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Overcoming Hatred with God’s Love – Episode #628

Overcoming Hatred with God’s Love

Overcoming Hatred with God’s Love
Episode #628

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special Guest: Jennifer Wentzel

This is the continuation of a series of Podcasts started in Episode #625.
Overcoming hatred takes love, God’s love in fact. No amount of self-discipline, thought-policing or tongue-holding can substitute for an influx of that love!

I think what amazes me is that in, in this booklet, in Overcoming Self-hatred, a booklet ostensibly about identifying hatred with ourselves (laughs) is just as much about our calling as believers universally, which is to love and to be vessels of God’s love on this earth. And what, what, what struck me working on this booklet was that regardless of what issue is being addressed… You know, you talk about the seven churches in Revelation. You talked about that earlier, Martha, in your audio teaching on that, The King is Coming, which is phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal, but it’s not what you expect. I think people hear Revelation and they, they go into interpretation and, and there’s all sorts of commentary and what does this mean and, and is the anti-Christ coming from Uzbekistan, and blah, blah, blah. And, you know, I don’t say that to be dismissive. That was my et cetera because, okay, you know, I’m sure that there’s validity there. I’m just not too, you know, into it myself but that doesn’t mean it’s not valid to go there.

But your take on Revelation is (laughs) somehow entirely about the love of Christ even as it’s dealing with all the different churches and, and all the different issues. They’re all there and yet everything regardless is within and about and under the, the biggest purpose, which is love; letting love reign in us, you know. And that is, that is phenomenal to me. That is phenomenal to me because I think we need to hear it that much. I think the bombardment of hate is that real. I think, I think it’s that easy to fall under it. I think it’s that easy to agree with it. To say, “That, that feels familiar.” Hate feels very familiar. By the time you’re fifteen years old hate is the familiar. I don’t care what your background was, you know. I don’t care if it was the stuff of nightmares or, you know, of fairly rated-G existence in the middle of a commune. Hate is the familiar because that’s, that’s the deal. And we need such reinforcement on the love side. We need such strong calling to love, to be loved. We need obstacles torn down every day that would get in between us and that love.

And it’s amazing to me because Shulamite Ministries is ostensibly a ministry to Jesus Christ, which is a little odd on the surface, you know. (Laughs) And certainly people say, “What?!” But, you know, it’s all about love. Where does He want us to love today? Who does He want us to be kind to, to be gracious to, to discipline, to watch for someone’s soul, to feed, to encourage, to, you know, call them on the carpet and say, “Dude, you’re dying. What are you doing?”

All these things are love, you know. And that is what this ministry is, that is what these messages are. John and I, you know, yes, they’re jewels, they’re treasures and, you know, like I said earlier, we have the best problem you could ever have; the sheer bounty of what He’s poured through you in this ministry. And now He’s pouring through John and John’s testimony is (laughs) unbelievable. And the feedback has been amazing. Where Are You God? And our, our, yes, we are trying to remind people of the sheer quantity of living, life-giving, love-bringing messages there are. And, and that’s what this ministry does and it does beautifully, you know. And this is another one—Overcoming Self-hatred.

Well, this would not have occurred but for the vision of John, the work of Jennifer. And I have stood by and watched it evolve and come together and be and appear. And I walked in the, Jennifer’s office the other day where there was, John and Jennifer were sitting and going over the material and I had to walk away in tears. And they said, “What’s the matter?” I said, “I can hardly bear it that you are such servants and that you are doing this intense work of putting this together. I am just overwhelmed.” And I’m overwhelmed again now so (laughs) with the things that you both have said that are, should be in print.

So I give God all the glory. I give Him all the praise because He, He had to wake me up and say, “You hate someone. It’s you!” And I didn’t know it. It was normal to me. It’s normal to most of us. It’s acceptable because we believe it’s true and it’s the end of the matter. There’s nothing beyond the fact that I’m just a twit. And there is something beyond that. It’s called grace. God’s grace upon us to bring us out of self-hatred, which is actually the hatred of God because He made you and made me.

But, so this is exciting for me on a different level because it’s, this is a corporate book. (Laughs) It’s a church book. It’s, it was done by two or more. And those who listened and encouraged me and those who worked directly on it, and John’s vision and prayer for it. So it’s all a beautiful, to me, example of the church producing something to the glory of God and seeing in it far more than I saw in it myself. And still you see more than I know is there.

So we end by just praising God for this and hoping that it will be used for His glory and the increase of His love on this dark earth.


I’ve always had the deep passion that none of these booklets would detract you from the, the book writing that you’ve been wanting to do; the current message that you’re on. I’ve, I’ve not been asking you to, you know, rehash over things that you’ve already, you know, given because I know that, you know, that would be tedious for you.

