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Shepherding Through Life as Sheep of His Pasture – Episode #780

Shepherding Through Life as Sheep of His Pasture

Shepherding Through Life as Sheep of His Pasture
Episode #780

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest: Kyle Smith, Dave Wentzel.

This the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #778
Our Shepherd Shepherding is the wind blowing where it wills and we don’t know the real thing that He’s doing.

Yesterday I got up early in the morning and I was going to tend to your field; I was going to cut the grass because it needed to be; the stuff was overgrown up to my waist. So, I took the tractor down and I’m going through the field, going around the edges, going super slow. My whole through process is I’m here to serve, Martha needs help, I would love to do this and I felt joyous about it; I felt it needed to be done so I was going to do it.

So, I’m going around, I don’t know the fields very well, I’m going slow cutting the grass on the tractor and I make a right and I’m coming into the field and all of a sudden, I see a big water puddle and I slam on the brakes.

Well, the tractor got stuck and I buried it. It got buried! And I automatically panicked because I’m like now I’m in a situation that is going to upset some people. I went from coming in feeling holy about doing something and now I feel like I’ve made the biggest mistake of my life; like I never should have come. I started questioning everything, all my agendas of trying to do something.

And on top of that the tractor wouldn’t start back up again. I was in contact with John. I sent him a picture of it and we were kind of joking back and forth at first. I was joking because I was in panic mode because, Sam, who is her son-in-law, he is the runner of the farm, I started worrying about what he would think, Martha is going to be mad that I did this and just all these different scenarios started happening.

And I literally had to sit there and just stare at it and just ask God…why?! I’m here trying to give myself to something and this complete disaster happens to me. Well, just like you guys are talking about the Holy Spirit it was an opportunity, John later on talked to me about and it was being shepherded. It was an opportunity that God took. I’ve never been shepherded in my life, ever. As a kid there was never shepherding in my life and God took this opportunity of disaster in the moment and to shepherded me, to teach me a lesson. Even though the Holy Spirit will take you and do something and you have this picture of it being perfect. My picture of the day was I was going to cut all this grass, get it all nice and neat, and then bring joy to you guys. What happened was it started out that way but then it ended in complete disaster. I’ll show you guys the picture of the tractor when we get done talking.

And then all of a sudden, I just felt calmness so I started taking what was going on and what needed to happen and I gave it to Him and the Holy Spirit came to me and creativity happened like never happened before to me all my life. I figured out how to get the tractor unstuck so I started stacking up a bunch of wood, took all the wood over there put it in the hole that the tractor was in and I used the bucket to lift up the front of the tractor and I stuffed more wood under it to prop it up out of the mud.

And then to get it started I was in conversation with John and I had to go through all the electrical stuff, had to find that the fuse was blow. So, he brought me a fuse.

All this stuff after I was sitting in disaster and terror and then I just gave it to Him and said, “I can’t, I don’t know how to do this. Here I am. I don’t know what to do. I can’t figure it out how to get it started again and then once I get it started, how am I going to get it unstuck.” And then I got the tractor started and then I just started working. I put it in reverse and then it came free and I got it completely out.

But the whole purpose of what happened was the Holy Spirit will lead you and He will lead you into something and it might have a vision of what you think it’s going to be but in reality, it’s was His purpose for me to get stuck. It was His purpose for me to be in that chaos because it was chaos. My heart was pounding in my chest because I was so afraid.

I’ve been afraid of Him and I’ve been afraid of people in my life to make mistakes. And here’s an opportunity. He was like I’m going to make you have a mistake and I’m going to make you be peace in it. And let Me shepherd you through it. And that’s what John revealed to me. He was like, “See, Martha’s fine. You got the tractor out. You figured out how to start it and He used all of this to all you to be shepherded in it.”

And when I got the tractor unstuck and I’m in reverse I was covered in mud from head to toe, it was slinging dirt everywhere to get out of it. I was screaming at the top of my lungs. It was the greatest victory I’ve ever felt in my life to get it unstuck because it was buried. When John saw it he was like, “Wow!”

And this is my confession to you. I didn’t know if you knew, Martha, that I buried your tractor.

Somehow, I’m happy, happy. I’m delighted that you did.

I looked at it and I said, “My God, if you could have done that any better if you had literally dug a hole and rode it into it. The tire was gone. It was totally underground. How does that even happen? It was cool though because God wanted to do something.

Well, ha, ha, the wind blows where it wills and you don’t know what it’s doing, what’s happening; the real thing that is happening. He was on one level on the earth and the other thing he was in the heavens at the same time. And God heard him. That’s the Shepherd we have here, Kyle. That’s our Shepherd because we’re so dumb. I’m not saying what you did was dumb because the field did it.

