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The Power of the Moment – Episode #833

The Power of the Moment

The Power of the Moment
Episode #833

Walk and talk with John Enslow
In our moment by moment is how we remain present with God. That was where His power and His presence is found.

Hey there, so I just wanted to do video this morning. I can’t get off of the topic of “the moment.” It is like the Lord is really pressing into me and telling me about your moment, your moment! And I have said, “OK, OK, You’ve got me hearing you!” And I’m real excited about it. 

Right now I am driving down to Boynton Beach to spend a couple days with Charles Carrin and I’m looking forward to that. And I’m gonna be spending time with my mom during this trip and my dad. And so I’m headed down to Florida and I’m driving and I was sitting here and I was just meditating on God’s moment and my moment! 

And I realize that in this moment I want to be fully present. In this drive, I want to be fully present. I want to go down in my moment. And so as I was sitting here, thinking about it and just opening my heart, and I just want to be present. I was just say, “Lord Jesus, I just want to be present, I want to be present in this moment. I want to be with You right now. I’m not wanting to be you’re projecting where I’m going. I want to be in the moment!” 

And then I just got this vision of Moses and the children of Israel out in the wilderness. And how they stayed in their moment and God made sure that they stayed in their moment. Whenever they went you know off and we’re looking and said, “Oh wow, golly those leaks and onions were pretty amazing!” They got hit. Or when they were fearing what was coming, they got hit. 

But how they stayed present is they had of the fire and the smoke that lead them. So when they were to camp somewhere that pillar of fire or that column of smoke was leading them. It was leaving them out. And it would stop and they would stay in that moment. But the second that moment was over, and it started to transition to leave, they had to pick up and leave. They had to pick up and go. And moment by moment they were having to remain present with Him. That was where His power and His presence was. And if the pillar of fire or the column of smoke moved away, and they were unwilling to move with it, and they stayed there. And they were like, “No, no, no… I want to stay here. It’s more comfortable!” They would’ve lost Him. They would’ve lost His presence. They would’ve lost His power. They would’ve lost their destiny. But because they were willing to move forward and go out that’s where He was. That’s where He was to be found.

I love this whole thought of remaining present. At LivingChristianBooks.com we sell The Sacrament of the Present Moment by deCaussade. That is such a beautiful book about remaining in your moment and that there’s a sacredness in your moment. There is a sacred and holiness in the moment. And I love that. I absolutely love that. Because it is absolutely true. It’s beautifully orchestrated and designed that we remain present. 

Connecting His presence and our being in the presence, in the moment, are unified.  I don’t want to go anywhere His presence isn’t there. I don’t want to lead out on anything where He’s not. It is like they say, “If you go, I’m going, but if your not going I’m staying right here. I’m in exactly the same place. 

Where are you in this moment? Where is your fire moving, where is your pillar of smoke moving?  Where is your presence moving in this moment m? I want to remain there with You in that moment. So I’m just challenged. I’m just challenged to stay present in my moment. 

So I’ve got a beautiful day. I’m headed down to Florida. I’m driving and I’m going to enjoy it. I’m gonna enjoy every moment. Getting the gas getting some lunch. Stopping at rest area to go to the bathroom or stretch my legs. I want every moment to be with Him. Every moment to be connected with His purpose and this is His purpose. He wanted me to go down here so this is where I’m going. And so I’m going to be asking Him for some more wisdom, some more insight, some more revelation about the moment.  I really want I want to understand it deeply so that I don’t ever leave it. Because that is our tendency as humans to want to leave the moment. To focus on the future or the past and lose Him. 

If He bring something up from your past in your presence, you have the grace to deal with it. If He’s giving you vision for the future in your presence, then you have incredible ability to connect with it, and to see and to feel and to have that empowerment. So I bless you today. I’m gonna remain in my moment. I wanted to bring you into my moment. And I’m loving this moment, and I ask for the Father to just reveal the power of the moment to everyone who hears this. Because I know that there is incredible power in it, incredible power and purpose. Purpose, power, presence…all in the moment. So I love y’all and appreciate you and I will maybe talk to you in a little bit. Maybe there’s another seeing I am gonna have in my moment.  

The Power of the Moment – Episode #833 – Shulamite Podcast

Remaining in your moment you find the sacredness of your moment. There is a sacredness and holiness in the moment.

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