wipe out the power of it.
(M) Exactly, you’ve said it better than I’ve said it. That is it. You wipe out everything about the Blood if you remove the Person from it. The power of the Blood is… You see, I believe that if you take the Body and Blood of Christ you are dwelling in the Kingdom, and in relationship with Him, and so God is the source of your, your food and sustenance and provision. In everything God is the source; you don’t need any human source for your provision, because you have the Person of Christ. And, and you can’t be in Him without eating and drinking Him; so if you do you are in His inheritance, and you have everything that He gave. Paul did it, he said all things are mine; nothing is mine, all things are Christ’s, and all things are mine. And it’s a tragedy to trust any human institution, government, church, marriage, whatever, instead of trusting in the Blood and the Life of Christ. Your access to God literally is only the Blood. And I feel like the biggest novice to address the Blood; it’s just too wonderful to even begin to try to address it.
(J) I think your biggest power is the fact that you know that it is the Person, that it is connected with the Person. So I don’t think that… novice or no novice, the understanding, yes, we need the understanding what, what the Blood purchased for us. But the fact that you see it as connected to the Person is huge. It’s paramount.
(M) Hmhmm. Well that’s my passion right now as we’ve discussed the Blood is to bring it intimately to the Person of Christ, coming from Him, from in His very human body, and somehow still flowing in power and victory. You see, I think… I’m very much on Revelation 12:11, “They overcame him,” the accuser who accuses day and night, “They overcame him by the”, first “by the Blood of the Lamb”. And you cannot overcome by the Blood of the Lamb, unless the Blood of the Lamb lives within you by faith, unless the Blood of the Lamb has washed you, and washed your conscience, and cleansed you. Not only forgiven you, but cleansed you and washed your conscience, that’s when you overcome by the Blood of the Lamb. As we began, I’ll end with that same thing; it’s not a banner as a thing apart, as ‘a gift’ from God; the Blood is ‘a gift’ from God. No, the Blood is the gift of the Son, and that has to be an intimacy in us for it to be the victory over the enemy’s accusations. There is no answer we can give to any accusation. We’re guilty of everything by potential, if not by actual, and so we can’t… The only answer we can ever give to the accusation of man or self or a demon is the Blood. And if that is not real in us the enemy knows it some how. The enemy knows it.
(J) Well I’m thinking of how the Blood of Abel spoke, in Heb. 12:24, it says that…
(M) “The blood of Abel which cried out for vengeance.”
(J) Ok, so that the blood spoke. The blood of just a normal man spoke from the ground and cried out, so how much more the Blood of the Eternal Son. Ok.
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) And I’ve just seen that kind of connecting your revelation about ‘it is finished’, what is that Blood speaking? That Blood is speaking ‘it is finished’, it is paid for and it is finished. So that’s what the Blood of Christ speaks, from eternity past, at the cross, and forward. It says ‘it is finished’, that’s what the Blood speaks. The Blood of Christ has those words.
(M) Oh, I’m blown away; can I put that in the book? (Martha laughs)
(J) Sure.
(M) Yeah. Well it says, “the sprinkled Blood which speaks of mercy, a better and nobler and a more gracious message than the blood of Able which cried out for vengeance.” It was a different cry. His Blood cries for our… mercy for us.
(J) And that ‘it is finished’. I was the Mercy, I showed the mercy, I am the Mercy over your due justice and judgment. So I’m… that’s what I just heard.
(M) And we haven’t even really…  we haven’t even really touched all that the Blood avails for us. But simply in the Old Testament, in Eden, in the beginning, simply by accepting that God wanted a blood offering, Able was declared righteous. And in Hebrews, in the list of faith, he is listed first as the one who because… righteous Able pleased God by believing in the blood. The Blood is the centrality, and it has to be dealt with accurately, John. If you go to the Blood, and you really haven’t repented, you do not… you do not access the Blood until you have really repented and accepted responsibility. So the taking of the Blood, or appropriating the Blood is an intimate experience between you and God in which God knows exactly your heart about it. But when you go to full responsibility and believe the Blood is your need, then all that the Blood has given comes to you: power over Satan, purification, righteousness. For Able it was very simple, by faith he was made righteous, and his faith was in the blood. In with the manuscript I’ve written is a chapter about Able. Able was not a man without sin, an innocent man. The fact that he believed the blood proved he was a sinner.
(J) Hmhmm.
(M) But he was called righteous. And that, that’s what makes us righteous before God. It doesn’t matter what man thinks.
(J) For me, that just makes it very simple, where it’s not been simple. But it makes it very simple just to say, when Satan accuses me, to say ‘the Blood’. I’ve never… I’ve just seen it as ah, almost a warding off of evil, the Blood, the Blood, the Blood;  go away, go away, shuuu, shuuu. Well I can… Now, because of seeing this, I can go and say, no, it’s finished, that’s finished.
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) No.
(M) Because of the Blood.
(J) Because of the Blood.
(M) Well, I’m excited because I know that people have written, people we know, and people we don’t know. And I would love to hear from people about what this issue of the Blood and seeing it maybe in a new way, is doing in their lives, and in their soul, and in their mind and heart. Because it is a powerful subject, and we haven’t begun, really John, we haven’t begun to address it. I don’t know where the Lord will lead from here, but I have a zeal, I’ve had a zeal for the Person of Christ, to be connected to the Blood, and not that it is ‘a gift’ that ‘we use’. So may the Lord make all things clear.

The Blood is Jesus – Episode #171 – Shulamite Podcast

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