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Episode #496 – The Spirit, the Word and Spiritual Man

The Spirit, the Word and the Spiritual Man

The Spirit, the Word and Spiritual Man
Episode #496
June 5, 2016

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #495.

(Martha) I am very exercised about the falseness of these movements and these experiences. And I knew someone, I knew she had flights of fancies that were not real. I’ve known two people, very close that I would say, “That’s just the enemy’s deception.” So, then the Lord took me to this verse in 1st Peter again, and the issue is living or dead. While there may be experiences, the end of it is death. While there may be phenomena, there may be knowledge, and all this about laying on graves of saints and soaking up their anointing is necromancy. It’s vile, an abomination to God, and that will not go anywhere but death. But I was struck this morning because in 1st Peter it says, “You come to Him as a living stone, which has been rejected by men.” And God says it’s more than a living stone, it’s a cornerstone. A cornerstone… You grew up with a construction expert father, and the cornerstone sets the foundation and sets the perfection of the sites. I’m not saying it well. But it says that the stone will be rejected, meaning Christ. And then it gives you why the stone is rejected. “A stone of stumbling and a block of offense, for they stumble because they were disobedient to the Word, and to this doom they were also appointed.”
(J) It’s a plumb line.
(Martha) Plumb line, that’s it. Yes.
(J) The, you know, the cornerstone is the plumb line and the Word is our plumb line. It’s the line of… This says, “This is where it is. This is where the truth is.” This is, the plumb line.
(Martha) Umhmmm. Let me read it in the Amplified. “The stone will cause stumbling and a rock that will give men offense. They stumble because they disobey and disbelieve God’s word as those who reject Him were destined, appointed to do.” Those who reject Him perish. They’re destined to perish. That’s so sober and so… You were talking this morning about how concerned you are and how tragic both of these extremes are to miss Him and have a substitute that will take you to death. It’s just tragic. So those who disbelieve the Word will believe the lie. Those who disobey the Word will obey the lie. So any involvement is an indictment of the one who’s involved, not so much the people. You can be mesmerized as a whole lot of witchcraft about it, whole lot of seduction and so forth, but if you touch it and are mesmerized by it, it’s because of something in you
.(J) Umhmm, umhmmm. Absolutely.
(Martha) And back to John 17. It’s says, “This is eternal life to know You, the only true and real God, and likewise to know Him, Jesus, as the Messiah.” The whole purpose for God coming to earth in the form of His Son and giving His life was so that we could have a connection with God. And if your connection is to the Word or to the experience, then you’ve missed the entire centrality. I did a message of the month, I think it’s going to come out in May, and it’s about the super spirituality. It was not quite about what we’re talking about, but it’s going off beyond the Spirit, ahead of the Spirit, outside the Spirit, and wanting to be spectacular. It’s actually about ambition. When Paul had an experience of going to the third heaven, he wouldn’t even tell it as his own experience. I thought about that this morning. It astonished me. He made it, “I know a man who went to the third heaven.” He heard things that he couldn’t repeat, and heard things that were unspeakable. And then, you know what happened to him afterwards? He had a thorn in the flesh. And the Lord would not remove it, because the thorn in the flesh was to keep him humble and from being self-exalted by the very revelation he had. So, if the grand visit to heaven and the walking in the stars or whatever is going on, there’s going to be a great discipline of God to keep the person from taking it to themselves and being exalted. But I witnessed with my own eyes was the exaltation of the person. “Wow, this person has had this experience.” Maybe, maybe not. But that means they are spiritual. No, a spiritual person is just one that does the will of God by the Spirit and is led of the Spirit. That’s a spiritual man. And a spiritual man who’s led of the Spirit will recognize the antichrist spirit. That’s the only safety, and that’s what I’m pleading for is getting the Word… We saw, went to hear a lady recently, Kathryn Ruonala, and she’s connected to a lot of people that I’m very suspicious about. However, this woman at this point of her life is extremely genuine, because she flows with the Scriptures. She’s steeped in the Scriptures. She listens to the Word all day long. And her book is about genuine walking with the Lord and the discipline, the chastening, the stripping of the Lord. She knows what the wilderness is and what its purpose is. The purpose is to strip you and make you able to endure great miracles. So she is a pure stream, that I feel like her base is the Word and the Spirit together. She has the Spirit to enlighten her, to understand she’s being cleansed and stripped and scourged. She has the Spirit to lead her in His will. She has the Spirit to give her vision and she’s grounded, so deeply grounded in the Word that she just pours it out of her mouth constantly, in her messages. And she’s living in the cross. That’s the absence. You remove the cross of Christ, you’ve removed Christ. Derek Prince has a book about the Blood that I’ve never read before. I’m just in the first pages, but he said, “If you eliminate the cross, you have eliminated Christ.” The cross is where it took place. The cross is where we were freed. The cross is what’s going to happen to you. So that’s what it looks like, if I’ve drawn a picture of it. The Spirit without the Word is the wrong spirit.   And if the preaching doesn’t contain the Word of God on the basis of revelation from the Spirit, then you’ve eliminated the Word of God, which is a Man, the Man.

The Spirit, the Word and Spiritual Man – Episode #496 – Shulamite Podcast

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  1. Sam says:

    Thank you, Martha. Grateful.

    Christ and fantasies are not compatible. There is a lack of experience of what I would call reality. Christ is all in for reality. That’s precisely what has protected you all these years. I can see it from outside, so to speak, regarding you shulamites. Christ is all about living the down to earth and real… and here comes the gift of this Life…. THROUGH and IN the bliss of the Spirit. You live realityy THROUGH Jesus. This bliss is not about fancies!

    Another thing I see is people believe you can manage this at all, but this is part of the awful deceit. The Spirit is the one that flies and goes here and there. It is Him (the Spirit) that takes us to His knowledge or supernatural experiences. These are all in (INSIDE) the Spirit, not in the soul. In fact, all the experiences we may have are not promarily for us, but for “the building of the Body” (Eph 4:12). The Spirit CARRIES you for the exaltation of Christ… not the other way around.

    The greatest supernatural revelation/experience registered in the history of mankind was what John in Patmos saw and shared with us. He saw the innards of Jesus Christ, penetrated inside His secret Person, and this was the beginning of it:

    I was IN the Spirit on the Lord’s day, and I heard behind me a great voice, as of a trumpet… Rev 1:10

    IN… the Spirit. which in other words means IN the Word (as you said). IN… the Word. The Word has a Spirit but they are not separated. “The words I talk to you are SPIRIT and LIFE.” (Jn 6:63). The word is not “words”… it is SPIRIT… it is Him. You can hear the Word, and not receiving the Spirit that Word is!

    And the Word came to earth for one reason: to embraze the cross. The cross (this side of the veil) is what joins us more surely in the dark of faith to Jesus. Take apart the cross and you take apart your very protection from fantasies. You do not want the cross… you will be deceived as surely as the sun comes down each day. I know how easily it is to get lost in the supernatural, and how many fears and deceptions are there. Not that I have sought the supernatural, but I know how easily the supernatural attracts our soulish powers to nourish them.

    Indeed thank you and sorry for the long preaching.


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