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Thanksgiving Triggers to Gratitude’s Triumph – Episode #870

Thanksgiving Triggers to Gratitude's Triumph

Explore the journey through the Thanksgiving paradox, where the very situations triggering shame are unveiled as opportunities for profound transformation.

Thanksgiving Triggers to Gratitude’s Triumph
Episode #870

Walk and talk with John Enslow

Well hey there, yesterday I was thinking about the book on Overcoming Shame, and I was thinking about elements of shame, and I was thinking about Thanksgiving and shame. I know that the holidays can be really… as I’ve heard it said, the most triggering time of the year. And I found that to be the case. I have connected with a number of guys and ladies and they all are really triggered by the holidays. You would think that this time of gratitude and thanks and gifts and family would be something that would be really beautiful and wonderful, and it can be. But for some, it is something that is triggering and soul-sucking and painful.

So I was thinking about Thanksgiving and how does it relates to shame and there is a direct correlation with the overcoming of shame and thanks. I am my book the Sovereign Touch I talk a lot about thanks, and I talk about how thanks is really a major influence in how we overcome our resistance to God being God.  I’ve found in my own life as well in others lives that thanks gives back to God and allow God to be God, where our ingratitude really kind of separates us from God. Nothing can separate us truly from God, but in our thinking and in our experience of God, we can literally build a wall of separation with ingratitude. But where thanks, thanks really, really unifies us and brings us into the very blessing of life. We can literally be blessed by all things.

The Lord says, be thankful and everything, and the reason why is because in that He’s given ownership of all of it, and more importantly, once He owns it, once it is owned by Him, then also everything is blessing. Even our difficulties can become blessings when we enter Thanksgiving. Thanks literally is a transfer of ownership to the Lord so in everything. I can thank Him for my blessings, but thank Him in everything there was a purpose why the Lord said, in everything because “everything” requires His thanks, because He is Lord and He is working all things together for the good of those who love Him.

Another thing I found is thanks is not just a one time thing. Thanks is a lifestyle. Thanks is….to thank God for everything you literally are living out a lifestyle of thanks and gratitude. And so as I entered into the Thanksgiving season and I entered into the day of Thanksgiving. I was able to really look at that, according to the shame. And some of the guys that I’m connected with literally have today reached out to me and said they were in deep shame today. And so as I’ve worked that out and I’ve walked that out with them and I’ve talked with them I’ve seen that the reason why there was a lot of shame in this day was because of all the triggers that Thanksgiving created. It’s interesting that the very thing that would solve that shame is the very season that we were celebrating and the season that triggered it all. To me that’s fascinating.

It was like the Lord brought you into a situation to give you the opportunity to enter thanks, but also that very situation was the thing that was triggering all the shame. And when we go into family situations like this and we don’t feel like we have control, we’re not being seen, we’re not being noticed, we’re not being respected. There’s so many things that can they can trigger our shame from our childhood, from our past, from our current, from everything… and we leave the day— this day of celebration, this day of gratitude this day, that is supposed to be joy and blessing, we enter it and leave it in a remorseful and grieved and shamed position. And so I just wanna really just reflect on that.

I’m gonna bring that element into the book Overcoming Shame and I am looking forward to developing the whole thought around, thanks, gratitude and giving thanks for everything and overcoming shame. So I continue to do this. I’m gonna write some posts about this and I just hope that you will come in and enjoy and really see what the Lord is doing and the fruit of what thanks could have in your life. I know that I am thankful for you. I’m thankful for each one of you that listened and I bless you. I bless you in this holiday season, this most triggering time of the year. I pray that it’s a time of gratitude a time that you’re able to see the Lord and His many blessings in your life, and that you’re able to overcome and to receive what He’s wanting to do as He’s taking ownership of these difficult situations and turning them around into blessing. The very blessing of your life. So I love you appreciate you and I will. I’ll be back soon.

Thanksgiving Triggers to Gratitude’s Triumph – Episode #870 – Divine Designed Life Podcast

Discover how Thanksgiving and the holiday season are designed for blessings, but can paradoxically become a fertile ground for shame.

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