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Seek HIS Face Rather than Resisting – Episode #739

Seek HIS Face Rather than Resisting

Seek HIS Face Rather than Resisting
Podcast #739

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Let’s seek the face of our Eternal King during these crises, rather than entering into deep despair or worse throwing in the towel.

Ok so, um this blog that I’m doing tomorrow, it’s coming up tomorrow, it’s called, Seek His Face, What is God Doing? And I really felt like God gave me a direction and then He confirmed that direction this morning. And then gave me, uh other pieces of the parts about it and I’m real excited. I’m totally psyched actually about it, so, um Martha, can you read the blog post?

“Let’s seek the face of our Eternal King during these crises, rather than entering into deep despair or worse throwing in the towel. This has been the temptation of many of us. And I can’t say that I haven’t awakened some mornings with the sense of dread, yet in this moment, the real question is, God what are You doing ?

Unless we can humble ourselves and pray and seek His face, how will we know?

Have we been so comfortable with our blessings, [and Jean mentioned that the other day]
that God has had to shake our blessed nest? Have those very blessings been a source to separate us from our Blesser? [What a question, oh] Did they make us think we could live independent and not needing Him? Or did we use our blessings to indulge sin rather than making us grateful to the Father? [and giving]

It seems the very strands and fibers of that which has been built for us has been tested. We’ve come to a crossroads where we could lose it all forever. Never is something so valuable as when it’s taken away. I’m wondering if we took for granted our many blessings, looking at them rather than the Lord. And now the Lord is placing our value on Him as our only answer. Crisis will do that, especially when you’ve removed that which has made you secure.

If you look at all that has happened this last year, we’ve certainly been thrown into unprecedented circumstances. These events are nothing but EPIC. Imagine how much has changed in such a short time. But for me the whole thing smacks so hard of God’s Sovereign Hand. And no, it doesn’t matter if man was the source of the manipulation attempting to control. The truth is, God is doing something in this situation, and my question is what, and how do I get in line with Him?

Think about it, every avenue Americans have attempted to manually bring about ‘our best’ has been thwarted. Why? Are we witnessing through these events our God on the move? Or has He just abandoned us to our choices? I have to believe God is on the move. Could it be that He is the 5D Chess Master we’ve been witnessing and not man?

While we’ve been running about trying to figure out who shot Annie, what remains important is our Sovereign God who is over it all. In all this I always go back to the precious word the Lord gave me a few years back for my sister during her personal health crisis. Quote: Don’t look at what is happening, Look at what I am doing. Unquote.

During these crises our Great Shepherd has a purpose and plan for us personally as well as corporately. As long as I focus on this earthly plain I will be susceptible to the hysteria and manipulation of man on this earth. This is opposed to me having my eyes on God bringing the Kingdom, His bringing heaven down to earth.

This day I choose to cast my eyes upon God and only Him. I am inquiring of my God for my response and His will in my life. We can emerge from these difficult days with a deeper relationship with our God and a greater sense of God’s will and ways. Ask with me, let’s seek His face and hear His voice. Let’s increase our knowledge of God and witness His perfection through this time. It is ordained for us to seek and find our Beloved.”

Wow, John. That’s a mandate for Shulamite Ministries, so

So, I’m real excited because, you know I wrote that yesterday. I needed a post for Monday and I wrote that yesterday and I was, um just petitioning Him. I’m asking, I’m saying What? Why? When? How? Where? You know, I’m just ..

And I, you know, I was at the point of almost tears yesterday when I was talking to you and I was saying, um, why? Why have You allowed this? Why? What stands between us? You have got all these people praying, why did we not prevail? What happened? Why?

And I wasn’t doing it in arrogance, because I know that He is perfect in it. And I know in my deep heart that His Perfection is being revealed in this. OK? But it looks like a complete mess. And so I listened to something else from Lance and actually Rick Joyner. But I felt like He said, it’s the exact same thing that happened in Middle Island. And then it was confirmed by actually Lance and, and uh Joyner. I was going like, oh my gosh, this is ….crazy!

Ok so um, you had all these prophets prophesying that Trump won, would win, ok that Trump would win. And they were right. They were absolutely right. He did win. He won by a landslide and it was clearly stolen from him. Ok, and you can look at it and it’s obvious, the evidence that will come and will continue to come out is that it was stolen. So my question isn’t was it stolen or was it not, that’s obvious. My question is, Why did You allow it to be stolen? Why, God did you not allow us to prevail in prayer?

