Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #124 – The Author Of Our Story

with Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow

(M) But the terrific assault of the Kingdom is something, and the terrific assault of God on these walls is something we don’t know about Him.
(J) You were saying about the person that you’d known, specifically that  had a heinous abuse. Did you not say that that person…there was a God-grace over that?
(M) Yes. And one person I knew about… It’s not one I’ve ever met or talked to, but she was in satanic ritual abuse. But she said there was a room she would go to in her heart, where Jesus was. God is always there. And that’s one of the things I remembered about this terrible story depicting the Magdala sisters, and depicting the Catholic Church; there is the presence of God available always.
(J) And I’m not minimizing anyone’s abuse.
(M) No, I don’t hear that from you at all. But, but you’re saying that the rebellious heart finds the bombardment of God.
(J) I would take, I would take Bill Gothard’s statement, and go even further with it, and say, look at the author, and then you’ll have understanding of the message and the story. Who is our Author, and Who is the finisher of our faith? If we look at Him, and we see what He was doing, we may not understand it, but you know something? I’ve been amazed at how much understanding He will give if you will bow. And Martha, I can’t… What goes on in the world is heinous, and… But you have to look at the Author. Don’t look at the author of “The Magdala Sisters”, look at the Author of their story. He was authoring a story in them, and uhmm…
(M) I think it’s just that so many people don’t, don’t finish the story in Him. The finishing of the story is glory, ever and always. No matter what the story is, the end of it is glory. It’s just that the Pharisee’s had the potential of murder. They murdered God. That’s how far that arrogance and bitterness can go. And that’s where people end, who do not do as you have done, to do the work of surrender so that you can hear.
(J) I am still doing the work, and I’m still pushing through; and I’m still saying… You know, this morning it’s a further challenge: thank Me, be grateful, bow and surrender. And oh… and I realize I was resistant a lot to circumstances and situations. I was so resistant. And uhmm… And God’s challenging me, one-upping and saying, I authored something in your life. You know something?  But He even authored the fact that He knew that I would choose what I’ve chosen. And I have to bow even to that. I have to say, ok, You knew exactly what I was going to choose. He knew exactly how I was going to respond. And You authored this so that You could evoke this in me. And I don’t understand His ways, they’re higher than my ways, and you know, but I…
(M) I think I’m seeing, John, that you as a man are a fighter. You responded to God as a fighter  just as Jacob did. And He wrestled with you, and He’s winning. (Martha laughs) But a wrestling match is a violent thing. And I think that’s what He has to do with men. He has to wrestle. Some men will not wrestle with God, and you had whatever it is in a man that’s a fighter. You remained a fighter, and He’s taken you on, and He loves the fight. I represent the woman, who is ah…acquiescent, I’ll say. So we are… I just suddenly saw that we’re representing two, the two creations, male and female. And that’s pretty much why God has us doing these podcasts, that we represent coming at it from our gender. And that God is able to take a woman and lift her up, and He’s able to take a man and put him down.
(J) I don’t, I don’t see Jesus ah, even Martha, I don’t even see Jesus wrestling with a woman like that. Though He was strong, but it’s different.
(M) I believe it is different, and I don’t think I’ve seen it quite the same way as I see it right this moment. That you’re, you’re whole struggle is something I don’t, as a woman I don’t quite get.
(J) It’s because you’re not trying to bow your chest up at Him. (Martha laughs)
(M) Well I’m just kind of a… But I do see the difference in His dealings with women and men. In the, in the scriptures it is a difference.
(J) He’s so tender though, He’s so wonderful, and uhmm… But He has resisted me, and has been resistant, and you know, told you way back years ago, ‘I resist him because he’s proud’. And I’m proud because I wouldn’t accept, and I wouldn’t bow, and I wouldn’t surrender to what He chose to write on my life. And see, I’m out of the pain side of it, and if I will bow to the story, He can lift me up and out of and into glory and redeem it all, and, and…
(M) I keep thinking about the day that you were driving the car and you were… What was it you said to God that day? You were just fussing at Him. (Martha laughs) Just resisting as a male. What did you say?
(J) Which time would that be? (John laughs)
(M) When the, when the… Immediately the tree branch came through your windshield and missed your head by inches.
(J) I said, I just, I just hate You! (Martha laughs)
(M) And He… Instantly He put that tree right… But see that’s how He would deal with a man.
(J) It was so funny. It’s kind of like that elevator story… It’s just… I… There wasn’t a (John takes a big breath!) It was just a ‘oh, ok’.
