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A Story of the Heart of God – Episode #668

A Story of the Heart of God

A Story of the Heart of God
Episode #668

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel

This is the story of the great heart of God. Our heavenly Father looks for vessels willing to carry His compassion for people, His LOVE for people in need.

Well, John and Jennifer and I are gathered here in the office because something is on my heart that I want to share with everyone. A couple of weeks ago we shared in the podcast about Jennifer praying over the current events of child and sex trafficking. And we realized, and we did it on air, that we were praying the same thing and that the Holy Spirit was giving us different things to pray.

And I want to tell a story about a quite amazing event, that I told this story on the message of the month and I really wanted to do a podcast on it because it is so incredible.

I’m going to let Jennifer read the beginning of that tape.

We were reading and talking about something separate and we went on a hunt to find the story because it was really on Martha’s heart and I remembered it as well. And we couldn’t remember where it had been done because, honestly, that’s how much the Lord is pouring through this ministry. There is so… That we are under a deluge of amazing revelation and blessings and so we had to go on the hunt to figure this out and we figured it out that it was in August Message of the Month which is The Glorious Heart of God, which if you haven’t… Oh, you know, the whole entire message you just, you just don’t want to miss any of these messages Martha’s been doing on the heart because they are absolutely connected to, complimentary to, supporting of everything the Holy Spirit is doing in the other aspects: the loving of self that John hit on the last few podcasts that is now all of us are, are in that. It’s just all there. And this story is part and parcel of that and what it means to be a vessel of God’s love and to let Him come in and put on your heart what He wants to put on your heart even if it has no other connection than His, His desires and His relationship to you.

And that’s really what this story was and it was an incredible story of what God is able to do with a receptive heart. And the passion He’s able to instill even when there’s no rational connection as we would think of it.

Well, before, we have Martha do the story actually I, I want to… A few gems that came right before she told this story that sets it up quite a bit. And I’m telling you, you just need to, you’ve just got to hear this message.

So Martha was saying, she said, “And I was taught by the Spirit that we needed to have an empty heart, empty of our opinions and our negative thoughts and wicked thoughts and even frivolous thoughts. We needed a quiet empty heart in order for Christ to express Himself through us.

“The heart is a vessel that belongs to the Holy Spirit for the feelings of God in Christ. We are to cry with His tears and love with His love and turn when His heart turns. Our heart is to be absolutely owned by Christ for His use, for His expression. Literally He wants to express His feelings and thought through our hearts. And we’re to be honest with what we feel but we are to continually be emptying out. We’re pouring out our life and our identities so that we’re available for God’s use.”

Ok, so now I’m going to actually take an, the excerpt out of the CD of the Month and, and play that for y’all so that you can be on the same page with us and we can all enjoy it. So here’s the excerpt.

Martha (excerpt from The Glorious Heart of God):
There’s a story that I want to tell about John’s heart being used by God and that’s how you learn God’s compassion, God’s power, God’s purpose is when you allow your heart to be used by God.

There was a representative in the United States Congress who was shot by I think it was a mentally ill person. He was a representative from Louisiana, Steve Scalise. He’s called the Minority Whip in the House which is a strange title but it’s a strong position of leadership and he was voted there by the trust of his peers. And he was at a place, a baseball field where other government officials were and he was shot, terribly wounded. The shot went into his hip, passed through his body. Just wrecked many organs in his body. It was, it’s like his body exploded from within with that one shot. And he was rushed away, bleeding profusely internally and externally.

And John’s heart was filled with God’s compassion for that man. When it happened, he was very much in touch with the news. He was telling us what was going on with Steve Scalise. And his spirit, I believe it was God’s call to John to pray for weeks and months for that man. He was called to pray God’s power and healing and the will for him to live and be restored to his position in Congress. And that burden lasted for months. It would go along and weeks would go by and John wouldn’t have mentioned it and then he would bring it up again. And I realized that all those weeks, he had been on duty to pray.

And that burden lasted for months because his injuries were severe. It was an incredible commission on John to stay with the man until he was well and then the day came when he was well and John rejoiced as if it were a relative because he had been involved not with the man but with God’s heart for the man. And He’s, He kept John with, with it.

So that’s what it means to carry God’s heart and learn it. God was with that man for, in the most intimate care. And I, I read the book of his. He wrote a book about the whole thing. And he was a Christian. But he told… All through the book it was the explanation for his recovery was that it was a miracle of prayer. And he knew that many people prayed for him; many, many outpourings of letters came to tell him that people were praying for him.

But apparently that man was favored by God and He undertook to arrange and organize a huge move of prayer for that man. And His love for him and His commitment to that man to, to bring him back to life was spread across the country with many, many people praying.

But John was absolutely involved and I was not. I could forget that it had happened and then John would bring it up and I would realize, “Oh, yes we need to be praying,” but John had the prayer. John had the heart of God. That’s more than just a commitment to pray. He… I’m not sure he made a commitment in himself to pray. I think God committed him! And he agreed and went with it.

So to know His heart takes being available to Him. Watchman Nee, I’ve said this before but it’s so crucial, Watchman Nee said, “Give to God the ownership of your heart and then He will turn your heart where He wants it to go.”

I did that many years ago and it is absolutely the truth. God wants to possess your heart with His heart.

I want to say that the incredible thing about this story is that it sort of came from heaven as an assignment to John and John has… John is very aware of what’s going on in the world but he’s not entangled with the news and he’s not entangled with politics and he’s, he prays more than he will admit about things in the world.

But this is amazing because as Jennifer implied in the, in the reading, he had no connection to this person that God brought to him. And I didn’t even really know who the man was. But it’s an incredible story of the intervention of God. When He wants prayer done, we are to be available. Even if we don’t know anything about anybody that we’re to be available.

Several, a couple of weeks ago the Lord very strongly alerted me to pray for the U, UPS driver and I assumed He meant for the UPS driver but I didn’t know who so I just prayed health and protection and whatever, whatever came to me and thought no more about it.

A couple days later our UPS man stopped by and I said, “You know, I want to tell you something strange.” He comes to our office all the time. And I said, “I want to tell you that the Lord told me to pray for the UPS man and I prayed for you.” And he said, “Oh my goodness, thank you! You don’t know what we’re facing out there in this world.” He said, “We just had a driver shot three times.” Just the day before I think it was. And he said, “Perhaps you were praying for him because he lived and has, he’s been released from the hospital now two weeks later.” And… But he said, “It’s, it’s dangerous out there. There was no reason for this man to be shot.” And he… And so I realized that maybe it was true. Maybe God had a bigger reason.

So I want it to be kind of an encouragement to me and to all of us to keep an ear open to the Lord for what He wants. And I followed this man. Found him on, found pictures of him online and know his name. So he, he’s going to be dear to me. And so will our own driver.

But the Lord is looking and calling for agreement with His will to transcend the evil of the earth and He’s waiting and watching for somebody that will pick up on, on His call.

A Story of the Heart of God – Episode #668 – Shulamite Podcast

This is the story of the great heart of God. Our heavenly Father looks for vessels willing to carry His compassion for people, His LOVE for people in need. He does all the heavy lifting, requiring only a heart attuned to His and desirous of His will!

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