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Our Spiritual DNA – Episode #842

Our Spiritual DNA

Our Spiritual DNA
Episode #842

Walk and talk with John Enslow
The temptation is to use our spiritual DNA for self rather than God.

You know, what I found in this whole journey is the affirmation, the confirmation and the attunement, and the direct interaction with brothers into your life, is the difference between life and death. When a brother speaks into your life from the Spirit and with heart, it has the power and the direct influence to be able to change really the climate of everything. And it is my heart, it really is my heart. I have a great desire to really walk with men and see them come into wholeness and healing and really experience who they’ve been created to be.

The ministry name that I’ve developed and found it and I’m going to use is Divine Designed Life. That’s the website DivineDesigned.Life. We all have a divine designed life and the issue usually is connecting with that divine design. It’s not like we have to get it because we have been designed with a specific spiritual DNA to function and to be in a certain way from the beginning. We came with it and the enemy really tries to do stuff to make us feel like we are not able to fulfill that design. And as long as he can keep us away from that design, then we fail with our destiny.

So my goal in this is to hold space for guys and literally allow the Holy Spirit to move in that space to make connections, mental connections, heart connections, spirit, connections with the Creator who created us and who has a design for each of us. My design is totally different than your design, and your design is totally different than another guys design. I am very specifically made with a design and sin has marred and sin has prevented me from functioning for the kingdom in it, but a lot of it.

What does it says?  “The gifts of God are without repentance.” (Romans 11:29)  Meaning, the giftings you’ve been given you’ve been given and you can use those for yourself or you can use those for the Lord. I always when I think of that scripture I was thinking Madonna. I think about Madonna is very charismatic very trendsetting very connecting with music. I don’t think that she’s the best singer. I think she’s the best entertainer. She is who she is because she’s able to morph and able to develop herself. God gave her that ability to draw people and draw masses in and to connect them with song and everything like that. Good grief, trendsetting! Well she’s in sin, so she’s not connected to the kingdom building of that, she’s connected into the Madonna kingdom building. And she’s done a great job at it. Those gifts were given to her by God and that is her DNA. It is who she’s is who she is. She just has not using it for God.

So I don’t want to get before Him and say, “Oh yeah, well I had this potential, I had this gifting I had this design in my being, but I didn’t really want to use it for God. I wanted to use it for self.” Or I wanted to do with the one talent servant did, which is bury it? That’s a big temptation. The temptation for us to bury that one talent, bury our DNA gifting, bury who we are in Christ and how He wants to express Himself through us. That’s shocking to me, totally shocking to me. That the enemy wants to spin us, spin us out and away from our connection with Him. So I love you and I’ll talk to you soon.

Our Spiritual DNA – Episode #842 – DivineDesigned.Life

We’ve been designed with a specific spiritual DNA to function and to be in a certain way from the beginning., will we use it for God or not?

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