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Episode #490 – Super Spirituality a Great Delusion

Super Spirituality a Great Delusion

Super Spirituality a Great Delusion
Episode #490
April 24, 2016

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel and Carole Nelson 

(J) Well, May’s Message of the Month (Super Spirituality: A Hidden Delusion) is very similar to March’s CD of the Month that we basically sat around, and we listened to Martha do it, thinking that originally it was going to be a podcast. It turns out to be a CD of the Month, and then we follow it up with just the reflections of it, because the message was amazing, really is. I have a preliminary title for it. “Super Spirituality: A Hidden Delusion.” So, it is a scorcher. It’s pretty blazing. Wouldn’t you say it was blazing, Jen? That was a “Yeah.”
(Jennifer) Understatement.
(J) Ok, so, understatement, yeah. It’s a blazing message. It’s a wonderful message, and it’s… Not only did you give the diagnosis of super spirituality, you also gave the solution and the practical living out, not being in it. It was just… You gave the whole enchilada, so to speak.
(Martha) And this has been so painfully on my heart. That’s why it was blazing, because I’ve been blazing by the Spirit, so concerned for the church in the end times to not recognize the truth and the false. One of the offices, one of the jobs of the priest is to teach the people the difference between the profane and the holy. And so, I hope that it did separate it out to some degree. But super spirituality is… I begged the Lord for a simple definition, and it’s when the flesh masquerades as the Spirit and pretends to be spiritual when it is flesh. That’s not really as simple as I told it in the tape, but it’s a plaque. It’s going to be a plaque, because it’s the precursor for the anti-Christ spirit to be accepted. And the Bible says there will be signs and wonders in the end times. And I have warned people that said, that pat me on the head and say, “Um, well, maybe. We’ll see.” But it’s here.
(J) I think it’s shocking because of the fact that the whole kind of climate of the world right now is setting everything up for delusion. There’s a pressure. There’s anger. There’s frustration. It’s politically, financially, morally, every… It just seems like we’re in a pressure cooker. And I think that delusion is able to rise as the answer, when the pseudo-truth because of desperation and because of frustration and…
(Martha) Well, I saw you taking notes furiously through the message, so if you could share your insights, that’d be great.
(J) Well, I love how you connected it to the podcast that just came up, and you didn’t even listen to it. I basically did the podcast that will air last week, this morning. And you talked about, well, we both talked about that, “You’re either for Me or against Me,” and that you’re either Satanic or a heavenly man. And we specifically went into that quite a bit in last week’s podcast and the podcast preceding that. And I think it literally, when I heard you do that, you literally, it was like connecting the two perfectly.
(Martha) Believe me, it was not my connection. If that’s true, the Holy Spirit did it. That’s amazing to me.
(Jennifer) My prayer before you started, Martha, was that the Lord would really anoint it for me with love, with love for the super spiritual person, because the truth is, I loathe them, generally. They push every wound. They, they, they… I’m like a big, puffy thing getting popped. Every time I’m around one, I just want to scream right in their face and run away. And He did, He did. He gave me such a picture I think that superiority… It’s like you always say that it will call out that which is in us. And on the one hand it drives me nuts, and on the other hand I can feel my own flesh rearing up to meet it. And then I’m annoyed with me, and I’m annoyed with them, and I’m annoyed with the whole situation, and then the next thing you know, I’m in a puddle. You know what I mean? I’m taken out so easily. So I prefer so not to engage. I’m sorry, do you want to…
(Martha) I just want to insert why you… Because you love truth. You do. You love truth.
(Jennifer) Yeah.
(Martha) So you have a very legitimate opposition to it, and I think it’s wonderful, because you do. You just love truth.
(Jen) Well, but even with that, He has to purify even that. I guess that’s what’s so amazing to me. But, I know that I need more love, and that more love for Him to engage with these people. And the starkness of your message isn’t going to be contained. This is going to spread. This is going to be everywhere. And it’s such a picture of His love. I never would have considered 1st Timothy necessarily a book of love in the traditional sense. Timothy always strikes me as he’s a little Pentecostal. He’s kind of a lord of war and thunder. You know what I mean? Like he’s a little hardcore. If you stepped into a room with Timothy, I kind of picture him blazing wherever he might be, passionately, not in the flesh. I don’t mean that, but you know what I mean; just kind of this hrrrrrr, John the Baptist kind of, you know, “I eat locusts” sort of feel. And, but there’s such love, and you specifically singled out 1st Timothy, chapter 4 in talking about what to do. And that had always been such a list to me of, you know, it felt dry. But the Lord anointed it, because if someone is willfully stabbing out their own eyes, it’s not love to not only let them keep doing it, but to help them, to pick up a needle and start stabbing with them. And that is the Satanic demand of a super spiritual person. It says, “Not only do I want you to keep quiet about whatever you might see about me that doesn’t quite add up, I’ll keep quiet about you. We’re going to make a little devil’s bargain here.”
(Martha) Um, um, um..
(Jennifer) And it just moves… That’s, I think, is how it spreads through a church that won’t confront it. And I thought about that, because before we even started talking, we had this big communion session, and it was coming in, and it was getting clean, and it was confessing to each other, and it just, oh, I needed it so badly. I needed to be just clean and emptied out. And I think if you won’t go to the Blood, your only other real option is to make that devil’s bargain of delusion. “I won’t see you if you don’t see me,” because there’s no other way to walk through any room without either shame or condemnation or any of those torments that come down on you that start weighing heavier and heavier and heavier and make you respond defensively and with hate and taking offense to everything and constantly looking for something you can hold over somebody else’s head. It is such a whirlwind of hell. And I just think this message is so anointed with the love that is being committed to Him in the face of that demonic super-spirituality, which is such a repugnant thing that’s so few people really want to engage with, I think. I think, I wonder how many people make the devil’s bargain just because they don’t really want to spend any time with this person, just because it’s not even worth it to them. This person’s going to hell and they say, “Well, that’s fine, as long as I don’t have to spend five more minutes in their presence.” I’ve been there, and I’m not saying that like, “How you hard-hearted people.” I know that thought, because I’ve entertained it, more than a few occasions. But I just, you know, that’s not God’s heart. That’s not His heart. And I want His heart, and this message to me is His heart for those people who are not only in such danger, but then they will have added onto their souls the people they pull down with them, because they are whirlwinds. They do not operate alone and with impunity. They will take many with them. That’s just how it works. And, you know, so…
(Martha) I think in learning this what struck me so deeply and is how easy it is to wave over these difficult passages in the Bible that are really a call and a mandate to take a position both against and for. And that’s a delicate, delicate road right there. But I’m struck with the conditions of the end times that are so clearly, we’re so clearly warned about and called to see it.
(Carole) Well, I have been one of those people, and it’s something that is a propensity in my life. And I thank God that I have a Body, that Christ has given His Body to help me continue on the road that He has brought me to. But it took a lot to begin to bring me out. It was, I think it is a very difficult place to be brought out of, because it is such a deep rooted place of irresponsibility and a place of false comfort and false security. And I just thank God that He is such a tsunami of love, that He’s not satisfied to leave any of us there. And He’s called for His Body to help each other to even if it means bringing the rod of correction, and sometimes having to be separated and put outside the camp to get alone enough to see and consider where you really are. I think that the super religious, and I’d say super religious, it is super religious, and it is such an attempt to escape, to escape from reality. It’s an incredible place of escape into irresponsibility. And, you know, if we can spout the Word, and we can talk about the Word, but Hebrews 4:12, and I go back to that scripture so much because it’s been paramount in my life. If the scripture does not do this, then I don’t think that it has any merit in our lives. He says, “For the Word of God is living and powerful and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.” And that’s what the scripture is supposed to do, I believe one of the main things scripture is supposed to do in and for us. It’s the Word and the Spirit. That is what He does to bring us into reality, into the place that is real and not the place of delusion. And it’s taken a lot, and still is to be quite frank, to bring me into and keep me in the place of reality. It’s as Martha has said, “It begins and probably ends with the choice to love, first love the Lord your God with all of your heart, your soul, your mind and your strength, but to love the truth which is the Lord. And so, I’ve been brought through by love. I’m being brought through by love, by a tsunami of love. And so, I can pray for wherever I am in this journey of mine, I can take the authority that He has given me – I have not idea what that is – to pray for those who are in super spirituality, to bring them out, to bring them into freedom, to bring them into the realization of God’s love and God’s truth.

