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Episode #322 – Rivers Of Love

River shaped like heart

Rivers Of Love
Episode #322

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special quests: Don and Carole Nelson

(M) Rivers of living water.
(J) Yeah that, yeah that scripture, give me the scripture again. There’s no punch in this, what drives…
(Carole) Many waters cannot quench love. Love is a force that is not stoppable or predictable, love is unquenchable. The only thing you can do to love is ‘miss it’! But I mean, I’m wondering about that too. (Everyone is laughing.)
(Don) I don’t wonder why everybody’s laughed. (John laughs.) Makes me wonder about, as we were talking yesterday when you and I were walking down there.
(J) Hmhmm.
(Don) Makes me wonder about the one time that it froze over, and when that was. No flow, no water.
(J) Frozen.
(Don) Wonder when that was. Maybe we can find out. There might be some… (Carole speaks in the background.100%?  ) I had heard that the one time that it froze over that there was no water going over the falls.
(J) I can’t even comprehend that. I know in the Baltic Sea that the, the water will come over and the waves literally will freeze in mid-crest.
(Don) Yeah.
(J) I do know that; because it’s so cold, but…
(Don) I’ll check when we go down. I’m gonna find out. Yeah.
(J) You know something?  I didn’t get to go see that picture; I need to go see that picture.
(Carole) We can walk back through there. Ok the scripture is Song of Solomon 8:7.”Many waters cannot quench love, neither can floods drown it. If a man would offer all the goods of his house for love, he would be utterly scorned and despised.”
(J) I’m praying that that’s where, what we all experience, all the people that are listening to this, and us, and, and ah, I’m wanting to get into His love-flow. I want to be taken out by His love. I want to, I want to be that child swooped into that love.
(Don) That’s awesome.
(J) It is.
(Carole) It’s law, all this other…
(J) Trappings!
(Carole) Trappings, the law, the trappings, my own just…
(J) Stinkin’ thinkin’.
(Carole) Stinkin’ thinkin’, and effort and, and, I wish I could get the word, expectations of myself, of myself, through myself, by myself, just lost in His, in the incredible pounding flow of His love. And then look at the bottom. Look at when it comes over and at the bottom there’s nothing but peace like a river.
(M) Wow.
(J) Just foam. (John laughs.)
(M) I’m getting’ something I have never seen before. Jesus said to the woman at the well, “Whoever takes a drink of the water I shall give him shall never, no never be thirsty anymore.” What are we thirsty for?
(All in unison) Love.
(M) Everything really boils down to love. “But the water that I will give him shall become a spring of water welling up, flowing, bubbling, continually within him, unto, into, for eternal life.” “Sir, give me this water.” And He was giving it to her you see, because He was loving her. But He wants love to be like a ceaseless river, flowing out from us to the world.
(Carole) That’s what that girl who went all the way, climbed that danger fence, and went right to the edge, she was looking for love.
(J) You said that, that was amazing.  That was amazing.
(M) She was doing it for her boyfriend to take her picture, and I was saying ‘no, no, no’. It was dangerous.
(Carole) That, she risked her life, whether she was, I don’t think she w as even aware of it because her lust and her need for love went beyond the danger.
(J) She was willing to go to the edge of death, just to get a drop of affection from some teenage boy.
(M) Who did not go over there with her! (They laugh.)
(J) Who took pictures and said, hmmm, that’s really cool.
(Carole) Get closer there. (Carole laughs.)
(J) Yeah.
(M) Let me take your picture.
(J) I’ll put you on facebook. Here you go.
(M) Do you all get it? “The water I will give you will become a spring of water within him. The power of love flowing. That’s what I want. I want to be the vessel…
(Carole) Niagara Falls?  Are you talking about like Niagara Falls in us?
(M) Yes, yes.
(J) Coming out of me?
(M) Coming out of the Body together; yes, yes, that’s what I’m saying.  He is supposed to be a well.
(Don) But that’s cool. No, you’ve really, yeah that’s cool. Because we see the awesomeness and the fury that the love generates, and like the little kid, it, that, that fury gathers up that little child and comforts him, when he needs it, and then from the Falls forward it’s peace and calm as it goes forward.
(J) Peaceful and comforting when he was being grabbed by the waters and being thrown over the edge!
(Don) You guys didn’t get that, I mean come on!
(Carole) But it’s like you said, when you get caught up in something you’re not thinking, you have no, you don’t even have… When I have been in a situation where I’ve gotten caught in an ocean wave, and I’m totally and completely out of control, that wave has total control over me, you’re not thinking about anything, you’re just going (she makes gurgle, glug noises of taking in water.) Are you not??
