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We Have to Receive, Receiving Love – Episode #744

We Have to Receive, Receiving Love

We Have to Receive, Receiving Love
Episode #744

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Everything has to be received. This life cannot be conquered, all you have to do is receive.

I waited for y’all to get here because the Spirit told me to. And I wanted to see you, too. But you’ve got to hear me. All of you’ve got to hear me. This is the most significant group probably within millions, maybe, tens of miles (laughs). Could be millions I’m telling you. Do you know why? It’s one thing. We love each other. We love each other through thick and thin. We’re like one big wedding party. And you’ve been brought here to this hour to this place for a purpose beyond all of us that we cannot perform and don’t need to. We just need to show up and be, listen and we willing to speak. Can you see that?

I’ve said the cards I’m giving you are a stream. I see a stream in them. There’s one phase. The next phase that’s going on is our love and the necessity of love among each other.

God’s love is so present for every individual here and so real and so enduring and our love for each other is quite rare, I think.

We had someone visit us and they, they said, “I see the difference, they have love.” Remember?

Yes, I certainly do and we do. This man came, I think I had met him at one of the conferences, but it, he came to spend a few days with us and stayed in Sue’s cabin and he and Linda did, too. And everybody here just loved him to pieces. We just loved him. He was not particularly responsive. And we let him see it. And it was just God’s enveloping because I don’t know him. I didn’t love him because of who he is or who he isn’t. I love him because God’s love came over us and it did the same when Trina came. The same thing happened when she came. We exhibit…when we get somebody here, the Lord pours His love through us to them because we are one on that ground, I believe. I believe we’re one. Do you? We love each other! Isn’t that incredible?

So, I’m going to tell you how we’ve got to be and what we’ve got to do and it’s real simple.

I’ve had a very frustrating weakness lately. I’ve got work to do and I have weakness. And I started reading the scriptures about “I am your strength” and over and over again David said, “You’re my strength” and David was an incredible warrior, believer, follower of Christ but his strength was not in himself. He’s a hero of scripture. Of the story of Jesus, he’s the hero. He was his through the son of David that Jesus is going to occupy. And he had horrible sins; murder and adultery. But he’s the, he’s the pattern in the Psalms that He is our strength and I, I was so tired of being weak that I threw my arms open and I said, “Ok, I’m receiving Your strength. You said that’s what I’ve got so I’m, I’m receiving it. Give it, pour it into me, give it to me.” And He did!

Then He said, “Get to work! Go start!” And so, I started and I had, I had energy unusual. But I had to obey. I had to receive what He, God was promising by choice and open my heart to it. And then I had to move on it as through I had it. And, and it came, the strength of God came.

So, there’s to me that was…I’ve been asking Him…Ok, I’m seeing this and I’ve seen it for thirty years. There’s one thing God wants of us-to receive. And it’s the poorest thing we are. We’re too proud to receive and want to do it. Well, I’ll speak for me. I want to get it done. I don’t want to have to stop and receive it.

What is it I’m supposed to receive anyway? All the things He promises we’re supposed to assume that we have them. And I can’t say that I do that obviously. But I know that there’s only one thing He requires and it’s not to work, to do, to achieve, to make it happen. It’s not any of that. It’s to receive what He says into our hearts because in the scriptures I’m seeing that, that faith is in the heart not in the mind. When, when you read about faith it’s described as being with the heart. Faith and love go together.

Charles Carrin. Yes, thank you. We used to go hear him and I said, “Would you just tell me how to increase in faith?” And he said, “Yes, ask for more…” Is that what…oh, yeah. He said, “Ask for love. Love and faith go together. You will see it in the scripture.”

Faith has to be received. It cannot be conquered. It has to be received.

So, the thing we need to become is good receivers. We receive the word to do. And then we have to receive the faith that He will do it.

Some of the scriptures I read to you have it in them because we are receiving an unshakable kingdom. We are receiving an unshakable kingdom. It’s on one of your cards. There are things that imply. This is what I…Ok…

The Lord is my strength and my impenetrable shield.

Ok, so we have to receive that. That’s not something you have to lay hold of, you have to mentally access. It’s something you believe and as a child you say, “Yes.” It’s that little skit I used to do on the stage when I had conferences. I would take this bag of candy and say to the adult, the part she would play, “Oh, I couldn’t take your candy.” “Yes, you can.” “Oh, I just can’t take your candy. I know you need it for yourself.” So, then you call a little child go up there and they snatch the whole bag. Remember that skit? And that’s who we want to be.

Impregnable shield!

