Divine Designed Life Podcast

Episode #38 – Oil Of The Wise Virgin

with Martha Kilpatrick and hosted by John Enslow

(M) Well John good morning. I got this message about four in the morning and I wanted to call you and wake you up and say meet me at the office. And as it turns out, you were awake from three to four, weren’t you. So I should have called you. I was spending some time with the Lord over a passage that someone had given me for our trip this week. We’re going to Europe to different countries and we’re going to pass through the worst airport in the world to us, which is Paris. So if anyone wants to pray for us to get through Paris, we’ll be grateful.
(J) I was told by a travel agent this week that she agreed with me, that Paris was the worst airport in the world.
(M) It’s not just you and me then, ok. Someone who was praying gave me Matt.10 this week. Did I tell you about it?
(J) No.
(M) Well I froze when she showed it to me because I know this chapter well. It’s when Jesus sends His disciples out. “He summoned His disciples and gave them authority”, that’s the wonderful part of it, “over unclean spirit’s and disease and all kinds of infirmity”. And then He said, “go out, preach saying the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”. So that’s the commission of the subject. And then He says, “cure the sick, raise the dead”, which we’ll take as our mandate. And then it goes on to say, “Whatever town or village you come into, if you find someone worthy stay in their home”. And we have been there and we have done that. And then it says if they are not worthy, then you wipe the dust off your feet, and of course we’ve had to do that too. So I’ve lived through this Matt.10 a number of times. But I was taking it apart in my quiet time this morning on a one two three basis of what is the Lord saying. And one of them is I’m seeing is, a lamb among wolves, beware of men, because they’ll put you in jail; and you know the Spirit will give you what to say. And these things, when I was just rearing my children, these things were not that poignant, were they?  But now that we go out we know that this is very real.
(J) And the peace that will rest on the house that you go to, and the peace that comes back onto you. It’s almost like He gives you that peace to tolerate the persecution that just came. You know?
(M) That’s good. And as I was going along in it, I realized the Lord was preparing me and then it jumped to a whole other realm. Because in this passage of Matt. 10, it says, “Do not be anxious about what you’re going to say” and then it says three times, do not fear. He says do not fear those who can kill your body; only fear those who can both put you in hell and deliver you there. Only fear Him.  And He says it’s sufficient for a disciple to be like the Master, if they called Him Beelzebub, they’ll call you the same. So it’s really kind of a warning. And then He goes on to say, “Do not think I bring peace, but a sword”. And I know that the fruit of being a disciple and carrying the presence of the Lord is not going to be oh, la, la, la. That’s peace where there is no peace. The presence of a disciple brings division, and division in families. So it’s a pretty serious thing to be sent out from Matt. 10…it’s just, happy, happy..hahahaha. But the thing that I was getting out of it threw me back on the issue of fear, because it did make me afraid. I know it’s very real.
(J) Sure, hmhumm.
(M) And the passage itself provoked some fear. So I’ve had to work that through and pray that through. But as I was doing it I got something so exciting. For a long time I have taught on the ten virgins. They have that on tape somewhere.
(J) It’s in “The King Is Coming” series.
(M) And it’s on the web site too, isn’t it?  I remember writing about it. But there’s one part of it I had never understood. I understood that you have to buy the oil; that if you’re wise you buy the oil, and that it costs you your independence and it costs you your pride. And I wrote that very clearly. The thing I could never quite understand was how you accumulate oil to be ready. How you have enough oil for the moment and for the future. I never could get that. Well as I was going through this Matt.10 in preparation, I realized that that is how you get ready, how you get the oil. That’s how you accumulate oil, by being in the Spirit for the future.
(J) Oh wow.
(M) I’ve known for many years that the Lord will always, that He has such integrity, that you never meet a surprise for which you have not been carefully prepared. You may not know what you’ve been prepared for.
(J) Yeah, sure.
(M) And I remember one was Robin’s, my daughter-in-laws,’ sudden death. He didn’t prepare me for her death, but He did prepare me to respond.
(J) Absolutely.
(M) And I’ve seen Him do that over and over again. I remember the discovery of this in Jn.16:13, where this is Jesus last instructions to His disciples. And He’s telling them about the Spirit who is coming; and He has to go so that the Spirit will come. It says, “He will give the message that has been given to Him”, the Spirit, “He will announce and declare to you the things that are to come, that will happen in the future”. That is one of the offices of the Holy Spirit. And that is how you become filled and have plenty of oil. Because if you will hear the Spirit to prepare you for life, as He gives you the preparation, then you will be filled with the oil of the Spirit. You see?
(J) I’m holding onto your coat, and you’re running.
(M) Am I running too fast?
(J) No, I’m tracking with you…come on.
(M) Well if we fellowship with the Holy Spirit. See my intercessor gave me this chapter to prepare me for the future. As I’m going through it the Holy Spirit is ministering to me. And all of a sudden I realized, this moment is how I’m gaining my oil for a week from now. But if I don’t do the work of listening to the Spirit today, when that time comes, I will not have enough oil to face what’s coming. And He took this on, my personal preparation ended with that where I want to be in these nations is, in the presence of the Lord.
