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Sovereignty Received Through Authority – Episode #767

Sovereignty Received Through Authority

Sovereignty Received Through Authority
Episode #766

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
God’s sovereignty and authority is the foundation and basis of our walk and our journey with God.

Oh Lord, we give this to You. You’ve birthed something here; in Your Holy Spirit. Our dear heavenly Father we’ve just sort of met You this morning not by accident but by surprise and Your have birthed some insight for us that we want to share.

So, I ask You by the Holy Spirit to speak to everyone and for Christ to be a revelation of His power and victory. And I thank You, Father that you’ve called Your children together and that we will have a wonderful play time with You and Your greatness and Your absolutely sovereignty.

So, we commit it to You, Lord. I ask You to be the spokesman, the leader, and we submit to You, Father and to the Holy Spirit that what is on Your heart and desire for Your children would come forth to bear glory of Jesus and His precious name of Jesus. Amen…..

This is just an ordinary Tuesday but it has become a church day and we four are meeting here because some interesting things came forth and I kept demanding that everybody write down their revelation. So, we may just sit here and read notes.

But I will give it a bit of introduction.

This is Jacquelyn. She brought up the subject which is the sovereignty of God and had some powerful things to say about it.

I can never, ever get far away from sovereignty because I believe that sovereignty is the foundation, God’s sovereignty, is the foundation and basis of our walk and our journey with God. And this morning I was so thankful to God and I said, “I will thank Him forever for using Martha to teach me sovereignty because sovereignty solves all conflict. And I don’t know how He taught me sovereignty. It’s like I woke up one day, the day before He wasn’t sovereign, I woke up and He was sovereign. And I don’t know how I got there but He did it and I think He did it through impartation.

Ok, and how do you get impartation? I had to come under Martha’s authority to receive the impartation. And then we had the discussion of you have to come under authority to know that He’s sovereign but I have a conflict here that I can’t resolve because I came under authority before I knew He was sovereign. So, how do you put these two together?

Well, I told Jacquelyn that sovereignty was one of the very first revelations the Lord gave me; it’s such a huge experience and it was a visitation really of the Father to show it to me.

I’ve told the story a number of times but somehow the Lord took over and He gave me, first, the fear of God. And I lay on the floor and I would cry because His presence was so strong. I felt like I could poke my finger into heaven I was so away from earth. I was in awe and fear of God and the understanding of who He is. And I would get up and go live life but I couldn’t be normal because I was not in a normal place. And I looked at people laughing and I would think “How can you laugh? If you knew this God and His enormous control of us you wouldn’t be able to laugh.”

It’s sobering to have the fear of God. It’s literally fear. And in the scriptures, it is reverence and fear and honoring God. But in experience it is literally a very stark fear of God. And I would just weep; all I could do was weep and bow down before Him.

I don’t know the length of time but it was weeks that I lived that way. I had a place in my bedroom. I would go and prostrate myself before Him and then I would go do the dishes. So, it was a peculiar life and His presence was so heavy and so strong. And when it began to lift, I understood His power and His authority.

And I understood authority. I understood authority. I understood the kingdom is structured in such a way that authority is established by God sovereignly. In other words, the authorities in our life are sovereignly chosen by God; our father and mother are the first authorities and if we are rebellious against God’s choice and His sovereignty there, we are messed up for the rest of our life till we resolve it. But God is indeed in control.

And so, I began to acquire insights and write them down. After about two years of learning practically the sovereignty of God, the absolute sovereignty, I had enough to make a book. That was the first book and it’s All and Only and it means He’s all there is and He’s the only one there is.

But sovereignty is not a favorite subject. This is what Watchman Nee says that God structures authority in His body of Christ in the church.

