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Is My Shame Large or Just Loud? – Episode #862

Is My Shame Large or Just Loud?

Overcoming Shame, Embracing Healing, and Unlocking Your Divine Design

Is My Shame Large or Just Loud?
Episode #862

Walk and talk with John Enslow

Hey there, so as I continue to work on shame and dealing with shame and doing this book on overcoming shame, I’m discovering all kinds of things. And one of the things I’ve discovered is that our loudest part can sometimes present itself as our largest part. Meaning sometimes when we are struggling with some blockade, some thing in our life that’s really standing between us and our destiny, us and our life, us and experienced victory. Sometimes it’s about the loudest part more than it is the largest part. And that’s a fascinating thing to me because I have experience that.

I have experienced things that I’ve said, “Oh no, I am the majority here!” And I realize, wait a minute, my choices don’t fall in line with this. This is not about my choice. This is about a part of me, an element of me that is still on healed and still wounded and still struggling but it’s just loud it’s not large. The mass majority of my heart and my purpose and my intention is going in one direction (with Him), and my life reflects that. But then I have this one part, this small little part that has a loud voice.

It is the minority not the majority, but because of its volume, because of its extreme demand to be heard, that part can control. So all if a sudden I was like going, “OK, that’s craziness!” Because it almost becomes like the little man behind the curtain, the Wizard of Oz, and this huge big grand thing is actually just a little guy in the back with insecurities.

So as I’m dealing with shame, and I’m facing shame, and I’m facing what prevents us from experiencing victory, wholeness and healing and living in our divine design and our spiritual DNA. I’m seeing that sometimes we need to take time and be curious with that little part, but not let it control us and dictate how our lives are going. I don’t have to let that little part to drive the bus. I don’t have to let her try to convince me that it is who I am, that it is my choice. It is my intention. It is my struggle. It is…? NO! This is an unhealed part that needs to be healed and I don’t have to focus on it as if it is my entire person. Because the choices I have made that I’ve set forth, and then I’m living, those choices are who I am. Those choices are presenting themselves in my life, and people are witness to those things. But the little parts, the parts are so loud, the parts that struggles, and the fears and the shame and the sins that are just really small, but they may be generational, they may be habitual. I don’t know what they are, but they present themselves as the whole and they’re not! They’re just a minority.

And so I know that I have worked with guys and I am being worked with to deal with those small parts, and its curiosity. It’s going in there and it’s listening, it’s curiosity, it’s discovering. It’s is having compassion for yourself. OK, these are some wounds, let’s hear it, let’s deal with it. Let’s also position it in the category that it deserves. It doesn’t need to hold the majority part. It is not running the roost. It is not on the throne. Jesus is on the throne, and my choices are leading me to Him and with Him and in Him. And then these little parts? These loud little parts, they just need to be dealt with, handled and sometimes that with with people that can help us. That can help us with walk through it. That can help us to discover what this part really is saying. What this part… you don’t wanna discount it. You don’t wanna bury it, because doing that only sets it off to to blow up bigger in a later date. But if I can stand there and  can give it attention, give it to curiosity to discover what it is, what is connected to. That’s beautiful and it’s part of the healing process.

Yes, the life of Christ absolutely has paid for everything but sometimes He wants us to deal with some of our struggles in a more intense way with Him, and we have to literally discover with Him. We have to sit with some of it with Him because there’s something that He wants to teach us about ourselves, about our life and about Him and His gloriousness. If I don’t know, I just wave wand at some things, and I never deal with those things, I don’t actually have the ability to to grow from those things. It’s just poof gone? NO!

Some of our struggles, some of our loudest struggles, our struggles that our Lord is inviting us into to have relationship with Him to have connection with Him to bring Him into that so that he can teach us not only about ourselves, about her life, about our calling, about our past, but also about who He is. And that’s beautiful. And I’ve done that with a number of guys. I’ve sat with them and I’ve loved them and I’ve listened and I’ve gone in with curiosity to discover what what is this part, saying what is happening here in this, and as we open up and discover these parts, and as we discover what’s happening, and as we face the blockades in our life, some of them are hidden some of them are very present, and some of them are masked, saying they’re one thing when they’re not. But going in and listening and having curiosity and discovering about them and then who He is and how He wants to deliver us from those things…it’s beautiful. It’s absolutely beautiful.

So if any of this resonates with you, if any of this is touching you and you’re saying, “I have a blockade, I have a struggle, I have something that’s preventing me from experiencing things that I really know that I should be experiencing.” I am asking you to just reach out to me and say, “Hey, can we maybe do a coaching call and let’s talk?” Let’s just discuss, let’s talk about the possibility of, “Hey is coaching with John something that would be really beneficial that I could really glean off of?” So if you have any interest in doing the work of discovery, or finding out about these blockades, these roadblocks in your life that is preventing you from experiencing your divine design and your spiritual DNA and you know you’ve made choices, but there’s things in your way, and in your path that seem to be hindering you from experiencing all that Christ desires to be in you. I would love to talk with you. I’d love… just reach out let’s talk, let’s just open a dialogue and I would love to hear from you and just see what the Lord would do.

I thank you for listening and for your encouragement about the podcast about the reels and I hope they’re always something that gives you pause, that gives you thought to say, “Hmmm, There is more!” “Hmm, shame is in my life and I need to get rid of it.” Or whatever.  So I love you, I appreciate you and I’ll be back real soon.

Is My Shame Large or Just Loud? – Episode #862 – DivineDesigned.Life

I’ve made an intriguing discovery: sometimes our shame is just the loudest part not the largest part of our person. The minority or majority?

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