And I know why. (huuuuuh) I believe this is what I am seeing, and this is what I’ve heard. Ok and Joyner said, um that there is much prayer going up, perhaps the most prayer in the history of the US. There, obviously we’ve got more people, but I think percentage-wise there’s more people praying during this time and we’re joining in prayer and ok, but Joyner says, but the focus is temporal. And it’s so true. I have, I have been completely and totally guilty of focusing on the circumstance. I’ve been focused on what’s happening. I have not been focused on what He’s been doing. So that temporal focus has diverted our Answer.

But how it relates to the church that we went to one time when we had an experience:

You were up on the front, and you were praying. And Sue Casey was, uh I think on the front row and she was praying for you. And, uh I was in the back. I was in the crow’s nest or whatever they call it for the sound. And um, so, the Lord came … they were doing this worship song: “I Can Only Imagine,” actually was the song. And uh, which is a precious song because of the gentleman who wrote it. And he’s been deeply impacted by the whole song. It really kicked off his career and everything like that, Mercy Me. And uh, so they, I believe that’s what they were playing and the Holy Spirit came down on me so hard and it wasn’t a soft loving, it wasn’t that gentle breeze. It was like an elephant sitting on my chest.

And I uh… I couldn’t stand it. And I had to get out of that crow’s nest. I had to get as close to the ground as I could. The crow’s nest was, the stairs were literally like a ladder. I came falling out of there. I didn’t care. I had to get my face on the ground and if I could have gone below the ground I would have. I was heaving. Heaving. Um, and Sue, I, I, and before I went down I just leaned over and went, “sue” … That’s all I could do and I guess she heard me. She ended up coming to the back. I was down on the floor. I was on the ground, and I was just heaving. And the weight of the Lord on me was so heavy and um, all I could do was cry. All I could do was cry.

I didn’t even have the energy to shake, all I could do was cry and heave. And it wasn’t a hooo hooo hooo hooo, it was from my toes. It came all the way through my body. And Sue came back to the back and the Pastor’s wife came back to the back as well. She said not one word, but I heard it loud and clear, “You will stop this, now!” I heard it in the Spirit, absolutely. And it came off of me. The Weight came off of me. I was still crying , but then all of a sudden my body started to relax and I said what is happening. And I said, no, no, don’t leave. And after I was completely calm she went back out, she went back out. I walked out the front door and I said, What just happened? What in the world just happened?

I just want to insert what I was preaching about.


I was saying to that congregation, oh, a couple hundred maybe, that they were appointed by the Lord to receive the glory and to experience the glory and you were experiencing it. And when you tumbled down those stairs it was like you were rolling down. And I was saying, Sue, if you’ll just tell me he’s ok, I’ll continue with the message. But it was about that you are, God wants to show you His glory. And He gave it to you to demonstrate it.

I believe that there was a possibility that uh, He was going to bring it through me, uh, and out. It was going to hit, it was going to hit the church. But she stopped it. And so I went back outside and I said, “What happened? Where did It go? What happened?” Because I was completely, even though it was scary, even though it was on the edge of being painful, I knew it was Him, so it didn’t matter.

And He said, I’ve given the authority of this church to this woman and to this man. And I only come where I’m invited and the hearts are receptive. He’s a Gentleman.


And all of a sudden I was going like, oh dear Jesus. So He basically said, she has the auth… I gave her the authority. I gave her the authority and she has the power to bring Me in or to send me away. And she said, no. She said, It wouldn’t happen. No. And um, there’s there’s evidence in the life that would tell me there would be a rigidness, that there would be a no. And I’m not talking about handing your church over to the crazies. Ok, I’ve seen that. I’ve been there. I’ve witnessed it all. This is not what it was. This wasn’t like, uh… it was the Lord’s knocking at the door. And He wanted to come in. And she said, no.

Seek HIS Face Rather than Resisting – Podcast #739 – Shulamite Podcast

There is a deep purpose to all that we are going through. Let’s seek HIS face rather than entering into deep despair or worse throwing in the towel.

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  1. Helen says:

    Lord Jesus, don’t let us lose sight of HEAVEN’S SUPPLY, to downright dependent receiving hearts. If the “focus is temporal”, we look for the supply, the answer, there..no matter what we call it. Repenting of my part in that. This really is a church matter; thank God He’s put His Light on it! The Master’s brilliant movement to take our eyes off the temporal. Do we stand for what is true in Heaven..past..when it doesn’t look like it’s true? Whose vindication concerns us? ours? God will vindicate Himself…display His Glory! His timing & way make for deep dependence. An Eternal weight of Glory..our God Who is in absolute control, after, we have suffered (?), hungered, desired in His Desire..that Weight has us on our face seeing His Face! He has to touch you to get up from there. ‘Visible’ God! We are designed & placed, by God, for demonstration in expression of The Lord & His Reign! (2Cor.4:17b) “because we don’t focus our attention on what is seen but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but the unseen realm is eternal.” Whew! Talk about a living impartation, John!

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