(J)right, right…
(M)And He took me to His goal for this trip, which is the manifest presence of the Lord. But anyway, it so impacted me to realize how you get ready for tomorrow. And I have felt so stongly through these tapes on fear, how we cannot leave that subject, and here I am with a personal dealing with fear. You know the Lord said humanly, every new experience produces fear. But this is how you get your extra oil; by fellowshipping with the Spirit, and letting Him prepare you for what’s coming. And I feel like these tapes, these messages on fear are a preparation for something John, because the Lord won’t let us leave it on the podcast. We’re dealing with it personally aren’t we?
(J) Oh yeah.  Absolutely.  Totally.
(M) So even this little obscure podcast is a preparation of the Spirit for those who’ll hear. And we’ve had correspondence from someone.  I’m thinking of one in particular who was awakened in the night, and heard these podcasts, and she was impacted by it and very graciously wrote to us to let us know. So there are those who are hearing and we’re being prepared for the future. God wants us to be unafraid. He wants us to know how to resolve fear. God wants to prepare us for the future, and that’s the filling of the Spirit today is the reserve for tomorrow. And the wisdom is to fellowship with the Spirit and let Him complete His office, which is to prepare us for the future. I was remembering a number of things in my walk. And this happened really very early. I was going to a class on I think it was Old Testament. And as I was just in my time with the Lord, the Lord told me a question that the teacher would ask, and He told me I would have to answer it, and He knew I wouldn’t want to; I really wouldn’t have wanted to be the one in the class to answer that question. But He showed me I had to be faithful to Him and answer it. And it happened exactly as He told me it would. The question was even worded in the way, and He had prepared me for that. And I have known, as I would look back after an event, I would always see that He had gone before, even though I didn’t know what was coming, He was preparing me so that I would never face anything really without the oil of the Spirit.
(J) Wow. I’m just blown away by it. This is one of those messages that you just kind of soak in it; you kind of sit like in a tub and let the water just kind of fill the pores of the sponge. Wow.
(M) Well, they’re called the wise and the foolish. The five foolish did not have enough oil. And so when the Lord came they were not ready.
(J) Ok, explain this to me. What were the five foolish doing? Or rather, not doing? That made them foolish and without oil.
(M) I think basically John they were not listening. They were not spending time to allow the Holy Spirit to minister to them, and to go His direction. When you come to the Lord, you have to go His direction. If you go your own, you will miss what He has to say, because sometimes He’s not on what I’m on. Have you noticed that? He has another agenda, another subject. So I think it takes surrender and a life of listening. And this morning, I can use this morning, I was just allowing the Word of God to challenge me; I was allowing the Spirit to move me through that passage, and then to take me to the place of His desire for the Lord Jesus on this trip. Not for me, it’s not about me. I’m the one that’s got to get out of the way.
(J) Well it appears that the five unwise virgins were positionally in the same place.
(M)Umm, right.
(J)They looked like they were doing the same thing; they were virgins, they were waiting. But you’re saying the internal work of hearing was what they were not doing.
(M) On a daily basis, issue by issue. You see I really think God prepares you for years and years before an event.
(J) Well that goes back to last weeks podcast definately about just the hearing and hearkening to His voice.
(M) It’s being led of the Spirit John.  If you follow the Spirit where He goes, then you will have the oil, because see the oil is the Holy Spirit. It goes back Zechariah, and I wanted to do a tape of the month on this because it’s a big subject for me. My spirit was just exploding at four this morning, and I was being filled with the Spirit, see, by seeing what He wanted to say to me. And I remembered in Zechariah 3 and 4, where the prophet sees the two olive trees standing beside the candlestick. And the candlestick had seven branches and it speaks of the one in the temple and it speaks of the Revelation. And I remember that the trees were a continuous flow of oil into the candlesticks. And then he goes on down and the Lord says to Zerrubabel, “Not by might, not by power, but by My Spirit”. So the meaning of that is all about the Spirit. It means that the oil is freely given and it’s continuous. We’re supposed to be in a continuous supply of the Holy Spirit, moment by moment, day by day, because the oil is flowing freely into the candlestick. I think we’re probably the candlestick.  Christ is the Light that dwells in the candlestick, but the oil of the Spirit ignites and fuels the Light and Life of the Lord. But it’s continuous, it’s without effort, it’s without military might, that’s what that word means, and not by might, not by human power do we have this. We have it by being a receptive vessel. And we talked about receiving last time as well. It’s receiving the Holy Spirit, it’s needing, Him, it’s being dependent on Him. And in that state of being, the flow of the Spirit is continuous. That means the flow of Life and Light, are continuous within the believer’s life.

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