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Episode #168 – Only The Blood Of Christ

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Only The Blood Of Christ
Episode #168

With Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow
Special guests: Jacquelyn and Julie

(M) I have learned, “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be His name.” He is passionate about the Blood of His Son, because it was so costly, and because the Father gave Him to that. The Father gave Him to shed His Blood. And if we reject the Blood, there is no other offering; there is nothing else. If you don’t take the Blood, you are on your own under justice, and under the law of punishment. But the Blood ends… the Blood is the end of guilt. It’s the end of guilt. If we are simple enough and child like enough to just come there and drink the wine, and eat the bread, and receive Him in it, not the symbol, but receive Him, then we are cleansed and we are given His Life. He said, “Unless you drink My Blood, and eat My Flesh, you have no part in Me.” And we live as Christians without any connection to Him, simply on that ground, because we were too proud to need the Blood, and too full of unbelief to accept that it is effective as much as He says it is. So thank you for the question, Julie. And He says, “If you drink My Blood, and eat My Flesh, you will have My Life in you.” And that Life is eternal and resurrected Life; it’s unquenchable Life. And our failures, and our repetition of the same thing over and over again, is because we don’t drink the Blood, and we don’t take the Bread, which is His Life. And so we just keep going on and on, round and round in a circle, doing the same things because we have not humbly received the one solution which is the outlandish, vast, inscrutable answer to sin, which is the Blood.
(Jacquelyn) Martha, you said in the March tape, that when you go through Gethsemane, that the angels are there. And are not the angels here to impart grace to receive the Blood, to help us?
(M) That’s a great question, Jacquelyn, but what’s present here is the Holy Spirit. What Andrew Murray has taught me from his book, “The Power Of The Blood Of Christ”, he has taught me the link in scripture between the Spirit and the Blood. And it’s been a whole new revelation to me. And I see it so clearly now, that always, He even shed His Blood by the Spirit. So, you’re on the right track, but it isn’t the angels.
(Jacquelyn) Well that’s better; it’s the Holy Spirit.
(M) It’s the Holy Spirit. If we take it, the Holy Spirit makes it actual. That’s what happened to you in your experience.
(Jacquelyn) I just… That was an actual experience that His Blood was flowing through me, and it was Life, it was Life, apart from me, it was His Life.
(M) And so its, your illustration is how real it is when the Holy Spirit… You take the Blood by faith; the Holy Spirit activates the Life. And the Holy Spirit cleanses your conscience with the Blood. The Holy Spirit applies the Blood in that unconscious, unseen realm of your ‘self’. You consciously take it, but He unconsciously applies it. And that’s what I lived in a lot, for years, with failures along the way. But that’s what I experienced without understanding. I just knew the power of accepting the Blood as the payment. And I lived in that constant ministry of the Holy Spirit within me. And it came… It became real to me that the Blood didn’t happen two thousand years ago; the Blood is alive. Because the Blood… the Blood carried the Eternal Life of the Father. The Blood of a child comes from the father in the beginning. And so Christ shed His human blood, but He shed the Life of the Father in that Blood. And so, it is an eternal… The Blood is eternal; it’s a living, active, operative power. And I came to know that and believe that, but I didn’t know to teach it. And now that He’s awakened this for me, I was experiencing the work of the Spirit as you did, but I didn’t know it was the Spirit who made it active and, and quickened it.
(Julie) The thing that I appreciate right now I think because my need is so great, is how practical you are teaching us that the Blood is. That I, I cannot go on in Body-life right now, without the Blood. There is no other way.  I know it now in myself. I will withdraw from everyone. I mean without… unless I take this Blood, and enter into it by faith, there is no future for me. There is only to go on… I mean the only other choice is to go on in some kind of delusion or mask. The only way to be truthful… the only way to be truthful is by receiving the Blood.
(M) I feel like I want to repeat again, Julie. Her sin was complex and it was… it was a tremendous dealing we had. But I kept saying to her, it doesn’t matter what your sin is. It’s not relevant now. Your danger… And she would say, “I don’t want to go back into that.” And I would say, the only way you will not do that is by the Blood. Your danger… And I think at first, I could tell you didn’t understand it. But you held onto it. And I kept repeating it, Julie, your danger is not what you’ve done, or that you will go back to it. Your danger is the failure to let the Blood pay for it all, wash it out of your being so that… The Blood alone will make it so that we don’t return to the same sin, as the scripture says, “as a dog to its vomit.” Without the Blood we will all do that, and we have, we do. It’s, it’s the necessity for faith in the Blood, and now you’ve heard it, and so you’re coming here to… And you’re sitting there with the glass of wine in front of you. And you probably are like I’ve been many times; I couldn’t wait to get to it, because I know the power of it. And ah, so you all are drawing out of me, helping me know what it is I know. So simple; it’s just so basic to the gospel.