But it’s exciting because this is what it’s about, this is essentially what it’s about. We are sheep of His pasture and we shall not want of anything. I was reciting that yesterday to Him. I know this is the truth and I will walk through the shadow of death and not fear because He is known to be our shepherd.

Now you know Him. Now you know our God and His love in the middle of disaster. And John was capable of being there and fixing the fuse. I don’t even know what a fuse looks like and I’m a farmer; I am a registered GA farmer and I don’t know anything.

And you don’t have to.

I don’t have to. Thanks for telling the story, Kyle. I didn’t really know it. That story means we can count on Him in every situation. He’s always there.

The farmer that was doing the hay he said that’s not the first time that tractor has been in that same spot, the same hole. He said that he had to go get his big tractor and pull it out. And in me I didn’t want to burden him on anything. I wanted God to get me out of that hole. I mean I was cussing trying to get it out. I finally got it started again and I had it in reverse; I was digging with the bucket, propping it up, digging it out, shooting mud everywhere and I like, “God, get me out of this! Get me out! I don’t want it to be a story of anything else.”


The fact that the guy had already seen that tractor there before and had to go get his bigger tractor to pull it out and the fact that Christ in me and God helping me got it out without any other help other than me doing it.

I didn’t know that. I assumed Bill got you out. But he didn’t.

Yeah, whoever cuts the hay he showed up and he just started laughing. He was like, “Yeah, that tractor has been there before.”

Oh Wow…So, see, the Holy Spirit’s the answer to everything.

Dave sent me a message. I’m going to put it on the internet for all of you because it’s wonderful. I’m sorry I can’t repeat it. What is it about? Can you remember? He sent this to me just to help us and I was going to print it out for everybody and I will do that.

May I share what I believe the Lord desires for this body what he has strongly forced my hand these many months is to let go of what I think needs to happen or be done. When I disobeyed His command to wait, I quickly learned how painful that can be. I sense a strong desire in you that this body experience the manifestation of Christ (Body life) and love for each other, accountability, that heretofore has evaded us. You mentioned how Abraham had to wait twenty-five years for the promised son and then God required him to give him back.

This was by reading this morning from Murray’s waiting on God that lifted my spirit to a new prayer for this body and my own life: “Blessed Father we humbly beseech You let none who wait on You be ashamed; no not one. Some are weary and the time of waiting appears long. Some are feeble and scarcely know how to wait. Some are entangled in the effort of their prayers and their work. They think that they can find no time to wait continually. Father, teach us all how to wait. Teach us to think of each other and pray for each other. Teach us to think of You, the God of all waiting ones. Father, let none that wait on You be ashamed. For Jesus’ sake, amen. My soul wait thou only upon God.”

Isn’t that perfect? See, it’s up to Him to have a message. It’s up to Him to solve the tractor. It’s up to Him to give the word that Dave just gave us. It’s perfect.

Holy Spirit, we ask You. You’ve orchestrated this meeting. You called for it. You achieved it. Thank You Holy Spirit for Your presence in each person. The wonder is following You.

I just have a picture of all this being written in the Book of Life. This is life with God and this is the story of both Dave’s reading, Kyle’s experience and Joan’s indwelt Christ. So, we’ve had living illustrations of what You wanted to ask of us, Father, that we would ask You for the Holy Spirit. Ever and always, we need the Holy Spirit. And I ask You to make us more and more willing to be flexible and go when He goes and turn when He turns with an uncomplaining spirit and with all surrender. We bless Your name our Holy God and we bless Your name our Messiah, Jesus. Amen.

Shepherding Through Life as Sheep of His Pasture – Episode #780 – Shulamite Podcast

Our Shepherd Shepherding leads His sheep where they are to go. We may not know what’s happening or what He’s doing but we’re being cared for.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    A situation…you turned a corner, & there it was…give it to the One who knew it was there; I have not done that well, but ‘stuck’ gets my attention! Oh..HE turned a corner. My childhood summers were spent at my grandparents farm where everything was at the basics of life. My grandmother was a heart shepherd..love, learning, letting. On occasion she said, “Don’t be a stick in the mud.” I had no idea what that meant, but it would adjust my heart. The ‘stick’, the ‘mud’, the ‘stuck’…. All is about Who HE IS! He’s turning a corner. Paul….learned….”the secret of facing every situation”. Heading to Jerusalem, Paul saw it was God turning a corner, & he said, “For I hold myself in readiness…” This is my prayer. We have a SHEPHERD. To “know our God & His love in the middle of…” His Love that stretches so beyond our comprehension…to know Him, & His Love.

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