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Episode #146 – Redemption Of Christ

Shulamite Podcast

Redemption Of Christ
Episode #146

with Martha Kilpatrick and John Enslow

(M) And He wanted me to know that He healed me of this disease. And this is just, I don’t even really understand all of it, but I’m going to be healed of the curse of this disease, which is what I believe my Mother died of. So this is how… I’m telling you, John, to this audience, this is how we get revelation, through just such personal suffering, such deep dealings of the Lord with roots and realities in our lives. This is typical of how we come to insights that help people. And I just somehow want to take people into the guts of this, into the daily issues of this. Everybody around me is praying and believing for my healing. Everyone is ministering to me, and it… and diminishing, you know… I can eat so little, and you and Carole are willing to eat with me, come down with me, until we get to the bottom of this. But I really believe God has brought me to the core sin, which is control, control of yourself, and control of your circumstances and environment. And we don’t understand how evil control is. And it’s astonishing because control is so in us, in the world, in our family, in our very being, that we don’t understand we are to live without control as Jesus did. Apart from God I can do nothing. And Jesus… the passage I’ve been memorizing for months, is John 15, “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” Which means if I exert control I’m out, outside of Christ, I’m off the Vine, I’m a branch that can be cut off and thrown away because I’m fruitless. And as Carole has the revelation of the blood.
(Carole) I just as Martha was talking, I thought ok, there were two trees in the garden, and we were, we were transferred to the Tree of Life through the redemption and the spilling of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. And I went to, in my mind I went to John 15 and it says, “I am the Vine, you are the branch, the Father is the vine-dresser”, and it’s that blood, it is that sap from the Tree of Life that flows through the branch and brings forth fruit.
(M) You saw the blood as the sap of the Tree.
(Carole) Absolutely, and this is what I’m seeing in the Tree, in the Tree of Life, it is the sap, the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ flowing through to the branch and out and bearing fruit for Him.
(M) Well this is, this is related to what we’re going to deal with in the coming conference.
(J) Hmhmm, hmhmm, the Body of Christ transcendent believers in the end times.
(M) So this little branch of the Body is at the moment rather sick. And the rest of the Body is gathering around to, as I said, support, join, stand… When we were leaving in the airport I was in a lot of pain, and John just stood and said, “no.”  He just stood that there would be not pain, so for three or four days I had no pain. And, but these things are going to… to me this is a preparation for that conference, because it’s about becoming unyoked and having the prisons demolished. And I can see in my life now how I functioned inside a prison that I did not recognize. I would overcome it again and again and again, but I never lived without that, those sins of anxiety and… I’d have to come up, I’d have to overcome it and get to faith. It’s supposed to be that we are free; that the obstacles themselves are gone, the yoke is broken. And so He waited until now that we have chosen in this group, a Body; we have a calling as a Body for these end times, which I’ll share at some point. We have a calling, and because we have agreed to this calling, God has allowed this to come to me to give, to learn the issues of how to break a yoke and what a yoke is. And I believe it’s generational things.
(J) Is it the treasures of darkness?
(M) Always, it’s always the treasures of darkness. Yeah, thank you. So it’s not some… I think we’re idealistic, we expected our parents to be gods, and they weren’t. And we expect the Christian life… it has no validity unless it’s just soaring in, in the cloud. No, the Christian life is in the trenches. The Christian life is ever, as Paul’s. Paul went through sicknesses, and he was stoned to death and got up and walked away. So it’s not that we are without difficulty, we are with constant difficulty and constant glory. So I tell that only to illustrate that the parental issues really are life and death. And the Holy Spirit knows them. And in God’s timing… all my life I’ve not suffered from this disease, except two or three years ago. It was healed, but not diagnosed. Now God diagnosed it before it came. And it is healed, but until I get to the root of the generational curse, which I believe I have, then it’s not broken. But it is, it is the generational curse in every family. It is, it’s the bottom of every generational curse, control.  I either control you, or I control me. And where I can’t control I go ‘bezerk, no, I don’t, but, I mean, we want control of everything. And it separates us from God and puts us in Satan. As Carole says, we don’t understand that when we exert control… And control is taking away a persons choice. As you raise children you ah, lead, you protect, you guide, but you can have the wisdom to know to respect their choice; and give them a choice of who to be. We’ll get into that later, at some point. But…
(J) It’s just pictured, and you can see it in the movie “the Lord Of The Rings” with Gullem, and that when he took power he became a monster, and a creature, and controlled by the lusts for that power, that control. And it ultimately killed him; I mean really, it ultimately killed him. And so…