That’s the word I was about to say.

Yeah, I mean, I, I’ve always seen that. I’ve been like, “No, I’m not asking for you to ever for you to go through it.” And I would say, you know, we bring these messages and I’m saying, “I just want you to release them just as they are.” Now what God has done with that is He’s given Jennifer the heart to do it and change the message and rebirth the message in, in the perfect way of the written form.

I look at it as translating it.

I agree with that. That, that’s good. But what I never wanted was her to leave the message. Never leave the message about The Lamb. Never leave the message about The Bride. Never leave the message about Cain and Abel. Never leave the lesson about The Better Blood. I never, ever, ever wanted you to leave those messages to go and rehash over these just to get this out.

My goal has always been to alleviate you from it and release it again. And the gift that Jennifer is, is that it is able to be done because of Jennifer. It wouldn’t be because of me. It’s because of her. She has, she’s taken my vision, which is what she’s done with most everything in the office, she’s taken my vision and then taken it further. Which is exactly what you’re supposed to do. When you take it on as your own, when you take ownership and possession of it and you, you, you, you shepherd it, you love it, you, you, you know, it becomes your own. Then it should evolve and become something better than what was given to you.

I see that as, you know, like I always saw Christ didn’t, didn’t say, “Ok, well you can come up here to what I’ve done.” No, He was trying to sling them forward. “I want you to go beyond what I’ve done here on this earth and, you know, and do amazing miracles. Go, go take it, make it yours.” And so that’s what she’s done. And, and so I’m, I’m real excited about it. I’m real excited. I’m wanting monthly. I would love it. Love it, love it, love it. This one has been a lot more work because of how you were like, you know, jazzing it up. You, you were, you gave the message in a very free way and it was a Body Life message. It wasn’t delivered as a preaching, teaching. So that’s been a hurdle that she’s had to go over and she’s had to jump over.

But, you know, I would love for one, one Kindle booklet every single month coming from the older CD’s of the Month messages. And I would love to see eventually there to be an entire Overcoming book. All these overcoming messages put into one book and then released as a book. That would be awesome. I don’t know, this is, this is power. This is amazing power stuff and gems and, and, and I know that He’s gonna use it.

Overcoming Fear. Good grief! My life was plagued with fear as a child. Growing up I had the fear of death, inordinate fear of death. I was freaked out. And I’ve seen that overcoming power come through me. The life of Christ popped that out and overcame that in my life so that I did overcome fear. Overcoming Self-hatred, overcoming shame, overcoming rejection, overcoming anxiety. Oh, my goodness. How many hysterical and anxious people are out there? This world… Literally you use that as, as a way to get things done. You use anxiety. You’re willing to, to, you know…

Um hmm.

…wind yourself out so that you can accomplish what your goals are. Like, like, it’s like emotional meth. It’s gross! (Laughs)

So I am just real excited and I really bless Jennifer. I bless you for the original message. I bless the Spirit for giving the vision for it and for doing this work and Amazon for having a platform for Kindle. That’s amazing.

I was about to say, I’m excited because it’s .99 and that is fabulous.

And I might add it’s very easy to go on there and spend .99 and send it to someone as a gift. All you need is their email. Ah-haa!

(Laughs) I have several people right now. Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah! And you could, you know, send it to your cousin, Fred, who’s got a serious problem with self-hatred (laughs). So I love it. I love it and I’m really, really, really grateful for what God’s doing. So thank you. Thank you for listening to this message and thank you for buying these Kindle books and enjoying them and, and allowing the Spirit to use them in your life to launch you into an overcoming lifestyle.

Overcoming Hatred with God’s Love – Episode #628 – Shulamite Podcast

Overcoming hatred takes God’s love. No amount of self-discipline, thought-policing, or tongue-holding can substitute for an influx of that love! Regardless of the issue, the call is the same: receive God’s love for you and pour it out on Him and then others.

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  1. tammy says:

    I wonder if any of you had in mind the symphony that God would orchestrate through you when He first brought you together?

    What a blessing it is to sit with you all as you meander the many places this new booklet has taken you, and now takes us. One more adventure in our passports of blessing and praise!

    “For where two or three are gathered together in My name, I am there in the midst of them.”
    He has given His message, His vision, His mind…to you His church and we in turn are blessed by the precious fruit.

    More than just the message of the booklet – we are blessed with the message of Love we witness as He puts it all together through you. I praise Him for the message of your lives.

    Praying as He leads for what’s next!!!
    Oooooo how exciting!

    Much Love!

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