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Episode #488 – Tears of Liquid Intercession and Prayers

Tears of Liquid Intercession and Prayers

Tears of Liquid Intercession and Prayers
Episode #488
April 10, 2016

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Carole Nelson

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #483.

(Martha) I got this booklet, which I’m sure is very good. I opened it to one page, and it talked about the brain fog, not to make major decisions in grief. But that’s all I read, and I thought later, what I did read never pointed to Christ as my rest as a widow; never offered, “here’s what you do, you go to counseling and have these things…” And the only way you get through anything is Christ, and you can get through anything in Christ.
(Carole) It was like the Lord would not let me get under even the law of the steps of grieving…
(Martha) Wow.
(Carole) Which was a law. He set me free to be individual. He was going to take me through it the way He chose to take me through it.
(Martha) Oh, Carole, that’s a booklet.
(Carole) He has chosen to pick me up and carry me, and He will deal with what I need to deal with when He needs to deal with it.
(Martha) There is a peace that He gives and a provision. You all have been an amazing provision for me. I’ve been pretty non-functional, and you all have been amazing. And I asked the Lord lots of times, really, really asked Him to let me sense what you needed, because I didn’t know. You can’t know about this until you go…
(Carole) And I didn’t know. I didn’t know. I didn’t know what…
(Martha) You didn’t know you had a problem sometimes.
(Carole) Right, I really didn’t. But He literally carried me.
(Martha) Your thinking would get off track, and He would say to me, “Call Carole.”
(Carole) And He is my Ishi. He is my Husband down to practical situations. And not just the spiritual and not just the revelation. I mean, He takes care of me absolutely practically in every way.
(J) Well, Joan Wentzel with you currently has really taken on a lot the grief and the tears.
(Martha) Oh, my goodness, she has. She called me, she wrote to me one day and said, “All I do is cry.” Well, Joan knew Kenneth well, and she’s known me well for many years, very dear, intimate friend. But it was something beyond that. And finally I thought because of the New King James Spirit Filled Life Bible, the old version, there’s called “liquid tears (prayer).” Intercession is liquid tears (prayers). And I felt like she was crying the tears I didn’t cry, and she was bearing my burden. In the Body you bear another’s burden. And I feel like you did it. When Don died, you wept a lot, John. And I think there is that ministry or bearing one another’s burden. It’s actually entering in. I did it, I know I’ve done it several times when I’ve asked – a burden that seemed too big for a person. I would say, “Give me some of that burden,” and He would do it.
(J) Well, it was amazing. It was amazing to go through, because it felt totally like me. It felt totally involved with me. I literally was carrying it. I wasn’t knowing that I was carrying it for you. I knew… It was me.
(Martha) It was on you. It was literally on you.
(J) Literally on me. And I couldn’t stop crying. It was weeks.
(Martha) And you’re not that much of a weeper. You know how, and you can freely. But you’re not…
(J) No, not like that.
(Martha) That was unusual.
(J) I mean, literally at a certain point I had cried so much and blown my nose so much that my nose started just profusely bleeding. I literally had broken blood vessels in my nose, and I said, “We have to stop now. This is done. I gotta stop,” because it was hurting. I literally, I had made my nose and the inside of my nose raw, and I just said, “We have to stop,” and it was gone. It was like…   I mean, I didn’t cry anymore. It was over. But it was weeks, and it was over and over and over and over more. And so, it was wonderful that I could carry that for you and for Him.
(Martha) But you know, we just realized that very recently during my bereavement time. And I realized that Joan had done it for me, and that you had done it for Carole.
(J) I didn’t know it until just recently.
(Martha) Uh-uh. We didn’t.
(J) And this is what I’m hoping. This is what I’m praying and hoping is that it literally wasn’t me. It was Christ’s own tears in my own eyes crying for you.
(Carole) ohhh, yes..ohhh..
(Martha) Ohhhh…
(J) What are my tears? My tears and my emotions are just momentary, but if it literally was the Son of God in my body crying for you… And it was a glorious, it was a glorious exit. It was an amazing thing. He was promoted. I mean, and he was promoted in the most amazing way, just a poof! go away! I mean, it was like Ruthie, where she was, you know, prophesying and then, “I see Jesus!” and boom! Died, right on the spot.
(Martha) In the church.
(J) In the church up in front of everybody, prophesying, finished the prophecy, looked up, saw Jesus and left! What a perfect way of leaving. I mean, come on.
(Martha) They tried to revive her, didn’t they?
(J) Yeah, sure they did, but she was gone. She left. I’d be like, “I’m out of here.”
(Martha) She was John’s intercessor as a young believer, and Robin Matthew’s too. Amazing woman, very, very much a – how would you say? She was very debilitated.
(J) She had congestive heart failure.
(Martha) Ok, she was not able to do and go and be, so she was… And she interceded for me a lot.
(J) She did.
(Martha) When I came on the scene she welcomed me, and said, “Here are your children.”
(J) “Take ’em on.”
(Martha) And when I met her, I said, “Can I kneel down?” She said, “You cannot!”
(J) She was amazing.
(Martha) I said, “You are amazing.” Uh-huh.
(J) But she saw, she saw Jesus.
(Martha) She saw Jesus and left.
(J) Don, listening to you read and listening to about the Lamb of God – (snap!) Poof! Gone! Awesome way of going – promotion, you know!
(Martha) Umhmm.
(J) But Christ for you had tears. He hurt for you, and we know that’s right. We know that’s right. He left John, He left John for Mary, because He knew. “You’re going to have to watch Me die, and it’s going to be awful. I’m 33 years old, and you’re going to have to watch me die. I’m leaving you John to tear with you, to bear with you. He’s going to take care of you,” because He has a heart for that. So it may have been all His tears.
(Martha) It would have been.
(J) It may have been my intercession through my body, through my eyes.
(Carole) I can’t believe I hadn’t seen it.
(J) I haven’t seen it til this very moment when I’m saying it. I had no idea.
(Carole) But, you know, there was a knowing in my spirit that I was being carried on the prayers of whoever. There was. It was like I was on a, I don’t want to say a bubble. It wasn’t even that. I was in Christ. I was being carried on the prayers, in the prayers the of priests, and that takes me back now to the reality that that is our commission. That is our purpose as priests to pray, to cry, to let Him pray and cry in and through us for those He has a heart to do for.
(Martha) I have been carried in the same way, Carole, and I have so many beautiful cards, a stack of the most exquisite messages. It’s going to take me a good while to answer them all, but I can’t describe the encouragement of the big, huge Body of Christ, and just feeling for me and praying for me. I can’t possibly comprehend it. And I can’t possibly say thank you enough and to tell just how much that has meant. The comfort of the Spirit has come through a lot of, a lot of people.
(J) So, if you are interested in what we’ve been talking about for these numbers of podcasts, you can go up to whatever the number is. I don’t know what the number’s going to be and how long this will be. I hope it will be a good distance. But you can go back and you can hear the beginning of this, where we were talking about Melchizedek, and if that… All this whole series of podcasts is something that interests you, this all has been an off-shoot and a spin-off from Martha’s Message of the Month on Melchizedek in March. So, and this is going to take us beyond March, which I’m very pleased about. I hope so, I hope so. So, God bless y’all. Thank you for sitting with us and enjoying this with us. We just bless you with the priestly blessing of peace and rest and His life, which is His will.
(Martha) The one thing we didn’t touch on that you reminded me of, John, is you blessed the listeners is that Melchizedek blessed Abram. And I want to talk about that in the next podcast – the blessing of the priest.