(J) Exactly, hmhmm.
(Carole) You’re going with it, because there isn’t anything else you can do.
(J) Right.
(M) Ok, but what if, (John interjects: oh my) we carry that force in us, which is what we’re supposed to do, to the extent that we would lay down our lives for others.
(Don) Violent love, we expose and use violent love.
(J) Vessels, being vessels of violent love. A torrent of love should come out of us.
(M) Hmhmm.
(J) Because that’s Who He is. And if we are indwelt by Him, then that should be the force that’s coming out of us.
(M) That should be. I’ve never seen this river of living water as love, and I’ve never really grasped it in the Amplified, “welling up, flowing, bubbling, continually within Him, unto and for eternal life.” And that’s what this thing does. This Falls is continually, ceaselessly pouring that force.
(Carole) You got me going, Don, it’s what you said; I said, oh ‘my-gosh’. Here’s these Falls, and they are generating so much light and electricity that’s going out all over the place. And that is a picture. We don’t know, we don’t know how that force in us affects; we don’t know how it affects, but it does, it generates.
(J) Power.
(Carole) Power and life, and light.
(Don) That’s good Carole.
(M) Now I wonder about that little boy. Carole said he would be 97 if he was still alive.
(Carole) I think it was, I figured he was, he was going to be like 59. He was about 59 years old if he were still living today I’d love to hear what he’d say about that.
(M) I ‘betcha’ he never recovered from it, that he never got over the experience; you wouldn’t. And I think that if you’ve ever been loved with the force of God’s love… I do know that people can leave it. They may not ‘miss it’, it may not be possible for you to miss it, but you can leave it, because I’ve seen it happen.
(J) And he would have been marked by that encounter.
(M) That’s what I’m trying to say. If you’ve ever been loved, you can’t really go far from it.
(J) Even everybody that he would have known would have said, oh, there’s the guy that went over Niagara.
(Don) Well, and didn’t the story tell us that it was a boating accident and the sister did not go over the Falls. He did, but the sister didn’t go over the Falls.
(J) Hmm.
(Carole) But to be on your way up to that and, ok, what happens with us, might not happen to all of us, but you come up and you see that love like this…
(J) And you go Oh…. (John laughs….Carole screams!) (They all laugh)
(M) It’s so true!
(Carole) Seriously! I’m telling you, oh no, Waaaaah……
(M) It’s gonna get me! And take me where I don’t want to go, gonna carry me away.
(Carole) It’s gonna kill me, that’s what it’s gonna do! How am I coming out of this alive?
(J) Ok, so you can, you can say that if you were coming down there like that boy, you would be screaming and yelling, like how Carole?
(Don) Oh come on…
(Carole) Yahaaaaaaaaa! (She screams!) (They laugh.)
(J) But you would be wanting to get away from that as far as you could.
(Carole) Oh ‘my-gosh’, can you imagine coming toward, you’re on the river coming toward the end of where you’re going to drop, however far that is, into these, oh these violent foaming waters. And you are resisting that with every ounce of your being. And that is what we do.
(J) Have you ever met anybody that has not resisted love? Even though they demand it. Even though every human being that is out there is going for love, have you ever met somebody when love really comes that they don’t just freak out?
(M) I’ve never met anybody. And those who act like they are receiving it, sometimes are not in touch with the panic, so it’s really better. Because love does come to kill you. Love does come to take over, swallow you and you become a part of that flood.
(J) Yeah, ‘it’s’, you become owned. Owned.
(Carole) ‘It’s’ meaning, ‘possessed by’.
(M) That’s interesting. I’ve never thought about it that way, but those who think they can take it sometimes miss it the worst. Also it’s not… We think of love as something sweet and very placid, and very manageable, and it is not. God’s love is not manageable.  It’s sweet and merciful, but it’s a whole lot more, it’s bigger than that. It’s like this Falls, beautiful, yes, water, we can’t live without water. Not only does that provide power, it provides enormous water supply for all this northeast area. And so it’s, water’s life or death. But ah, we don’t count on it being this force. What I marvel at is people can feel the force of it.
(J) You can feel it.
(Carole) Vibration. But you know, humanly, humanly in our human nature, I believe that we believe that love is having total, complete control. And that’s what Real Love, His Love, is the antitheses of that because it is a call to lose all control.
(M)  Exactly.

Rivers Of Love – Episode #322 – Shulamite Podcast

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