(M) There You are. But that to me is… He’s not dealt with me with a limb through the windshield. He was stronger than you in that incident, and it bowed you.
(J) It was just funny. The funny thing is, is that if something like that had happened at, you know, at any other time…you know, you get that icy cold fear in your mouth, you know, when you’re so scared and your heart does… And you get that… And I didn’t respond at all. I mean, I responded, but my response was I kind of giggled and said ok. (John laughs) I know exactly Who that is, and what that is. (John and Martha laugh) And ah… One time He trapped me in that elevator. I don’t know if you’ve ever told that story. He trapped me in the elevator, and I just, I just sat down on the floor. It wasn’t like I panicked. It was a very small elevator. It was a very awful elevator. And I sat down. I said, ok, I know exactly Who, Who shut this elevator down. I know You…
(M) Well I don’t remember if we’ve told this story, but we need to do the background I guess. We were in Israel. Not on one of our tours. Three of us were. And we were staying in a, a monastery. And there was an ancient elevator there. And you were like a little boy. We’d get on that elevator and you’d start jumping up and down and shaking the elevator.
(J) Jumping, bouncing a little bit.
(M) Jumping up and down! (John laughs) And it would shake the elevator, and I would say, John you can’t do that to an old elevator. And you would not stop doing it. So the whole trip… We were there three weeks. As soon as the three of us would get on the elevator, you would jump up and down and shake the elevator.
(J) I’m sorry, ok, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.  (laughing).
(M) You’d scare me. You’d scare me. And I would say, stop John, and you would not stop. So then we go to Vienna, and we were staying with, in an apartment with a missionary there. And I’m in the kitchen, and I hear this ‘Martha, Martha’. And I thought, what is that? Someone’s calling me. (John is laughing) And it went on and on. And I opened the door into the hall, and I realized you were in the elevator. (John laughing) And I said, John, are you in the elevator? And you said I’m stuck in the elevator. And I could hear rattling. And I kept saying, are you out now? Are you out now? And then this rattling was going on; I figured you were trying the door to get out. And you said, ‘I’m stuck in the elevator, do you not understand’? And I said, don’t say that again, I know you’re stuck in the elevator. I’m trying to figure out if you’re out yet! Don’t say that again! (Martha laughs and John keeps on laughing) I mean you and I can be real honest. So I, I didn’t know whether to call the supervisor or the owner of the apartment, or the missionary, or what to do. I just wanted to see if you were out. Well, you were in there. And you had just resigned to God. You said I know what this is about. (John laughs until he can’t quit) And so, you had just sat down and begun to read your Bible, and you were going to wait. So, I called around and got the supervisor to come. And he was a young man, and he had to go up to the top of the building.
(J) And crank me out.
(M) And crank you out (laughter). And there were two young girls there… It had begun to be a public crisis.
(J) Oh it was a public crisis for me!
(M) And so these two girls were chattering away in German, and laughing. They were teenagers. And so finally the door opens, and you come out. And they didn’t know it was a young handsome man. I think because they looked at me they thought it was an older man. And so they… Oh, they were quite impressed with that (laughter). But you were, you were chagrined, to say the least. And you came out very humbled. You knew exactly…
(J) I knew exactly Who shut that elevator down. I went ok, I got it, I got it, I’m sorry I did it. Ok, I’ll just sit down and wait for You to pull me out of this elevator because there’s no sense in me struggling.
(M) But you see He wrestles you down on every…
(J) Oh, and He did. He got me down on the floor and He, He ah, He said ‘uncle’? And I’m like going, ‘noooo’,…. ‘uncle’!
(M) Anyway, there’s no defiance that we have that He doesn’t come against, so… I always end this kind of spontaneously with, ‘do we make a lick of sense’? But the people, people respond to let me know that somehow this ‘speaks’. And ah…
(J) Well I’m just going to go further and further to say, thank you, I’m grateful, and I surrender, and I bow.
(M) What I think I wanted to get to is that the church has no mentality for the judgment of God. The judgment of God is real. “He being often reproved, that hardeneth his neck, shall be cut off; and that without remedy.”
John Enslow:
Living with anticipation of how Christ is to reveal Himself in the coming days. Martha has an urgent message of hope and preparation, for times of trouble and crisis. These times, and the times that are coming are to be trying, but the Lord has an intention, and a joy, in revealing His holy purpose. We wish to invite you to “The Coming One”, our upcoming conference held in Atlanta, Georgia, May 29th through the 31st.

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