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Seeing Christ in the Wilderness – Episode #785

Seeing Christ in the Wilderness

Seeing Christ in the Wilderness
Episode #785

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
With special guest: Kyle Smith

This the continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #783
There is such council in times of our wilderness even when we don’t understand the story.

That’s what Martha told me, she said, “If you surrender to Him, He’s got the best treasures for you.” All you have to do is say, “Yes.” From that day forward I said, “Yes.” I said, “Even if I came to this mountain and I died from whatever but I got to earn You. Then my life is complete.”

Thank you, Kyle, for opening your heart and life to us.

He’s doing a quick work. He’s condensing the walk, the genuine walk with Him for you, He’s condensing into a space of time that’s very tight because the time is short. And so, what He’s actually done for you is reach out and grab you and say, “You are Mine. You have no one but Me and you will be Mine because I love you and I’ve love you forever.” And that makes it a rescue from danger.

He is crunching you; He’s pushing you into this little box. You are in the box. But it’s a box of protection that has a future that is covered with the blood of Christ and is specific to you because He wants you, not just a man. He wants Kyle. And He has marked you out for this time.

Paul said, “I’ve lost everything.” He lost political power, religious power. He lost everything for the sake of knowing Christ Jesus. There’s your verse. You’re getting to know Him.

Sometimes He doesn’t turn out to be what like we think. Sometimes I liken it to jerking a child out from under the bus that’s going to crunch Him. And the child says, “Oh, that hurt. Why did You do that?” “To save your life.”

And in a sense in that, I think, is the saving of your spiritual destiny because it has to be…Everybody who is worth anything in the Bible had a terrible wilderness. This is your wilderness but it’s condensed. And I don’t believe it’s going to last forever. It’s too intense.

He’s not going to leave you. He can’t do it. He’s not going to leave you without His presence being coming to you. Is that a amen, brother?

He’s got wonderful things in mind. And the knowledge of Christ…The one thing we are her for is to know God and to understand Jesus. And you are getting a crash course.

He is going to rule our life and take from us what will poison us, strip us down from what would distract us. And I’m not even saying that I understand your suffering. You probably wouldn’t understand mine. But I know the goal is the same. And the fulfillment is the same. He’s going to come. He proclaimed you are a good man. He’s going to come and make you extraordinary. That’s my confidence.

While John was gone there was Kyle alone and the Lord wouldn’t let me be with him. And I planned. “Ok, great. We will have some time to pray” and He didn’t let me.

But that doesn’t shake my knowledge of His love for you because I have experienced His love for you and so has John. I know what His love for you is. He wants you, honey. He wants you to belong to Him and He adores you. The proof he sends sometimes looks like the very opposite. That’s why David writes, “Have You left me? Do You hate me?” That’s why David is such a council in times of our wilderness because he went through all of it and we don’t even know the story, really, for why he’s crying out. “Where have You gone? You used to like Me. Why did You turn on me? Now You are my enemy.” You are just living the vividness of the Christian life under the dominion of the King. You are not being passed by so you can have a happy little church life. He’s not letting you do that.

The major thing that I’ve seen is what I’m dying to is law. I’m physically, emotionally, mentally, my whole being, I’m dying to law. Because law has ruled my life.


I saw it yesterday sitting on the back porch. I don’t understand most things that I see but the major thing is dying to law.

It makes me think of when coming out of Romans 7 which is failure, failure the first thing in Romans 8 is “There is therefore no condemnation for those who walk in the law of the Spirit.” You are coming into a different law. It’s the law of the Spirit. We have to live under law but the law of the Spirit is all wonderful. He’s bringing you out of obedience to your situation and your family. That’s dropping off of you but you are going to be brought into such a level of grace and joy. I want to be there when the Holy Spirit falls on you because I know it’s going to be a lot of joy for you. And you are willing. You have bent your neck to this situation and it’s the arm of love. It’s like He’s pulling you out from the bus and you don’t know what’s there now that the bus has gone because you’ve lived in the bus all your life. But what’s going to happen is an explosion of who you really are and what He’s formed in you and your knowledge of Jesus. I prophecy you are going to be a big Jesus lover; exceptional.

What you’re going through is not something…I want you to know that every Believer has to die to that degree to everything. And I’m sure you know that. But this is your journey. So, it’s another matter. It’s you and it’s you in the suffering but it’s not a punishment. It’s a liberty. It makes you feel like David did. “Why do You hate me? Are You gone? Do I have to go through this?” But it’s choice. And it’s privilege the way He’s got you in hand. He has captured you. And you will be able to say, “I am His but He also is mine. All that He is is mine.” And you will have Him in that intimacy. You don’t die like this for nothing; so that you can just be martyred. It’s not punishment. It’s not judgment. It is the cross. That’s what it is. It’s the formation of the willingness to die for Jesus.

Remember that scripture Revelations 12 where it says they overcome the accuser by the blood of the Lamb, first, that’s your sin and your forgiveness; the word of the testimony which is Jesus is Lord and sovereign; the third one is they loved not their lives even unto death. You are in a cross experience. You are in a dying place. There is resurrection, believe me. Hallelujah, glory. We couldn’t take it without some resurrection. But that’s coming. And I bet it’s coming soon because you really are…

And He wouldn’t let me lift your suffering while John was gone. I was so embarrassed. That’s how the Lord embarrasses me. He doesn’t do what I want Him to do; it was the good thing to do and the right things to do. “Kyle is really alone. Surely couldn’t I have him over for dinner?” “No. Don’t touch a holy thing. Don’t touch My man. I will administrate it myself, thank you, Martha. You just go ahead.” I want you to know I had those feelings.

But it’s an enormous process and we have to be willing to die to whatever He claims and we in our lives and in their lives, everybody has had the wilderness and we’re still here with Him.

Seeing Christ in the Wilderness – Episode #785 – Shulamite Podcast

Everybody who is worth anything in the Bible had a terrible wilderness. Many of us are in wilderness but it’s not going to last forever.

2 Responses

  1. Andrea says:

    I thought of this verse while reading …
    “I will lure her (him) into the wilderness so that I might speak tenderly with her(him)” …..
    such a great lover of our souls is our God …..

  2. Helen Whaley says:

    Sometimes, when I don’t understand, the Lord will say to me, “in due time”…i say it back to Him as my worship. Two phrases surround David’s life. The Lord took David “from the sheepfold, from following the sheep..”, to make him what He wanted him to be—in the telling of JESUS. David’s worship: “Who am I, Oh Lord God?…that You have brought me this far?” It’s the “fragrance of Christ which exhales unto God”, from a heart broken open. And the Breath of the Spirit wafts it as He pleases. I receive, Lord…all You give…AS YOU INTEND IT…in the meaning You give. No ‘other’ voice…no earth ‘bound’ sight, no layers of self-filtering…it’s You I listen for. My eyes are fixed on You, watching Your movement in it…beyond what is seen…Your view appears, encompassing All. Always, what us given, IS CHRIST! Our future, our next moment, isn’t uncertain, it’s Christ! David’s shepherding, his worship, his kingship, were in God’s timeless purpose, & could be interpreted in no other way.
    Your open heart, Kyle, is treasured gift to the Body of Christ. I thought of you, when I heard John was away…Oh, God’s embracing ways, with a heart that is His.

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