That’s what I have, that’s what I want. I want to be protected from the enemy that get my heart all upset and involved with his attacks. And did so this morning. I had a hissy fit! You know what a hissy fit is? You do! You’re a southern woman you know what a hissy fit is. And it was over getting these cards ready. I probably reined their holiness. I had to go apologize to John because of the thing wouldn’t, the ink wouldn’t work for me but it would work for John. He’d walk out of the room and there would be no problem. So, I went, “stinking, blinking!” And that’s not cursing.

Anyway, I want us to be children that say, “Yes, that’s what I have not what…”Impenetrable shield I know that Joan has it and you have it but I don’t have it.” No, if it says in this book and my eyes of my heart can see it and I am quickened in my body, I need an impenetrable shield because I have been so weak for so many years and it’s most, eighty percent of it I probably think is the enemy convincing me that I am disabled and weak. So, I’m done with that if you’ll bear with me.

The impenetrable shield. My heart trust in relies on, confidently leans on Him and I am helped.

What’s he saying is “I’m receiving, receiving, receiving so I’m getting it in my heart. And that’s what memorization does for you. It gets it…It says it will be rooted in your being. The word will take root if you will eat it and absorb it and, and chew on it and read it, it will become God’s living faith of…It’s a gift. Faith is a gift, it’s not an achievement. The only achievement is to seek it and to receive the faith and everything, everything has to be received.

I remember I shared with Don Nelson and I told Don “I have found out, Don, there’s nothing to do in this life but receive.” There’s nothing else. It’s not work, it’s receiving. There’s only one things God asks us to do receive all that He’s poured out, all this abundance that we haven’t begun to see much less access.

But he’s goes and tells Buford and Buford preached it! I turned around and looked at Don and I said, “You told my secret.” Oh, and he preached a good sermon, too.

But that’s it and I lose it. I lose it because it’s so simple. And, and when I did that little skit, I think the word was lambano which means it’s more than receiving, it’s taking hold of. And I’m challenging us all to be a child that snatches the bag and takes it all in, because it has all been given and it’s without excuse that we aren’t just full of it. Anyway, it’s all about receiving.

And we have to receive, also, each other. You’re my family, you’re my sons and daughters, you’re my brothers and sisters. You’re my, you’re my family. And you’ve seen me through thick and thin and you’ve been my life, my life sustaining force have been you people. And only God knows how grateful I am and how He’s going to bless you when you see Him because you have really taken the place of a servant.

But that’s my message. God has given…If you go through here to get the impenetrable shield, I lean on Him, I rely on Him, I learn from Him, I receive from Him and I get that impenetrable strength and you’re going to see it happen.

Here it is:

Let us therefore, receiving a kingdom that is firm and stable and cannot be shaken, offer to God pleasing service and acceptable worship, with modesty and pious care and godly fear and awe.

That’s what you get when you receive the kingdom. That’s only a little part.

Seek ye first the kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be added to you.

We live that. I’ve lived that. It’s true. God gives you what you need that you didn’t know you needed and more than you need. God does everything for us.

We’ve got miracle stories up here sitting in this room and it all has to do with receiving into your heart and your mind and your soul the words He says.

I think that’s the magic of these cards is that we do this and before y’all came I was telling them that for thirty years I have prayed that whoever, my group, whoever is my family, my sons and daughters, I have prayed that we would be of one mind because that’s the scripture, that’s the calling of Jesus. That is the scripture’s demand of NT believers. We are of one mind and that has been easier than I thought it would be because when you pray it, you get it. When you try to do it, you don’t get it.

We Have to Receive, Receiving Love – Episode #744 – Shulamite Podcast

There’s only one things God asks us to do…receive all that He’s poured out. The only achievement is to seek it and then receive the faith, because everything has to be received.

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  1. Helen says:

    Everything God Gives His child, is more than our share! It’s “for a purpose beyond all of us”! Oh those stifling ‘adult eyes’, watching to be sure you don’t take more than your share…really, for their own image…yet the adult will take, when no one’s looking; well because they’ve earned it, deserve it. The child in the Kingdom asks for everything & lives in wonder. What child that Receives All, could ever take ‘more than their share’ of the promises of God; the endless flowing Source, the gushing, engulfing, superceding flood the Father pours on His child, to nourish, flourish & rejoice in Him! Children love each other, & it is “incredible”! They have nothing, to have Everything! Love lives there. “I had to receive what God was promising by choice & open my heart to it”…& “move in it as though I had it.” Through thick & thin…love & faith….YES! Ask & receive…the way of Life! How i needed this glowing message Martha. “The Lord is my strength & impenetrable shield.” YES! My arms & heart are flung wide open! Thank you!

  2. Celia says:

    Love everything about this! Love and hugs, Celia

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