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The Spirit Life is Flexibility – Episode #778

The Spirit Life is Flexibility

The Spirit Life is Flexibility
Episode #778

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest: Joan Wentzel
The Spirit life is flexibility; not poured in concrete and I feel like it’s a real training that we are under right now to be spontaneous.

Yesterday I such confusion because I didn’t have a message, I couldn’t get a message and I said, “I’m not doing it without the anointing and I’m not anointed.” All I could say was, “Follow the Spirit every second of your day and life.” That would be the message.

So, I was fretting, went to sleep fretting; woke up at like two saying, “If You have a message, let me know. I don’t have a message. It’s got to be somebody else that has the message.”

And then I didn’t notify you until six in the morning. And I went, “That’s so terrible; what do I know if they wake three times in the night to see if I have called for a meeting.” And when I got into that I went, “As soon as they get here I am going to beg their forgiveness; I will never do that again but I can’t promise it because I know God.”

So, Joan comes in because I’m in a crisis and I’m just kind of freaked out. And so, Joan comes in and I say, “Oh, I’m such a mess.” And you said, “No, you are not. This is exactly what it should be.”

So, I was all set to just gravel on the floor about doing that to y’all and promising I will never do it again. But Joan gave me this quote from Art Katz and I love it because it’s true of me: “Go with God and He lets you look like and dumb, dumb.” She brought me that and that’s accurate; that’s what He does. And He used to embarrass me so bad because He would do things and then do not expected things and He would have me do things I didn’t want to do and I would say, “I’m just embarrassed at You because You go this way and then go that way.” So, this is what Joan told me to encourage me.

Well, I just came over this morning and I said, “First of all you are not a mess! There is no problem. And all you are doing is calling us to live the message you gave us last week.

The message was Christ is coming soon, we need to be ready. And one of the directives you gave was we were to watch and be alert and be looking. And I feel like us getting the text this morning, the email at six o’clock was just preparation and training.

We are to be awake and alert and if the meeting is called at eight o’clock and you say we are to meet at 10 or 10:30 that’s got to be ok because that’s His life is flexibility; not poured in concrete and I feel like it’s a real training that we are under right now to be spontaneous. When God says it’s time then we all come and we meet. And I feel like in the world we live in if it’s not convenient and it’s not pain free we’re uncomfortable; we feel it’s a hardship and the truth is it’s not.

And not God!

And not God. It can’t be God if it’s hard. No, everything in Christ’s life that I look at was difficult and strange. I mean He called the disciple, “Come, follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” What in the world does that look like? What is that about? Catching the fish in the sea makes sense to us. The other not so much. But I see it’s calling us to be trained to His will, His life, and His standard of flexibility.

And you told me it’s how I live.

This is exactly how I have watched Martha has lived for close to thirty years now. She just is so spontaneous and when the Lord calls her, she comes immediately. She doesn’t question, she doesn’t say, “Well, I don’t feel like it, I’m not ready, it’s not convenient, I have a lot of other things going on” which could be said of all of our lives right now. But the priority has always been Jesus and what does He want and His Will in this moment.

That was so encouraging and it made me remember some years ago, thirty at least, I had a friend who was very orderly. And I just complained to the Lord. I said, “Lord, I’m not orderly like she is and I need to be. It’s just wonderful.” And He said, “Orderly is not My priority. My priority is flexibility. And He reminded me I had been in the kitchen with other friends and the Lord called me to hear Him so I went in the pantry and shut the door. While they were cooking, I was in the pantry listening to the Lord’s message. And He said, “Remember, that’s what I trained you to. You stop whatever and you come to me when I say, ‘Come.’”

And that’s what’s going to be imperative about the rapture because it’s going to happen in the blink of an eye. The wording of it in the languages means in the blink of an eye; less than a breath; poof, He’s going to be here. And He’s going to come to get the bride first and take her to heaven; whoever is bridal and that means letting Him be husband even the men and being formed into the nature of the Lamb. That’s what’s required of the bride.

The Lamb of God is going to marry a lamb bride and it all has to be with His nature being imbedded in me. What Joan did for me this morning was absolutely the bridegroom giving me instructions. She was in the Spirit and she understood what I was feeling and what it took and she understood my life. And the Holy Spirit was so on her that I could accept again that call is to…It’s like a military call. Wouldn’t it be, Kyle? You have to be awake at whatever hour they say, right? A military life is what we really have. We are solders and called that by Timothy.

