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Episode #492 – Practical Life and Super Spiritual People

Practical Life and Super Spiritual People

Practical Life and Super Spiritual People
Episode #492
May 08, 2016

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel and Carole Nelson 

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #490.

(Jennifer) We tend to look at something like that, like “Go Work” or God putting us to work…it’s not high enough. That’s too base, that’s exactly it, that is low, that is low born. But it’s interesting to me because irresponsibility…I have seen that there are so many roots and ties and triggers to irresponsibility. And I always thought that irresponsibility was, you know, part laziness, part bitterness. It was a very limited picture that I had of it. But, John, when you mentioned Beauty and the chickens and all the rest of that (laugh). What it prompted with me… With the chickens I was just fed up. If I saw one more bodily fluid that wasn’t mine, and that was that gross, I was just…I was done. I was going to kill them all myself. And then there would be a reason for it. I had a break down but, it was, you know, mostly anger based. It was like, just enough! “It’s like a Pollock painting in here, I’m out!” But Beauty was fear, visceral fear. God sent me a dog. I had never had a pet in my life. No, I don’t consider our cockatiel. It doesn’t count. It’s a stupid bird. Never had a pet, never had another, you know, being, living, breathing being that had to be fed and cared for, like depending on me. And so for the first two to three years of Beauty’s life, it was a horror for her and for me. That’s just the truth. I worried about her when I wasn’t there. I was like, you know, where is she, where’d she go? I couldn’t figure it out. She cut her ankle. She got bit by a snake or something. She, you know, went off and tried to get pregnant and what not. So she had to get fixed. I mean it was just every time I turned around there was something else that this little being was demanding of me, and that I was somehow failing in doing for her. And when she got mauled by the bear, which led to that podcast. (laughing) Chickens and Beauty, I love that title. But each time that happened it was fear that was keeping me from fully getting into my responsibility and taking my authority. I was terrified that I was going to somehow cause harm to this creature. And in fact that opened the door to I don’t know how many harms that happened to this dog of mine, because I believed it. I believed in it, and I brought it to fruition. And that irresponsibility that led to serious trauma for John, and his desire to be clean and bodily fluid free, as well. You know, on the porch…
(J) Is bodily fluid off of my face. (laughing)
(Jennifer) It was very dramatic. It was a very dramatic moment, and my dog is very dramatic too. So, there was stuff squirting everywhere, and John did get hit in the face. But, yeah, but that took place because I… It was all fear. It doesn’t change the fact that it was irresponsibility. But when you’re in fear, you don’t see it as irresponsibility. You see it as, “But I’m afraid, and somebody out there knows better.” You know? And I’ve just never seen how many different approaches there are to irresponsibility. As many sins as there are in the world, each one somehow has a bridge to irresponsibility. They’re connected. They’ll lead you straight to it. There’s just no question, because I find – or maybe it’s just me – but every color of the rainbow has been represented with that. And, you know, it was such simple lesson, and I’ve never had anything… You know, people go to healings, and they want to see miracles and all the rest of that. I had a miracle on my porch, because I saw chaos, and it was gross. And there was a body count. And the very day, in fear and trembling, it wasn’t like my fear left, but the fear was no longer driving. There was no longer an excuse for me not to step out and into what I did. And it was night and day. It was if an angel had come down in place, and there was no anxiety on the part of my drama dog. My anxiety went out the window as soon as I stepped forward to do what I was supposed to do. And it was easy and quick and done. And I sat there two minutes later with all the medicines in, with all the wounds flushed, with all the agggggww done. I didn’t gag once. She didn’t move, she sat there. She sat there calm. Her tail occasionally wagged. There was no whimpering, no yelping. It was ridiculous how easy it was and how completely opposite of what it had been in irresponsibility. And all I can say is whatever else we might think about it, it is medicine that is miraculous. We don’t see it that way but, Carole, what you had for five years was a medicinal treatment in the form of work, and every single really big break through in my practical life, really has involved that, has involved me stepping into the practical responsibility, and reaping dividends on the high mountains in my relationship with Him. I have never had a mountain top experience with Him that didn’t start in a place of blaaaa or just uhhhhhh. I just haven’t, and I think we don’t value it at all. And it is miraculous on every level.
(J) Well, this is what I wrote down. One of the things that you said un the Message of the Month, “Everything I have learned, I learned in the practical.” Ok so, “Everything I have ever learned about God, I’ve learned in the practical.” And that, to me, is phenomenal, because that’s completely counter opposite to anything super spiritual. Literally counter opposite, because everything that you learn super spiritually, you learn in the grandiose, the glorified, the delusional. But it’s all in the, yeah, the experience and not the labor. That’s a good way of looking at it. But that’s not been anything that I’ve learned from God. I can’t think of… I’m literally trying to think of something I’ve learned in some kind of mountain top. There’s been an experience, and I’ve experienced Him, but that’s not where the revelation came. The revelation came in the valley of humiliation. It was tested. It was revealed, maybe, on a mountain top, but that’s not where I got it. I got it in the low base land.
(Martha) In basic obedience.
(J) In the basic obedience. Absolutely. It was in the low lands. The low lands are where you learn who God is, and then He reveals Himself. You know. Go ahead, please.
(Martha) And see, it’s the low, the low place. Jesus said you love the high places, you love the seats of honor, you love to be seen by men. I’m writing about that right now. And it’s the super spiritual will not take to low place. In fact, someone came in our group and God said, “You go in, and you take the lowest place.” And they didn’t.
(J) Wouldn’t.
(Martha) Would not. Knew, repeated what God said, admitted what God said, but never did it. Took the high place and fell off the roof.
(Carole) Wow, that’s a good analysis.
(Jennifer) That’s so funny…
(J) That’s a funny way of saying it.
(Carole) You all judge this, but it seems to me as I look back that the super spiritual live by a “supposed to” principle. They look at the Word of God, they listen to what other Christians say, and they do what they’re “supposed to do.” And they skip over any reality. So, they won’t go to the low place, because that’s not where they’re “supposed to be.” I’m speaking from experience here. So, that’s why you can skip from letter A to letter Z, because letter A says this is the way it should look, this is what it should look like. This is the facade you should have. And so, we go to Z and so that’s the facade I will have, rather than allowing the low place to bring you to the experience of God Himself. I don’t believe super spiritual people – I know I didn’t – have real encounters with the living God. There were no real encounters. You may have an encounter and get excited in your flesh about something that’s going on, but not an encounter in relationship with the living God. And they live, we lived, I lived by what I thought I was supposed to be. And so, it was a facade. It was a false, it was pseudo. It was a pseudo-Christianity. Everything about it was pseudo. It wasn’t. It was an escape of the real, because of irresponsibility, because of a refusal to go to the low place, to be in that much need, to see, to be honest enough to see who you really, really were on the inside.
(Martha) I see from what you’re saying, the trap. The trap is, “I’m in this state, and I’m afraid to be seen, and I’m afraid to face it, because I don’t know how to face it, and I don’t know how to get out.” So, it is a trap, and that’s why we as believers have to have some input into whether it’s a prayer or a relationship or separation. You know I believe very much in separation, because if you won’t be alone with God, then God orchestrates for you to be alone.
(Carole) Well, in my case, I believe, and I don’t know if I’m getting into something or going to a place that we don’t need to go yet, but in my condition, where I was, the reason the separation eventually worked was before any of that occurred, He had bound you and I together, Martha, by love. It wasn’t based on reality, but God’s love had come to me and caused me… I don’t know how He it. Honestly, I don’t know how He did it, but He caused me to see that I had an authority, that He had given me an authority, and I had to bow to that authority. And I believe that that bowing to the authority eventually is what brought me out.
(M) But you had to be loved before you could bow your life to another’s will. Right?
(Carole) That is absolutely true.

