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A Real-Time Revelation of Christ Indwelling – Episode #560

A Real-Time Revelation of Christ Indwelling

A Real-Time Revelation of Christ Indwelling
Episode #560
August 27, 2017

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: 
Carole Nelson

Listen as a timely revelation of the victory innate to Christ’s indomitable Life easily burns up the enemy’s never-ending insinuations and lies otherwise.

(Martha) We’re gathered here in Carole’s beautiful cabin on the mountain after our conference, The Road that Leads to Life, and the few that find it. We’re having a marvelous time just visiting. With us is Gaby from Austria, Fabiola from Columbia, Lori from up the road, Carole and her house, John and me. And we’ve had some wonderful conversations sitting around the table. And so, we wanted to share it with everybody else. So we wanted…
(John) And you did one other thing. You did a miracle with your CD of the Month. You came in, and you were literally leveled from the revelation that you had seen. And I’m believing because of the revelation that came through the message that it was precisely, exactly how you had to come to deliver that message, because you couldn’t have delivered that message without being nothing. And so, you came in as nothing, and then He literally infilled you, propped you straight up and spoke this… I mean, you spoke for an hour and a half, an hour and forty-five minutes. And that’s the longest…
(Martha) I don’t have that much energy.
(John) It’s the longest message you’ve ever done. And you were exhausted.
(Martha) I was exhausted, because I got so excited about it. I’d been on it for hours, and I was getting insights.
(John) And it’s very, very similar to what you did at the conference. You literally, you would come down, and you were at the zero, and then you’d stand up and speak, and you’d bring this beautiful message full of zeal and energy and life. So…
(Martha) A miracle every time.
(John) Absolutely. And literally, you know, the message on The Road that Leads to Life, it is also, it had a through line of it, of the exchanged life, of “Christ in you, the hope of glory,” of Christ living your life. And so, that through line was made evident. You mentioned it several times in the messages, and you would say, you know, “You’re witnessing a miracle. You’re witnessing me literally living out of this message before you.”
(Martha) Um, yeah. We’ve going through that really for a year and a half.
(John) I don’t think we’re ever going to recover from it. I think this is the way we’re going to live for the rest of our lives.
(Martha) Really? That’s ok. That’s ok. I’ll get used to it (chuckling), she says as she groans. It’s really, it’s really— I don’t even know how to describe it. The weakness. I knew that I was so excited, I was spending every ounce of energy that I had.
(John) Umhm.
(Martha) And I couldn’t stop it, because it was so exciting.
(John) And I was concerned. I’m driving you over here, and I’m like…
(Martha) And I’m crying.
(John) Yeah.
(Martha) ‘Cause I felt so bad.
(John) It’s like, “Jesus.” I have to get on His page about it. I have to literally… Because when I see you go through it, I can go through it. But when I see you go through it, it trashes me. And, you know, I feel awful. But I need to get on His page about it, and just speak faith. I just need to speak faith and say, “He’s coming BIG,” because He always does.
(Martha) Always does, in proportion to the weakness.
(John) Exactly.
(Martha) It’s the power in which He comes. So, I went to Carole’s lovely bed for a few minutes. I was going to stay there ten minutes. And I laid down, and all of a sudden the Lord said, “Strike while the iron’s hot,” which is your recent…
(John) Yeah, I just wrote a post, a blog post about that.
(Martha) You just wrote blog post about moving. And I felt like He said, “Get up and go, because the iron is hot, and when you get there I will come.” And He did.
(John) He did, abundantly; the longest message you’ve ever spoken.
(Martha) Yeah, yeah. So, Carole, what did you think of the message?
(Carole) The message was lots of things. The message was a big burden lifted. The message was freedom. The message was the solution to living. The message was HIM. And the message was and is the New Covenant, and the message is the gospel, The Gospel, which is Christ in you, the hope of Glory. And Martha expounded it in such an incredible way and went into many areas I have never even considered that connected the Old Testament with The New. But at the same time separated the Old Testament from the New, and put us absolutely in the New Covenant. And looking back at the Old Covenant as the symbols and the examples, the…
(John) Shadows and types.
(Carole) The shadows and types. Thanks, yeah, yeah. And everything that’s in the Old Testament as she said is Christ really, and pointing us to Christ. But it was just, it was an absolute freedom from the law into the law of the Spirit of grace and love and peace and all the fruit of the Spirit.
(John) The message that we’re talking about is September’s Message of the Month, and I don’t know if we’re going to be calling it “The New Worship.” I don’t know what it’s going to be called yet, but it’s September’s Message of the Month (2017). And I kind of feel like it’s like a Dagwood sandwich. You’ve been building this message for years, you know. You did the, Christ in You the Hope of Glory— that was in Ireland. You did The Way—that was in San Francisco, California. You did Christ, My Allthat was in New Mexico. You did The Road that Leads to Lifethat was the recent conference. And every single message, it’s not like they’re canceling each other out. It’s not like they’re higher revelations so that you just listen to the last one. It’s like it’s building like this Dagwood sandwich, you know. It’s just layer after layer of the revelation of it. And I’m blown away that He’s so strong about that message, and that He’s delivering it so consistently now. I mean, it’s literally, it’s infiltrating everything that is coming out of the ministry.
(Martha) And when I finished, of course everybody here was at the conference, and I said, “This is like a continuation of the conference,” because it’s more revelation about His sovereign plan. And it was such fun to see it. It’s the Old Testament example of the futility of man, that God had to prove to us by story and by people – to us personally – that we cannot do anything to please God. And He has pleased Himself.
(John) He doesn’t require it, nor does He need it.
(Martha) Uh uh, uh uh. He’s pleased with His Son. As long as we let the Son be life, we’re in absolute favor with God.
(John) Say that again. That’s beautiful.
(Martha) As long as we let the Son be our life, we have God’s pleasure with us continually.
(John) And all of us are looking for… You know, anyone who’s seeking Him is always looking for His pleasure, always trying to please Him, always trying to get His smile and His favor. And you basically said, “There’s one Way.” I mean, you didn’t say it directly, but that’s it. It was exactly what you said, that it’s “One Way.”
(Martha) Yeah.
(John) His Son is the life that is His favor.
(Martha) And Carole repeated it, and it’s on tape. She said, she said very clearly that God is only pleased with His Son. And that’s true, and if He’s in you, then you get to enjoy God’s pleasure. It was exciting, because it was about the first miracle, the wedding at Cana. So, I can’t wait for people to hear it. I’m sure most people know the story of that.
(Carole) I’m sorry. I’m sure they don’t (laughs)!
(John) (Laughing) Umm.