So, it was my lesson to learn what your lesson has got to be. And I have to agree the Lord was perfect in what He had in mind. I just wasn’t up to speed with Him until Joan could give me His mind. And He does make you look like a dumb, dumb. That’s somebody that really knows the Holy Spirit. This is the Holy Spirit:

The wind blows where it wills. You can hear the sound of it but you can’t tell where it’s coming from or where it’s going. So it is with those who live in the Spirit.

And that’s going to have to be your life and my life if we’re going to be in these two comings of Jesus. I decided some weeks ago that I would spend more time awake in the night than I used to. And I struggle and struggle to go to sleep. Well, I’m done with that. I’m going to be awake. He gave us the hint that the thief comes at night. To me that’s a hint of the rapture.

The situation of the second coming when He comes to judge the world and take the world as His kingdom and become the King of all kings that’s the judgment when He comes. But that gives very specific, entirely knowable signs of His coming. I’ll get to that, perhaps, in the next message.

One of them is the extreme increase of three things: famine, earthquakes, and tornadoes. So, those of all have increased. The statistics are shocking. I didn’t know there was that much famine and death in the world and the increase of it is just phenomenal. I will bring those facts to you because there’s one writer now that has gathered them.

Anyway, all to say, we are to be awake. That’s what the call is for the rapture. “Wake up. Be awake.” I believe He will let us have sleep if we are in the Spirit. If we are surrendered. My body is the vessel that has to be ready to be moved and filled at any time for anything He ask.

And I learned to live that way and John has, too. We’ve learned that. Stop and turn left. Left? And I looked up in Jesus’ journey there is, in my Bible there is a map and actually it goes from Jerusalem to Galilee and other places but it goes in a completely zig zag line. There’s no ease to it. It’s like seventeen exits. It’s so many different turns and things in it.

Enter the adventure if you will. Otherwise, be miserable. The adventure is He is giving us is the opportunity to be in the Spirit when He comes so that we’re automatically taken up. We aren’t going to be able to rehearse it. It will be too late by the time He comes. And everywhere it says,

Behold, I’m coming quickly.

That doesn’t mean He’s coming quick in time frame like He’s coming in a month. No, it’s saying, “When I come, I’m going to come fast.” And there will be the sound of a trumpet so we can be alert to that.

Actually, it’s being that surrendered you move when the Spirit moves and the Spirit was not moving on me for this lesson. And so I finally went to sleep and said, “I can’t stay up. I’ve got to go to sleep and help me please be awake.” And sure enough he did.

My lesson, actually, was Joan’s lesson, her revelation today about the flexibility. I don’t like flexibility. And sometime in my early days with the Lord I would say, “Forgive me Lord, I’m so embarrassed at You. You are rude according to my Baba’s standard. You do strange things and You go where You are not wanted and You won’t go where You are wanted. And I don’t get it.” And that’s just it. He’s not predictable. He is in charge and we are to be merely vessels that move on a dime. And when you do that, you enter His favor and you have adventures with Him that you would never, never dream of.

The Spirit Life is Flexibility – Episode #778 – Shulamite Podcast

When you allow yourself to be able to turn on a dime, you enter His favor and you have adventures with Him that you would never, never dream of.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    His message, unique parts & ways, God fits together..this takes a willingness for things to look ‘out-of-sorts’, seemingly incongruous, while the Spirit unfolds what He is ‘up-to’. He loves to put His stamp of ‘genuine’, ‘authentic’ on what belongs to God coming through vessels held in His Hand..which can turn any which way, & often does. In shock, but also recognition I’ve said, “What are You doing, Lord?!” over His ways. The unfamiliar is only familiar in our seeing Him..be Who HE IS, in us. Clay vessels, ever moldable to His touch; constantly shaped to contain, & open to, His spilling. How you live your lives in melted, melded mode comes through beautifully; Life around the Lord’s call & His Voice leading. Whatever the Spirit directs..One influence, purpose, center. May the Lord increase obedient spontaneity in His Life in His Church that throbs with His heart & Will alone. There’s no flat surface with God. He’s full of aspects, depths, heights, breadth. Light shining through all encompassing layers..finding ways to reveal livingly what only hearts can take in. Mystery manifest in unlikely places..& we are taken into the Joy of His Presence.
    (Art Katz) “There is a certain kind of hearing that is required for a certain kind of believing; & that requires a certain kind of preaching–a certain kind of word.” (“True Fellowship” page 123)

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