Tears of Liquid Intercession and Prayers – Episode #488 – Shulamite Podcast

6 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    Oh yes… I have been enjoying these conversations immensely!
    And I’m pondering on entering His rest and to fear that one hasn’t done that and how one does that practically…I’m wondering if perhaps it doesn’t at least begin with a daily, and even moment by moment, believing and receiving of the forgiveness of ones sins…A faith in ones salvation as constant as breathing…

  2. Josh says:

    Carole – “That is our purpose as priests to pray, to cry, to let Him pray and cry in and through us for those He has a heart to do for.”

    I am seeing this as the meaning behind the parable of the sheep and goats in Matthew 25:31-46. Does anyone else see this?

    I will attempt to explain what I am seeing.
    In all of the circumstances of each and everyone of us is our Priest is standing in the gap for us. In every circumstance he is praying and interceding for us. He is ever and always present in our circumstances. Do we see Him there? He is interceding for us there, as our sacrifice and redemption, as our “priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.” – Heb 7:17

    In these stories you have shared, He was grieving for Martha and for Carole. He had a need to grieve and He was able to do it through His body – through those who allowed Him to weep and live out His grief. In the parable, the sheep are those who saw Him suffer and responded to Him in His need. The sheep are those who were willing to be an intercessory vessel, a vessel that lived out His need for the benefit of others – “the least of these”.

    “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ Matt 25:40

    The sheep do not go, and do, and solve the crisis for the “least of these” but instead see Christ’s need. They see that He is suffering on behalf of the “least of these” and are willing to be the vessel He needs to live out the suffering and the intercession. In the parable, verses 35-36, He says “For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, 36 I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’”. In each of these, the King commends those who see and tend to His need and you see in their response that they don’t even know when they did these things. They do not remember when they saw Him suffering and looked after Him, fed Him, clothed Him, or visited Him in prison. That is very fascinating to me – that we can have an interaction with the King of All Things and not even recognize it! But isn’t that is the basis on which we are judged? Do we see the need of the King?!!

    I love this paradox because we serve others by serving only Him. We serve His needs only, and in that He uses us as a vessel to work in the lives of others. In contrast, I believe we can hinder His work by not seeing His needs and tending only to our idea of what that other person may need. That must have been what was meant by what Jesus said, “I praise you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.”

    Just like Carole stated, I too am being carried through my crisis by Him through those who are willing to bear His suffering for my sake. I am one of the least of these, and I am grateful for His love and grace that He bestows on them who allow Him to live, that I may also know Him. Father, thank you for the love and grace and wisdom that you give through Shulamite!

    1. Martha says:

      Josh, how incredible! “We serve His needs only.”
      You point us straight to Jesus, to recognize Him Who is All, Every, Only.
      Thank you . . . I will be reading this again.

    2. Sam says:

      Wow Josh… thank you. I liked so much your vision of “not knowing your right hand what the left does” which connects with “when did we do those things?”

      I think the Spirit talks of the same thing through both thoughts, don’t you think?

  3. andrea says:

    there is much beauty in a soundless word whose only shape is liquid …..

  4. Sam says:

    Again, thank you people. Love you.

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