(M) In hell.
(J) In hell, absolutely. And so, that’s a great visual picture of, you know, he and his friend were out fishing, he found the power, he took the power, and he immediately became a murderer. And then as he became the murderer he began to transform into what was controlling him, which was Satan.
(M) Umhmm. And it’s, it’s also pictured in Cain. Cain deliberately refused the blood sacrifice, so, he wanted to be God.
(J) And became a monster, and immediately murdered.
(M) Exactly. And sin is refusing the blood of Christ for your sin. Sin is not taking the blood. And one of the things I’m going to delve into at the coming conference is the power of the blood.
(J) I remember the, as a child, the pictorial Bibles, you know, and I remember seeing Cain. And I would look at Cain, and Cain had the darkest countenance, and angry, dark countenance, and you know… I mean it’s a child’s Bible so it was… But I think it was exactly that way. He was dark, he became dark, and then he became a murderer.
(M) Hmhmm. And I’ve been writing for years, a book about Cain and Able. And I have not published it because I knew that there was more revelation. And I think I’m coming into it.
(J) We’re looking forward to it.
(M) I am too. (Martha laughs) But the victory that brings you to the blood is assuming responsibility for control. Able was a simple… presented as a simple wordless man. He he just received the blood, and he had God’s favor because of it. So the blood of Christ breaks the generational curse. And I’m just praying that what we’re going to bring out of our own dealings, and first in the podcast, and whatever else God brings, will have the power to reveal parental sins and generational curses, and give the means of its breaking. The only way it is ever broken is by the cross. And the blood that was shed on the cross took every sin. And we can be free of any yoke, because we’ve been set free as Peter said, Peter writes. And Peter’s the one… You know Peter left his family business to follow Jesus. He left his father. And I know that on many days he left his wife, and probably children. We know he had a wife, because he had a mother-in-law. But they left their father immediately and followed Jesus. And they said, “Lord, we’ve left everything for you.” And Jesus said, ‘Yes’; it’s like He said, of course. (Martha laughs) I’m not… They wanted Him to be impressed. He said “There’s no one that has left father, mother, wife and children and lands, for My sake but will inherit many times that in this life, and in the next.” He was saying, of course. To Jesus, that’s what you do.
(J) I’m, I’m looking at Cain real quick here, and I’m seeing… This is very interesting. I’ve never connected… I know that it was the sin, you know, the fall, but I’ve never connected Cain to a generational sin. And I’ve never… They took control, and it was passed to him, and the blood that he would not take for his sin, killed him, because of a generational, inherited sin.
(M) Oh, my goodness.
(J) Their sin of control was passed to him, and his control became murder, and then their sin, on and on and on, until God had to wipe out the entire lot of Cain, because they were all immoral murderers, and ah… I’ve never, I’ve never connected a generational, inherited sin to Cain.
(M) Hmm. That’s powerful.
(J) I mean I just, I, of course, but I’ve just never, you know.
(M) Well, I traced it to see. It was Cain’s entire lineage that was wiped out in the flood. We are all, not just from Adam and Eve; we’re from Seth, not Cain’s line. We are from Seth, yet we still have that lust for control. But Peter, who knew, who left his family, who knew that perhaps his own betrayal of Christ was a generational thing. Who knows? But he learned and wrote this book. “That you were purchased with the precious blood of Christ the Messiah, like that of a sacrificial lamb. You have been…” Part of your redemption, your redemption is total. But an aspect of it is that you have been redeemed from the devastating sins of your forefathers. From the… he says by “inherited by tradition.’ I know that I said to someone one time, you’re not supposed to… well worry is sin. She said well you’re supposed to worry about your children. I said no, we do, but we shouldn’t, because worry is sin. But Peter came to be set free, and that’s how he could write this. You look at the author of the book, and you know that he left his parents, for Jesus. He left everything, a business. The indication is that they were prosperous, not poor fishermen; they were prosperous. They owned their own boat. It was his father’s boat. In that setting in that day, they were prosperous, and he left it. But later he would leave the traditions of his forefathers, which is something that was a gift of the cross. We can be so free. We are used to bondage, and we don’t need to be.

(John gives information on the coming conference.)

When faced with turmoil on all fronts, there is a power available to the Body of Christ. The church must rise in fullness to manifest the presence of Christ in this crucial hour. We at Shulamite Ministries want to invite you to join us for the sequel to our May conference. In “the Coming One” conference, Martha gave a message of hope and preparation for times of trouble and crisis. Martha’s current burden is specific to the authority of the transcendent church, the body of Christ, not limited by time or location. So come fellowship with us in Atlanta, Georgia, October 23rd through the 25th and partake of Christ’s heart to make His Bride ready.

Redemption Of Christ – Episode #146 – Shulamite Podcast

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