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A Big Something about Nothing – Episode #648

A Big Something about Nothing

A Big Something about Nothing
Episode #648

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel and Joan Wentzel

Do you feel like you have to be something, to be someone, to achieve and perform? What if you don’t? What if there’s a whole world hidden in being nothing?

Martha came down to my office Monday morning because she had written something. More specifically the Lord had poured something through her, as she said, easy. Just…whoosh! And she read it to me and I don’t really have words for it. It spoke straight to my heart. It was so clear, so rich, and yet not overwhelming. It was like everything that the Lord gives in His revelation, perfectly timed. And because of things that have been going on with me, my heart was already plowed and ready to take it in. And I did and I cried and I still get kind of teary. So I’m sorry about that! It’s a little writing on being nothing. And it’s funny how a writing on nothing can be such something. (Laughs) Which is, which is what He is.

And we have been so excited because basically Martha did a couple of edits, but this thing has more or less has been locked down, ready to go, in five days. And I think it’s my new favorite miracle, is watching that, watching Him take care of everything. Watching Him pour through and then ignite; we’ve all been ignited by it. He’s moved everyone that’s read it and we’re all lit up with it and seeing things from, from our own lives and He’s giving each of us specific revelation to build on the revelation.

And so we’re all here in the office and having a little bit of church over this and this word He has for us which is so poignant, I think. I’m gonna call it that. And really so excited for the day when, when we’ll be sharing it with you. We don’t have a title for it yet but as soon as we do and probably before this podcast is out. So the title will be down in the transcription. Just roll your, roll your face down there and take a look! But we’re waiting for the Lord to give us that. (The Title is the booklet is: The Joy Unequaled of Being Nothing) That’s literally the last piece of the puzzle. And I’m gonna turn this over to Martha, who’s been glowing all week with this and rightfully so.

I don’t know whether the lesson behind the lesson would help anyone but I’ll go ahead and share it. I’m sure you know I’ve been in a wilderness for years. Fruitful at times! But my message from the Lord during this, this quiet time and this very weak time was wait, wait for God, wait on God, wait unto God. That’s been my message: Wait!

But Monday morning it was like the wind of the Spirit came in a quiet cyclone, if there’s such a thing (laughs), and just began to give it to me. And I think maybe the title will be Being Nothing. You like that? Because that’s really what it’s about. And it’s amazing the Lord keeps giving us scripture. He just gave Joan a scripture with it – that message.

This morning He gave me something – I’ll read from Acts – that I stumbled on. All of this is simply being given. And I really see the power of waiting on God is the… The New Passion Bible says wait means “entwine yourself with God.” And that must be what it is because in your nothingness of waiting, God is able to do this, this extraordinary little booklet.

There’s a, there’s a power in waiting that I think I comprehend for the first time. My life is this, He trained me in a certain order of waiting. But I never saw it as anything but simple. But I think the, the issue is the fruit of, this fruit has come from waiting on God. And everybody with me has waited with me for the Lord to rise and give me a, a new revelation.

So this morning I opened up and, and read this. I was utterly astonished. It’s from Acts 5:36 HCSB Not long ago Theudas, that’s right, rose up, claiming to be somebody, and a group of about 400 men rallied to him. He was killed, and all his partisans were dispersed and came to nothing. That illustrates the, the whole booklet. That’s really an illustration of the whole way the Lord gave me to put it.

When we were talking earlier, I feel compelled to, to share this, I told you that the booklet’s message to me was, was almost like a permission; that we can be so upside down with this drive to be something, to be someone, to produce something, to perform something. And it feels like that’s the way it should be. That’s what feels normal because I think it’s so ingrained from the time we’re small. For me it has felt utterly normal. So every failure is personal. Every fall is devastating. Every mistake is a crisis because at stake is what feels like, anyway, my very existence; to be someone, to be… My worth is tied up in that, you know? And you get so upside down with that that there is a place where the Lord and He knows – He knows how upside down I’ve been.

And this little booklet came into my heart and actually gave me permission to believe the Word, to believe the Word of God that I am a little child, that I am a sheep, that I was not created to be something grand, something… That, that’s not on me. That’s not a burden He ever put on me, never thought about putting on me. And it is so freeing, it is so freeing to let that wind of the Spirit come in and, and blow, blow away those, those grasping doubts and, and lies that constantly assail my sheepness, you know?

When I first read the manuscript that Martha wrote, I cried and then I laughed with joy at the freedom to be nothing; the nothing I truly am. And I was not only raised to believe I had to be something and do something but I did the same to my children as well. And Martha has a statement in the manuscript that says, “We are told to be someone.” That’s a role set up for us. We have all kind of particulars we’ve been given; everyone one of us can locate that in our upbringing or even our present situation. And we will die trying to accomplish that. And the wonder of this manuscript and the huge gift to my life, oh, at this very present moment is that I don’t have to try anymore. The gift is “Don’t try!” There’s no need to try. Your trying avails nothing. And what I’ve learned about myself in my life is the trying kills you. It destroys anything that God might be wanting to do because you’re in the way with all your effort.

Years ago John made a statement that effort is blasphemy. And Martha’s book just lets you see wide open why. Because we can’t. And so I just, I celebrate this book. I just love it and have reread it. And it could be something you could read every day just to be encouraged that, to let God be everything. You don’t have to be anything.

A Big Something about Nothing – Episode #648 – Shulamite Podcast

Do you feel like you have to be something, to be someone, to achieve and perform? What if you don’t? What if there’s a whole world hidden in being nothing? A new booklet by Martha embodies the fruit of waiting on God and the unexpected hope in being nothing!

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    1. You are going to love it Tammy! We are so close, but please stand for us to cross the finish line.

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