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From Shame to Wholeness – Episode #857

From Shame to Wholeness

From Shame to Wholeness
Episode #857

Walk and talk with John Enslow
Overcoming shame to experience freedom from shame’s devastation and isolation.

Hey there, I wanted to talk about shame again. I’m really on that, as I’m writing this book, I’m just fascinated with the subject because I’m seeing the power to destroy shame which is outstanding. It’s beautiful! I’m also working on a book on the Will of God. That one is done. I have a final read through and then I’m gonna be trying to get that one out. It’s called His Will Alone and it’s about how to know the Will of God and live in its many benefits. So I’m looking forward to that one coming out and being available. As I’ve read through it in the last two days, I’ve just been like: OK, this is really good! This is giving a good picture of how to enter into the Will of God. That one will be coming out, actually before the shame one.

I’m still collecting the stories from shame and the testimony of shame, overcoming shame, overcomed shame, as well as shames that are looking to be overcome. So that’s gonna be a really amazing thing. Today I want to hear that shame makes us deaf, as well as mute. You might say how could it make you deaf and mute? Well shame leaves us trapped in a shame filled echo chamber in fear that we will be found out and disconnected. As I’ve said a number of times shame’s isolating, shame literally separates us and makes us feel less then and we are afraid of being found out.

Whatever the shame is, we’re shamed of it, and afraid to expose it to anyone, and we hold dear to self protect us. But what I’ve learned is having curiosity and compassion for our self and shame will help give way to discovering the path to wholeness. And I want to see wholeness. I have experienced great shame in my life, debilitating shame my life and shame that I literally could not overcome. And then the Lord has done a work to crush that shame, and kill that shame, and I have been enriched because of it. I have been impacted so deeply as I have literally come out of the prison of shame in certain areas and walked free. I’m loving it, it’s night and day different.

I’m not saying I totally overcome shame, that I have no shame in my life because I think shame is inherently human. Shame is what we in the human condition our fallen human condition, we deal with shame. We deal with the shame of our nakedness, we deal with the shame of our exposure, we deal with the shame of our sin, we deal with the shame of our circumstances. We just deal with shame on a regular basis. And I think that the Lord is really desiring to crush that because ultimately not only does it separate me from me, me from others, but it separates me from God. Nothing can separate me from the love of God, but I can live separated in my thinking. I can live separated in shame, fearful, just like Adam and Eve did.

Adam and Eve left the tree and they were ashamed, and they were separated from God.  In reality? No, but in their concept, absolutely! They had to put on clothes, they had to put on fog leaves to prevent themselves from being seen. They were isolated in the clothing of their own making. And they were deaf and they were mute until God said, “Who told you, you were naked?

So I really want this to be powerful. I’m asking you for your prayers because I really really want this to be powerful. I want this to have the impact to hit it, and it may not knock down all the shame but if you can literally give a reverberation of freedom and wholeness. The possibility even…I’m excited. I’m really excited! So thank you for listening. Thank you for following and I love you guys. I appreciate your prayers. I appreciate your input. I appreciate your connection. I’ve had a number of guys reach out and basically tell me what this is meaning them and telling me that they have a shame story that they want to tell. I love it. I absolutely love it! So thank you and I’ll talk to you again soon.

From Shame to Wholeness – Episode #857 – DivineDesigned.Life

Shame can make us feel isolated, trapped, and afraid of being exposed. Come with curiosity and compassion to find a path towards wholeness.

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