Super Spirituality a Great Delusion – Episode #490 – Shulamite Podcast

8 Responses

  1. Sandy says:

    Once again, Church, I have been absolutely blown away.
    Thank you dear people…God bless all of you in His love…

  2. sue says:

    I see you Martha, as the Deborah for the LORD’s standard into the war, IT is the Standard of TRUTH, that you shared that is also Jennifer’s standard. As always, you are the standard bearer for God’s love. This standard, as you always teach us is a person, Jesus Christ.
    I will be forever grateful that your confronting my delusion that I was spiritual. Bless you dear one.

  3. Sam says:

    Amen people. Amen, Carole and Jen. What a thrill of message and… what a surprise!

    I know very well that realm of “super-spirituality”. Yes… flesh is always “super-spiritual” about God. It grows in “super-spirituality” as high as a redwood. But God is not involved… and flesh begins to suffer God. :) That’s the difference. Only the Spirit is glad in God… because God meets YOU… the Real God. When living out God through the mind of flesh, when you live in the “super-spiritual” realm instead of taking the light burden, at the end you manufacture your own god and artificially SUFFER that god instead of ENJOYING the Real God (sure… hard as a rock… but enjoyable!). I know very well how to do that, to be “super-spiritual”. But gladness of heart has to do with living out your spiritual need, relinquishing power.

    “Super-spiritual” people are often the most fearful people. That realm is filled of huge fear and enormous artificial control. When following God trusting your strenght, you will always come to the place of being “super-spiritual”. That place is an old place… has to do with power, control and knowledge. You always trying to generate it instead of laying and waiting on God to bestow it. So… either you live out of His Son through your need… or you live out of your own strength and engage in very dangerous and dark waters. That power is real… to destroy you. I have visited that place, and it is a nightmare.

    But, as you say, it is always so easy to come back to the place of pure love and raw need. You really don’t have to manufacture anything to live there. Blufff!!… as easy as breathing.

    Again, what a surprise of a podcast… and thank you.


    1. Sam says:

      SAID: because God meets YOU… the Real God.
      MEANT: because God (the Real God) meets YOU.

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