(Julie) Well I’ve been for days, as I’m struggling in this, praying somehow instinctively, “Lord I need it to go, I need that Blood to go to the depths of me.” And I don’t think I… In scripture yesterday, that’s when I connected with the guilty conscience. I think what I’m seeing is as long as I don’t receive it enough, and come into it by faith enough to believe that I am truly, truly, truly cleansed, and get humble enough that I have no other solution, and I have to come to it this way.  That as long as I have a guilty conscience, I’m not free; and I will go, I will go back. And so, I just… I guess it’s coming to it today. And even wanting to confess it before the Body, because I desire, I desire the witness and the help, and the agreement of receiving the Blood for… specifically for the sins committed here. To be able, you know just, I guess publicly confessing: I am trusting the Blood today, that that is, that is payment.
(M) I think the reason… this is the very reason that there is so little real church, where Christ is Head. Because, I think we’ve all been in churches where there was no real confession of sin, there was no real fellowship, there was nothing living; there was an organization. And this is where I got into the Blood so deeply. “If we walk in the light as He is in the light”, in His light, not my light, “we have fellowship with one another, and the Blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sins. If we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves…” But it says, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” And in my early days when I didn’t have any real teacher, that was where I lived. I didn’t understand the Blood, but because I went here to this passage, the Blood was operative. Then I began to learn about the Blood just from the Episcopal view of it, and the prayers that you would say before you took the Blood. They can be rote, or they can be living. And for me, the Holy Spirit was living in those rote prayers in the prayer book before you take communion, and became so real to me; the Holy Spirit made the Blood real to me. He alone reveals the Blood. But the Blood is the basis of fellowship. Do you see what’s happening here, is when we take the communion together, the Blood of Christ is flowing, as Carole sees, as the Vine among us. And we have fellowship based on the Blood. But if we don’t take the Blood, Julie, and you’re vividly showing this.  If we don’t take the Blood, we are losing; we’re going to lose the fellowship. And we’re going to be out of the fellowship if we don’t take the… if we don’t by the Spirit see our sin, confess it, and go to the Blood as the final matter, we have no fellowship; the fellowship is kept alive by the Blood. And so, I just went in that direction and the Holy Spirit began to began to reveal the Blood to me, because I would confess a sin, and I would be amazed that not only was I forgiven, that would have been enough, but I was cleansed. And it says, “from all sin”. And so, it became easier and easier, Julie, to let it end there, and then go on with life, and stumble again. Take a step and sin. But the more you are cleansed, the less you take a step and sin. The less you go back to that. You don’t, you just don’t because it’s gone. And it’s taking what God says about the Blood without any understanding necessary. It’s just His provision for sin, period. And I can offer nothing in addition to it. And I can have nothing apart from it. I can have nothing of Christ apart from the Blood. That’s the reason there’s so much superficial, pseudo Christianity, because it’s a bloodless religion. And there is no, there is no movement of the Spirit apart from the Blood. According to Andrew Murray… oh, I do recommend that book.  Apart from the Blood there is no fellowship with Jesus. And apart from the Blood there is no movement of the Spirit. So if we as a Body have the active confession of sin, and deeper and deeper, and simpler and simpler, as time goes on, then we have the power of the Spirit because of the Blood. And as Murray has taught me, they are inseparable; where you have the Blood you have the Spirit, and where you don’t have the Blood, you don’t have the Spirit. And where you don’t have the Blood in your ‘being’, if you don’t take it into your ‘being’, to me this simple ceremony that He established as the only feast of the New Testament; the only one. To keep the feasts of the Old Testament to me is wrong. It’s my conviction that to keep those feasts would only be to acknowledge Christ in the communion. Any other ground… There’s only one feast of the New Testament, and it’s the feast on His Body and His Blood.
(Jacquelyn) I was deeply impacted when you said about some people that have not come through, that will not come through, that their problem was not the sin, but it was the Blood. That was such a revelation.

Only The Blood Of Christ – Episode #168 – Shulamite Podcast

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