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Ruling the Kingdom by Listening – Episode #743

Ruling the Kingdom by Listening

Ruling the Kingdom by Listening
Podcast #743

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

This is a continuation of a series of podcasts started in Episode #739
The end of our journey and lifetime is to rule and reign beside the King. This life is the training for reigning in the Kingdom.

Lance mentions that the prophets can’t prophesy people into a free-will choice because our free will is given by God and God doesn’t violate our free will. So no matter what the prophets prophesied, they can prophesy judgment. They can prophesy God’s response to sin.

I have come to transform you into courageous warriors, unafraid! Leading the march. You are to be leaders. I will show you the depth and riches and destinies of the Kingdom. You make the Kingdom your priority as few of My children do. My dominion is the King of kings and Lord of lords.

I, I need at least, to mark, ‘cause prayer is finding out what’s in heaven and bringing it down. It’s from the throne.

And He says, Amen to our choices, and He’s on the job. He will start the process of His plan.

And so we all say, Yes, today Lord, to the King and the Kingdom, let our lives matter in the end times. Let our lives conquer by the power of our King. Give us revelation that the world has never seen about the Kingdom.

His, do ya’ll get it? The end of our journey and lifetime is to rule and reign beside the King. That is just something so unreal, and it’s gotta become real to us. We are destined to reign. Daniel got it. Daniel saw it. The Kingdom will be turned over to us. And I ask you to give me love for that, Lord.

This is the training for reigning. And if He’s brought us to the place that we are being, we’ve showed up for boot camp and for, for the training for reigning. If, if He’s brought us to that point, isn’t it worth anything and everything? Because we’re gonna reign and rule with Him for eternity. And we’re being trained to rule now so that we know how to rule then. And if we have to be brought all the way to this point, painful as it is, it’s worth it all. It’s heavenly. It’s worth it all. It’s, it’s worth it all.

I had this revelation for the book. When, uh, I think, I can’t remember, when Cain brought his vegetables to the Lord, Abel brought blood. There’s no pardon without blood. And Abel was, uh, God received Abel’s blood sacrifice. But He rejected Cain’s. And then God said, Why is your countenance fallen, And why are you? And he was angry, he was furious. He said, the beast is crouching at the door. He wants to master you but you must master it.

And this spiritual warfare, the reason the devil is here, because that’s who we get trained in overcoming, him. And we have to learn from the King how to overcome the enemy. And it’s, it’s incredible. Satan’s desire is to have us. And there’s an, in the Hebrew, I looked up all the Hebrew and Hebrew means extreme intent to have you. And the beast, it doesn’t say that, it says sin is crouching at the door, but in the Hebrew, it’s the beast.

So there, and the beast is longing to get you. It’s so strong. But, but we, are to master him. So that we are fit to reign for eternity beside the King. And we hate the, I don’t like spiritual warfare. I wish it wasn’t there, but it is everywhere. And Lance is good at saying we are in a spiritual war in this nation. It’s not a man’s war, it’s a spiritual war. And we’ve got to learn even now, to overcome the beast, master him, and make him submit.

And we become the master. And the rule of the earth that God created us to be. We were created to rule the earth. And He’s not gonna give up on that ‘cause He created, that’s your purpose. And that’s why we want to control, but it’s the wrong, that’s our nature, is to rule. We, we sin in it when we want to take control because we think we’re better than God, but when you can get in line with the King, you can rule and reign, because that’s what we’re supposed to – We are supposed to master satan. And that’s what my book is about. How do you do that?

And I want it out today. (laughs)


I’m looking forward to it.

And what Joan said to me a week ago is Martha, you’ve already written. It’s all over ..

Oh, I, ok, ok, I’ve gotta tell you what this. Go ahead

Oh, I, I was just going to say it struck me the other day that it, it IS Written.

Let me read you a comment that came, uh on the podcast today. From Andrea: mm hmm, yeah, Canada, yeah. She says, ‘the war is over, the victory is at hand. And the book has been written. All is needed is for the words to kiss the paper.’


And it’s the truth. It’s been written. I know it’s written, you know it’s written, you know it’s written. We all know it’s written. It’s already done.

…and down to actual writing.

Exactly! The writing, I mean, it’s not, it is not like, it’s written in the heavens. No, it’s written now.

It’s already there.

ANNOUNCERS VOICE: And now, here’s our host to tell you more about what’s coming up next:

I live listening. That’s the one thing we need – is to live listening. When we meet, we don’t need to speak anything that we don’t hear. Our purpose is to hear. Not speak. And we only need to speak what we hear. That’s it. That’s all that we need to do. We need to speak what we hear. Because at that point, you’re bringing heaven down to earth. You’re literally hearing the Voice of the Father speak His Will and you’re bringing it down through agreement into this earth. And that’s bringing the Kingdom to earth.

There is no other necessity…than to bring in the Kingdom. And the only way you do that is by hearing the King of the Kingdom. He brings the edicts. And so if you’re going and you’re telling Him, we really need help, and blah blah, that has no, no bearing on the reality.

If we’ve learned anything through this entire situation is, that we don’t need to hear what the news says, we don’t need to hear what man says. We need to hear the King. And when we hear the King we will bring in the Kingdom and that is the purpose of meeting.

Seek My Face, means: Look at My Face and read My Lips!

Ok, if we’re seeking His face, face to face – if Moses met face to face with God and we have a better covenant, we can meet face to face with God and look at His lips as He’s speaking.

He can speak to us and He can tell us what He wants us to know, what He wants us to believe, and we can, once He gives me what He wants me to know, I can stand in faith, because I have the word of God which is, far exceeds anything that any man, any media, any tabloid, any, any newspaper, any thing on the internet, anything. Nothing matters more than what He says. And I, I am desperate, I am desperate to to to meet as a body and listen. Like a school of the prophets where you sit and you wait. Pray in tongues.

If any words are coming out of your mouth it should be the Spirit’s mouth and the Spirit’s prayers. And then you wait. And then when we get the Word, when someone gets something, we can speak it. We can speak it forth and all of us can judge it. I want you to be a voice to bring the thoughts of God.

You are to guide the thinking of man and the thoughts of man through the thoughts of God and the mind of God. That’s, that’s the direction. That’s the pastoring. You are pastoring, you are training and teaching via the thoughts and mind of God, and you’re bringing the, the, the thoughts into submission to the Life of Christ.

You’re saying, this is what Christ is saying. And all of us have it. All of us have it. But some of us don’t have, have the listening down as much as others. And the patience, now, yeah,

And the waiting…

And the waiting

Ruling the Kingdom by Listening – Podcast #743 – Shulamite Podcast

We are in a spiritual war for this nation. We are being trained to reign in the Kingdom …today! And we do this by living listening to the King.

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