After this experience of God’s presence and I understood authority and I understood Him on the ground of authority, I had revelation come out of it. And He put in my hands sovereignly the book by Watchman Nee called Spiritual Authority. In that book he says that like Paul did timothy, like Elijah did Elisha, the experiences of the elder person, the older person, or the more experienced is imparted, literally, into the disciple. Timothy inherited and to read Timothy’s books is little bit, both I Timothy and II Timothy, it’s a little like reading into a sovereign relationship of training. And you get in on it; you sit in on the lesson between the two and it’s wonderful to do that. Both Timothy and Peter were disciples and the scripture records it.

But the word of impartation came into my life through John Enslow. And he began to edit my speaking and so forth and he would introduce it by saying, “This is not another method but a living impartation.” And he would say that every time. And finally, one day I said, “John, I really don’t know what you mean by an impartation.” And he could repeat the introduction again and it meant you were giving away, literally, a truth and it was to be transferred spiritually not mentally, not in the head, but it was to be transferred. And finally, one day I could say, “I know what it means, John!” A living impartation not a dead system, not a teaching as such. It was an introduction to the revelation of the person who was giving it.

And John began to catch the vision. He did a lot of work on All and Only; he did a lot of the editing and all of the work it took to produce that. And he began to be imparted; he began to really comprehend by revelation the absolute sovereignty of God and he would listen to my writings and my speaking about it and he by being under authority and being diligent and receptive in his spirit, he began to get the revelation. And eventually he had so much material on it, so much revelation himself, that he put together a book called The Sovereign Touch and it’s most wonderful. I am going to recommend it hardly. It’s incredible insight and credible scope and it comes from his personal walk.

I wanted to read my introduction to it. As John was writing this book, actually he had been writing and seeing the book by doing His post. And so when we would go away on a writing trip, he would go over all the things he had written and began to put it together as a book. It’s called Sovereign Touch because sovereignty is intimate with God; sovereignty is His control and Lordship over your life and you come to know the One who has given it to you. He asked me to write the forward. So, I’m going to read it to you.

Foreword By
Martha Kilpatrick
In reading this book you will not meet theory or theology. You will meet a real person. a man who had the courage to face God for His answers to life’s deepest question: Is God in control over all the wrongs and suffering and suffering of this messy world? (or does God really reign over all the wrongs…)

John brings a rich and broad answer to his questions and yours. He stands squarely on the scriptures to declare to believe the ultimate truth that God is God. And he lives on the foundation of a robust relationship with Christ and the integrity of a raw and constant dialogue with His personal Father.

And I would say his sovereign Father. He became intimate with God based on the issue of sovereignty. God wants sovereignty as Jacquelyn often says is our foundation. And it was my foundation. And if we were to pass on any impartation to new believers, it could be sovereignty. It would eliminate a lot of problems just to know that God is in control because we say, “Is He in control of this?”

Foreword continued:
John has lived his book. He experienced firsthand the sovereign touch.

And he could begin to see what each touch by this Sovereignty Father meant and what was being conveyed to him. He experienced it all first hand.

Foreword continued:
This is a true story, a private revelation from God revealing Himself to one man who faced Him with stark questions. The testimony of “The Sovereignty Touch” is rare pronouncement and I have wept over this. This is the rare pronouncement: God is honored as God.

We say, “Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name.” That is honoring Him. That is part of our Lord’s prayer. It’s very critical to know that and this is what John wrote about that God is honored. And there are very few books ever printed, ever conceived, ever made that really pronounce the sovereignty of God and call it divine.

This is a true story. The pronouncement is God is honored as God.

Foreword continued:
As a result, people are without excuse for though they knew God they did not glorify Him as God.

You will recognize that as Romans 1:2.

Foreword continued:
In the end, the answer to the question is a gift of awe and wonder. God is sovereign and God is unfathomable love.

So, that’s the introduction to the book and I hope it makes people want to read the book. And we are very excited that’s it’s all ready to be imparted to a lot of people.

Sovereignty Received Through Authority – Episode #766 – Shulamite Podcast

Authority is the sovereignty of God; if we are rebellious against God’s choice we are messed up for the rest of our life till it’s resolved.

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