A Real-Time Revelation of Christ Indwelling – Episode #560 – Shulamite Podcast

What a joy to witness the indomitable life of Christ rising up and displacing the exhaustion that is part of our frail humanity! Such a timely revelation of the victory innate to His Life easily burns up the enemy’s never-ending insinuations otherwise.

5 Responses

  1. Pauline says:

    “He’s pleased with His Son. As long as we let the Son be life, we’re in absolute favor with God.” – Oh my, Martha! The way this just so spontaneously came out . . . not something you learned or rehearsed; more like something you heard, received and so matter-of-factly, live.
    This is evident as you describe how little energy you had [delivering the message] and so exhausted–you simply let Him be . . . He had your body, mind, soul, your breath, will, energy – everything – and you got up when you heard Him; no need to question, plead or procrastinate–just got up! And you might say, like you many times do, that it’s simple. Well, Martha, I’m slowly starting to be convinced that it is — as long as you let Him be.
    Such a picture of surrender. It mostly seemed difficult when I thought it was about me: my efforts, my striving and then being disappointed when there was yet another failure to perform.
    But, no, it’s all about Him: just admitting to Him that we cannot, to see that He can; believing that, as you said in your not so recent message, “The Joy of Weakness”: He is not looking for strength but for weakness – then cite the verse from Hebrews 11, that “out of weakness, [they: the patriarchs of old] were made strong.” That is a weight lifted!
    There is an excitement in this podcast from each of you that is contagious — what a wonder this journey is!
    Love to all.

    1. Martha Kilpatrick says:

      Oh Pauline! How deeply you understand this about weakness. It is contrary to everything we assume. We so believe our strength is what God needs~ It’s very hard to live weak and dependent but there is such peace to let go and let Christ be our life.
      You are such an encouragement to us and so open to the Spirit. God bless you richly for being such a listener . . . to HIM!

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