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We All Can Suffer from Anxiety – Episode #827

We All Can Suffer from Anxiety

We All Can Suffer from Anxiety
Episode #827

Hosted by John Enslow and joined by special guest: Charles Carrin

This is a continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #826
Anxiety lays the foundation for a mindset in which anxiety becomes an accepted way of life.

Well, I’ve been amazed because I’ve personally dealt with a lot of anxiety in my life. I’m going through some anxious times even.


And when I have gone through it and I’ve tried to find out how to stay out of it. I realize that one of the key things is not to remain in the past or the future it’s to deal with the moment. And operate in what I know. Operate in the very moment that I’m in rather than projecting what’s going to happen in the future, or fearing what’s happened in the past. That whole thing has just destroying me. And so I think that when we do go into the future and we start trying to work out everything for the future, it becomes anxious.

Very much so.

Or if we’re looking at the past and saying how we screwed up and how we messed up, not that your not repenting, but once it’s dealt, once you’ve repented, let it go. Leave the past.

Let me point out this, first of all anxiety is universal. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your situation is. You are going to deal at times with anxiety. A family can function in the very wonderful, healthy, strong, mature way at home, but then there will be some invasive factor that comes into the family life that brings anxiety. Or it can simply be a girl in school, who is fearful of some other girl, or fearful of a relationship with her boyfriend, and that kind of anxiety lays the foundation for a mindset in which anxiety becomes an accepted way of life. That’s very wrong! The power of the Holy Spirit, working through the gospel, and through the kingdom of God, in the very purpose of it is the destroy about anxiety. That’s what faith is. There could be no faith operative where anxiety has a stranglehold grip on the family or an individual. We all suffer from it.

So when does it come from being anxious about a particular thing and when does it cross over into becoming a strong hold of anxiety?

I think with everybody would vary from person to person, but I can guarantee you this once anxiety can set up its operation in us, it will never voluntarily leave. It must be dealt with on a spiritual base. And now I am for medication. I am not against doctors, but I can tell you this, medication will not conquer it. Anxiety has to be conquered at its authentic root. Not at something that disguises it and whitewashes over it and makes it appear pretty and nice and comfortable when in reality it’s only being held down. Now this is where the Gospel of Jesus Christ wins! This is where the Gospel triumphs, in our personal lives, where it comes into a situation, where there is a scene of anxiety and fear and intimidation and cowardice in all of that mixture. The power of the Gospel and the message, the converting message of the Gospel, corrects that.

Absolutely, where the medication can placated for the moment, the Gospel and and where the work of the Holy Spirit can eradicate it.

And let me say, make a radical observation, if the Gospel you are experiencing and hearing in church is not successfully combating such things as anxiety, fear, intimidation, mind control, and all that. If it isn’t doing it, find a church where you will hear it.


I’m very intolerant. I’ve been in ministry now over 70 years, I’ve seen a lot of wasted gospel effort, because pastors simply were not brave enough to stand before the congregation and tell them the truth. Anxiety is a culprit. It is an enemy. It is something that must be dealt with. And I’m thankful that you approach that subject here. I recommend the book, I genuinely do. Overcoming Anxiety.

Thank you

We All Can Suffer from Anxiety – Episode #827 – Shulamite Podcast

Anxiety is universal. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your situation is. You are going to deal at times with anxiety. Overcoming Anxiety!

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