Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #14 – Special from Israel

with Marth Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

 (J)  Well, we’re in Beersheva and we’re just starting on the tour.  Today’s the first day and I wanted to do the podcast for today because we’re really on the government of God.  And I think that’s where He’s going to kinda be focusing.  So, Martha just did a message about the government of God ane that in Beersheva it was gateway.  It’s where Abraham went into the wilderness.  It’s a trade route, and Moses had to go through here.  So, as we’re on this trade route, Martha,… you don’t have to look at me like I’m going to come out with a… “So tell me, what’s the meaning of Life?”  (laughter)
(M)    But you have done that.
(J)    So, in this gate way I’d like you to explain the government of God in the relation to faith.  I want to hear how the government of God and faith are connected. 
(M)    I see the answer, but I don’t have the words just yet.  Faith is the supply of the government.  When you come under the government, you give up your own rights, your dominion, your own ownership and the reward for that is the faith that everything will be given you under the governement.
(J)    Do you think that we can hinder the government’s presence in our life and in the world by our unbelief? 
(M)     Absolutely.  You can hinder the government in your own life by demanding to be an independent entity, but you cannot stop that government.  It has been declared that of the increase of His governement and peace there will be no end.  So if the government is moving, it may run you over and pass you by and that would be to your detriment, but you cannot hinder overall the government.  You can only hinder it in your own life and maybe a few people around you by influence.  But they’ll be responsible for that, too.
(J)  So the government that I’m diverting, it’s in my own life by my own unbelief, but I can pretty much ruin my own destiny by not coming into belief and faith?  And if I do come into the faith do I see the government established? 
(M)  You see it manifested.  It spriings up.  I’ve just always been real impacted by the parable Jesus told about the Kingdom and the vinyard that the master sent the servants to give an account of the vinyard and the first one they beat and sent away.  And the man said, “I’ll send my own son.  Surely they will  recognize whose authority.”  And He quoted the vinyard owner or the steward as saying, “We will not have this man reign over us.  It incited the Jews because they knew He was talking about them.  The whole crisis of Christianity is the government of God, because the Kingdom is a government.  It has principles.  It has laws of the Spirit.  You can’t be in the Kingdom unless you’re under the government.  So John, what are you on about the governement.  You’ver been coming to me almost everyday with that word.
(J)  I’m really on government.  You’re right.  I am.  The connection between faith, unbelief and government are just so large in my head.  I don’t have any words for it.  But it’s huge. 
(M)    How did you connect government with faith?
(J)  It’s not like it establishes.  Maybe it is like it establishes.  I don’t know, but I’m seeing that faith is the…almost the gateway to the government of God in my life.  So I can stop the government in my life in that I can prevent the manifestation of the government and the provision of the government and it’s because of unbelief.  I believe.
(M)  Well, I can tell you that I’m about to talk about that as Israel in the wilderness.  And I’m going to be saying the one crisis is they would not come under the government.  The Church is a government.  The earth is under government.  The Kingdom is a government and it is against everything in our human nature to come under any other government than our will, our own will.  So I’m going to talk about that, and you didn’t know that at all that Israel’s biggest crises…. The biggest crisis in our life is the crisis of divine government.
(J)  And I believe that we thwart it.  We prevent God’s wonderful provision.  I think the provision that comes when you’re under the government and all that.  That all is prevented because of our unbelief.
(M)  And then we think God has cheated us, because here we are serving Him and He didn’t come through.  He doesn’t have to.  If you’re not under His government, He doesn’t owe you answering anything for you.  He’s not obligated to, but if you are under His government He obligates Himself.  I don’t know how to explain that but He does.
(J)  And that’s exactly what I’m seeing.  That’s exactly what I’m seeing, because I’m seeing that when He sent out the disciples He sent them out with every provision.  They didn’t have to take bags.  They didn’t have to take extra stuff, because….(laughing)  We’re not going to go there.  Ok.  They didn’t have to take bags.  They didn’t have to take extra bags.  They didn’t have to take extra tunics.  They didn’t have to take anything  They didn’t have to take money.  They didn’t even have to set the place they would stay.  They didn’t have to call ahead to the Holiday Inn.
(M)  But you know what John?  That was during the time Jesus was on this earth.  But when He left He said get a money bag.
