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Seeking the Presence of the Spirit – Episode #783

Seeking the Presence of the Spirit

Seeking the Presence of the Spirit
Episode #783

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

Well, this morning we finished a message I had about the Holy Spirit and prayer and how we are to be the Father’s house of prayer. I had a really good time. I know that John has been away and he’s experienced God. I would ask him to share with us what he experienced meeting brothers in the Lord that were very deep and wonderful.

So, this last weekend I talked about it in the podcast Myles and about how the Spirit had thumped me in the chest. When I was praying one time with Myles it wasn’t even words going on and the Spirit thumped me right in my chest. I realized that I hadn’t given the Lord presence. He was saying, “I know you look for My presence, I know you want My presence, I know you seek for My presence but I want your presence; I want your face!” And I was totally floored by that because I can see my desire and my need for Him but for Him to have a need from me was rather shocking.

And so, this past week I was able to get with Myles and meet with the guys that were out in Texas. Myles was coming back from a retreat in California and I did a surprise; he didn’t have any idea I was going to be there and I was able to do this really cool surprise. Pauleau and I went to the airport to go pick up Myles. Myles had no idea I was there. I hopped out of the car, ran over to a bunch of people so I would get lost, and I watched Myles come out with his luggage and walk across and go over to the car. And then they were picking up his luggage and putting it in, giving hugs. And they were getting in the car and when they got in the car, I started running across the street and ran along the cars; I didn’t want him to see me. I ran up and knocked on the window and I had glasses and a ballcap on that Pauleau had given me and I said, “Hey, guys can I get a ride?” Myles looked over at me with this shocked look on his face; just kind of horrified because he thought it was some vagrant or some bum. He said later, “I really wanted to say, ‘Pauleau, go, go, go!’” So, I get in the car and he’s just completely floored which was a lot of fun.

Anyway, I was able to spend this time with these guys. But Myles and I were able to pray and it was really a special time and I realized that it’s not about words. The prayer between Myles and me isn’t really words. I mean we do pray words but the most meaningful and the most impactful and fruitful is when we were just waiting and we were just listening and the Spirit’s the one that’s talking not me, not him.

And so, I had an opportunity to do it again with him there in Texas and it was really precious. And I was telling him about different situations that we’ve been involved in. And I was able to tell him about when we took all the grand girls to have John as the shepherd of four grandmothers and four granddaughters in NY City. I told him about that and I said, “I had no interest in American Girl; I had no interest in the Lion King; I had no interest in most of the things we did.” But I was the facilitator of it and I was glad to do it, it was fun. I enjoyed watching y’all enjoy it.

But where the Spirit gave me a kind of kiss was, we all went into this restaurant. I don’t remember if it was Katz Deli or something like that. All nine of us were sitting in a circular booth and the Spirit of God just came down and it was so deeply thick. I looked at you, remember I looked at you and it was all over the entire things. And that was His kiss to me. It was like a kiss He was giving me. I don’t remember how everybody responded. I just remember that He came and He was there and it changed that entire meal.

I know that He did the same thing when you and I were going down to FL for a trip and we stopped in Jacksonville and we went to the Black Sheep Restaurant. We had a good time. We were sitting outside and we were eating our meal and all of a sudden, the Spirit came. Remember? And out of that I wrote that post that I did because I had a total revelation about Him and how He was given everything; He was given all the wonder of the world; He was given a palace; He was given kings food; He was given servants; He was given everything and none of it matter. None of it satisfied. It was only when He got into the wilderness with the Spirit that that’s where He found the meaning and the richness.

So, I’m real excited. When I was talking to Myles and I was telling him about these situations that had happened, I said, “And I came here to be with you guys. I’m here with you guys and I don’t care what we do… We could be standing on the side of the road. But wherever we are I want to be sitting and waiting for Him. I want to be listening for the Spirit in this. I want His presence in this.”

And I was so hungry to have His presence in it all. I really didn’t care; I didn’t care what we did. We didn’t have to go to meetings. If we were at a restaurant, I wanted Him to be there; I wanted the Spirit to be there. I wanted to be seeking Him. What does He want to do with this meal? If we were sitting in the car and the car broke down, where are You in this?!

And so, that’s becoming because of a lot of the prayer between Myles and I. That’s something that you and I had done for a long time but just because of life I have kind of gone into the drudgery of life. I’ve just kind of gone into just put your nose to the grindstone and go and just do. But I think that’s what the Spirit was saying, “That’s not enough for Me. That’s not my interest. I’m not interested in you getting things done. I can get any Tom, Dick, or Harry to do that. I’m wanting your presence. I’m wanting you. I want your focus; I want your face in My face. I want you to seek Me in the scenario.”

And so, I think that as I listen to this message today, I realized that that’s where we’re going. That’s what God wants. God’s not looking for our words. God is looking for our presence. God is looking for our seeking Him and giving Him our face.

If you’re in a relationship with someone what you can give them the most over gifts, over flowers, and rings, what you can give them the most meaningful is your presence, your face, your focus, your time, your undivided focus.

And so, that’s what He’s asking of us. And so, I think as a body we’re going to be doing that. I think as a body that’s where we’re going. We are moving towards let’s sit and give Him our face no matter where we’re at, no matter who’s here. If it’s all of us and there’s no air conditioner because it’s broken, we’re in that situation with Him. If we’re here and there’s fire going on and we all are drinking hot chocolate, wonderful, but where is He?

Don’t you feel like that’s where we’re moving?

That’s where He is moving us great and mighty. Even more mighty. And this is where He’s leading us. This is what He wants to achieve. He wants our permission to be your guide of every moment; your companion of every day; your hearing.

You remember our friend Sandy from Brazil? Somebody sent Sandy Adoration and she was with a group of women. This friend who was going to take the book was invited to the meeting of the women of Sandy’s group because they were reading Adoration; they were real enthused.

So, my friend thought she was being called to speak and so she prepared a message. She went all the way to Brazil and she had a message that she was going to deliver to the women that had invited her. So, she goes to their meeting and all they do they begin by sitting silently together for a long time waiting for the Holy Spirit to come. And pretty soon they were all weeping.

Seeking the Presence of the Spirit – Episode #783 – Shulamite Podcast

Seeking the presence of the Spirit by giving Him our presence. God’s not looking for our words. God is looking for our presence.

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  1. Helen Whaley says:

    There is a ‘gravity’, a pull, that wants us to look, to give answer of do, say… Our face, our presence, is answer to Him; it corresponds to Him. The Spirit envelopes & soars. His Face is the only relevant Face. He sees my face (i want Him to), & i see HIS (He wants us to). Here is satisfaction. Sometimes words won’t let HIM ‘come’, reveal, Himself…before our eyes have met, where & when & how He chooses. Presence is an honest heart word full of love, trust, anticipation of being together. To be WITH HIM in silence, nothing to present, this is true intimacy. Our waiting, open hearted presence let’s Him reveal His Presence as Person…this is Joy, in giveness. There’s nothing more intimate than to just BE. “For you bring me a continual revelation of resurrection life, the path to the bliss that brings me face-to-face with you.” (Ps.16:11 TPT)

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