Practical Life and Super Spiritual People – Episode #492 – Shulamite Podcast

2 Responses

  1. Thank you John & Martha for sharing your experiences. Superspiritualism is another form of pharasee mentality and I I sense that a form of demonic diversion of the confused believer in a higher level of deception. Pseudo believers do not have power, pseudo believers enforce unrealistic expectations on themselves and others which is very damaging to body of Christ abd new believers because they set up for a failure. We are programmed by other early on life what good and lovely suppose to look like. Cute and chubby faces of babies float in the air. Yet, good and lovely we do not born with. In the contrary, when we are bored, we soaked with blood, feces and urine smeared all over us. Just as a good parent cleans the baby up, our Father in heaven too cleanses our righteousness by His grace. Hence, our righteousness filthy as menstural rags. So, yes as we walk more and more with the Lord he refines & molds us into more intricate and more exquisite masterpieces. But, even then we can ‘t take the credit for how beautiful we are but feel gratitude because Our Daddy is outrageously awesome and generous to makes us in His image. Blessings Love & Light brothers and sisters of my Father’s Bride. Xoxo

  2. Sam says:

    Thank you Carole, Jen, and everyone.

    This Salvation is so messy. It was messy when a half-naked man already bludgeoned hanged on a tree and lost His innocent blood to death. And it is messy when an ill, battered, fearful, half-dead man/woman goes to this Saviour to find a complete death… for Life. And then Life asks to walk in daily responsability (honesty of heart), as you already said.

    Indeed Salvation is messy because it solves a mess. It doesn’t matter how tidy we would like it to be, it is not.

    Love abounding…

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