(J)  Absolutely.  And I see that.  I understand that part of it, but the part I’m seeing is that He sent them out with the provision and the government.  I’m not saying that now I don’t call the Holiday Inn to get a hotel.  I’m just saying that it’s not about the earthly stuff.  I’m not worried about that .  It’s about the provision and what God is sending me out with.  He’s sending me out in government.
(M)    Woa.  Yeah.
(J)  And so that’s what I’m on.  You know, I’m just…  I think that is has to do with faith or unbelief and the government of God.  They’re all connected.  I can come out right now and I can believe in my lack.  I can believe I don’t have what I need for today.  I can do that just so easy.  I can wake up out of bed and be, “oh, my gosh.  I don’t have it.”  I don’t have it.  But if I wake up in the government of God, connected with faith, not my unbelief, He promises to give.  He’s a good Father. He promises to give provision for what He calls you to do.  So, I have everything I need today, though I feel like I have nothing I need today.  I have everything I need.  It is all set up, and I think that that is what you’re coming against in me.  Is you’re saying look at me.  And God’s saying it through you.  He’s saying, “Look at Me.  I have everything you possibly need, and I am giving it to you day by day, mouthful by mouthful, when you need it.  Watch Me.”  That’s what He’s saying.  Don’t look over here.  We can go back to the leave thy parents.  Don’t look over here to your mom.  Don’t look over here to your dad.  Don’t look at their provision.  Look at Me and let Me take you through, mouthful by mouthful.  You have everything you need.  I have given you the provision.  You have the government.  You don’t have to wonder, am I ok today?  Do I have what I need today?  You have everything.”  And that’s why I’m seeing if I do not have the faith for it and I’m in unbelief, I thwart the very provision of God in the government of God.  He sends out with the provision.  I have what I need.  To believe I don’t have what I need, that I will have the very words I need to speak.  He says don’t worry about when they bring yo in front of the judge.  You will have the very words you need.  They will be in your mouth to come out.  I don’t have to focus on that.  See, so I don’t have to sit and go, “oh, my gosh, I don’t have a message here.”  You have everything you need.  Believe you have everything you need.  And so I go, “OH!  I do have everything I need.”  I don’t have to feel.  My ancestry is do you feel it?  Well, no, I don’t feel it.  You have everything you need.  I have those eyes on me.  You have everything you need.  It is yours.  I cannot come into my place and my authority unless I believe you have everything you need.  You see what I’m saying?  And so that’s what I’m seeing is the connection between faith and government, unbelief and destitution.  The servant was destitute.  Why?  Not because he didn’t have the provision, but because he had the lack of faith.  He didn’t have the belief.  That’s what trashed him.
(M)    So, how do you come under the government? 
(J)    I’m seeing that it’s faith.  It’s belief.
(M)    So even coming into the government is faith? 
(J)    Am I correct?  I don’t know.  I have the question out there.  Is it right? 
(M)  I believe you have to have …  I believe you come into the government by obedience.  That’s the proof you’re under the government, but in order to obey you have to believe.  So, yeah.  I’ve had the question, which came first for Israel?  The faith to believe or the obedience that led to the faith?  It’s hard to tell.  In Hebrews 3 which came first.  I think that it takes faith to obey and as you obey your faith grows.  So I don’t know that you can separate them.  In other words, if God tells me to lead a crew to Israel, if I think He’s telling me that, I have to believe it iin order to obey Him.
(J)    Believe God that He gave you provision of everything you need. 
(M)    And I have to believe first that He sent me and then I can believe.
(J)  Well, that’s what He did with the disciples.  They were sent.  I want you two to go here.  I want you two to go here.  I want you two to go here.  So He sent them out in the provision.  But you can’t please God without faith.  So, you can’t please, I mean, you know.  And if His Kingdom is a government, then what is that statement saying.  It is impossible to please God without faith?  It’s a big swirl in here.
(M)    It’s not a swirl.  It’s coming into focus.  And I’m anxious to hear it.
(J)  I believe that there is a connection between my faith, the pleasure of God that I continually seek.  I look for those eyes to see, where’s the pleasure of God in those eyes?  I want to see You smiling at me.  I’ve gotta see it.  I’ve got to see You smiling at me.  So I look for those eyes and I look for that pleasure.  Not that I’m going to gain it by doing…  “But, believe Me.  Believe who I say I am.  Believe who I am.  What I say about Myself.  Believe My character.”  So, if it’s impossible to please God and God is all about the Kingdom, the gospel of the Kingdom, then what is it?  The connection between the government and the Kingdom and faith and belief must all be there.  So, that’s just what I have right this second.  Ok? 

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